Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 377 - Filled with Concern

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Chapter 377: Filled with Concern

Instructor Li stuttered, “No…”

Xiang Huai placed his hands behind his back and did not speak. He just looked at him.

Instructor Li felt inexplicably guilty. “Well, she was late. I punished her by making her stand in a military posture for half an hour.”

Xiang Huai remained silent.

Instructor Li simply told the truth. “Alright. Actually, when she was being punished, she was standing very well and I was very satisfied. In the end, when I told her to rest, her friend said that she had a problem with me and even said that our academic qualifications were not high. Why should we order her around? If she was unconvinced, I wanted her to stand up and accept her position! I wanted her to know that although my academic qualifications are low, I mostly suffered as much as she did! Without someone like me, how could she have a peaceful life?!”

When Xiang Huai heard this, he patted Instructor Li’s shoulder and said, “Listen up.”

Instructor Li stood up. “Yes!”

“Two hours.”

Instructor Li: “?”

He looked at Xiang Huai in confusion. When he realized what it was, his face was filled with confusion and anger, but he still held it in and said, “Yes!”

Xiang Huai did not monitor him and returned to his room.

Two hours later, he came out again and Instructor Li was still standing in the corridor.

Even Instructor Li was very tired after standing in a standard military posture for two hours. Xiang Huai looked at him and said, “Do you know why I punished you?”

“Reporting, I don’t know!”

Xiang Huai asked, “Because someone said that you’re not convinced of my authority.”

Instructor Li was instantly stunned and hurriedly explained, “Reporting! There’s nothing to be unconvinced about. You’re the hero in our hearts. No one dares to be unconvinced by you. Someone must really be spreading rumors!”

Xiang Huai did not speak and only looked at him.

Instructor Li was very anxious and wanted to explain clearly, but under Xiang Huai’s deep and light brown eyes, he slowly calmed down.

His eyes flickered before he finally said, “Reporting, I understand.”

Xiang Huai casually leaned against the wall behind him and hugged his arm. He said coldly, “Speak.”

Instructor Li said, “You’re telling me not to listen to one-sided words. I can’t jump to conclusions just because others are casually discussing. However, that’s not just anyone but Xue Xi’s cla.s.smate!”

Xiang Huai continued to look at him and did not speak.

Instructor Li lowered his eyes. “It can’t be that her cla.s.smates are framing her, right?”

Xiang Huai’s eyes flickered. “Don’t you even have this bit of judgment?”

Instructor Li frowned and a.n.a.lyzed himself. “Ever since I met Xue Xi, she has been very obedient. When I asked her to stand in a military posture, she stood up and did not speak much. Actually, she was not considered late. After all, she has already walked into the team, but she did not stand in her own position. However, she has never distinguished herself. During the second punishment, she did not face me and stood obediently for half an hour. I can tell that such a person is quite respectful to me. She is not that kind of person… At that time, when her cla.s.smate said this about her, she was facing Old Zhang and me. Hence, she probably saw us and said this on purpose. Reporting, I understand! Xue Xi was framed!”

Xiang Huai: “…”

You sure figure things out fast.

Fortunately, he was not working under him and was just temporarily transferred over. Otherwise, he would have been kicked out by him!

Moreover… what did he just say? He thought that he had punished the little kid to stand for only half an hour. After all this, he’d only receive this much in return?

Xiang Huai’s face darkened. “You don’t have any judgment. Someone had used you as a tool to harm someone else. You’ll be punished to stand for another two hours.”

Feeling exceptionally guilty, he nodded. “Yes!”

Xiang Huai turned around. As he walked into the room, he suddenly turned again. “The person who spoke ill of the little kid… of Xue Xi, who is it?”

Instructor Li: “Her name is Liu Zhao.”

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Xie Yingying said, “Do you want everyone to know that Sister Xi has been punished? And you want to spread it around?”

Li Zixia: “?”

Her expression changed. “That’s not what I meant. I…”

Xie Yingying really felt that they were annoying. Their concern would always bring trouble to others. Hence, her tone was a little heavy. “Before you do anything, can you ask the person involved first?!”

Just as Li Zixia was about to quarrel with her, Xue Xi pushed open the door and entered.

After she saw Xue Xi, Li Zixia’s eyes lit up. “Sister Xi, are you alright? Are you tired? How did the instructor punish you?”

Xue Xi did not speak and merely swept a cold glance at Liu Zhao. Seeing that she was also looking over in concern, she said coldly, “Nothing much.”

She took her toiletries and went to take a shower. After cleaning herself up, she continued reading.

When the phone rang, she picked up the call and went to the balcony. Xiang Huai said, “Little kid, didn’t you notice that there’s a beastly person in your dormitory?”

Xue Xi: “…Yes.”

Xiang Huai, who was just about to show off: “?”

He chuckled and suddenly realized that he was still too concerned.

Xue Xi did indeed have a low EQ. She judged others for being good to her. She did not know how to respond, but she knew very well who was good to her and who was bad to her!

She was never someone who could be bullied and who could not retaliate. Instead, she was a th.o.r.n.y rose!

At this moment, the balcony door was pushed open and Liu Zhao stood there timidly. She said hesitantly, “Xue Xi, are you angry? Sorry, it’s all my fault. It’s my fault for not waiting for you today and causing you to be late. You must have suffered a lot when you were taken away by Instructor Xiang…”

Before she could finish speaking, Xue Xi hung up and looked at her coldly. “Do you want to know what I did with Instructor Xiang today?”


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