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Young Master Yan

Chapter 375 - Are You Playing Wild?

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Chapter 375: Are You Playing Wild?

As expected, Xue Xi had been led astray. She looked at the book in her hand, which was about physics. “I don’t know.”

She remembered that when Instructor Li first brought them here, it was normal for him to let everyone get used to it. Later, when she was late, she was punished to stand for half an hour. That was nothing.

Because during that half an hour, everyone in the team was also standing in a military stance.

However, during her break, she gave He Gao a bottle of water. When she returned, Instructor Li clearly hated her.

Could it be that Instructor Li could not stand others dating?

She could not figure it out and decided not to think about it.

After she’d read two more pages of the book, the bell for the afternoon cla.s.s rang. The second and third-year students had finished their and the students for the military training had also started to disband.

Xue Xi closed the book and did not return it to Xiang Huai. Instead, she held it in her hand. “It’s time to eat.”

Xiang Huai: “…Follow me.”

“Attention! Disband!”

Following Instructor Li’s shout, everyone dispersed. Li Zixia, Xie Yingying, and Liu Zhao walked toward the canteen.

During the meal, Xie Yingying ate very sweetly.

Li Zixia, on the other hand, did not have much appet.i.te. “Xie Yingying, why isn’t Sister Xi here to eat? Could it be that the instructor is not even giving her food?”

Xie Yingying: “?”

If Xiang Huai dared not to give Sister Xi a meal, he would probably have to kneel on the remote control and not switch channels!

She took a bite of the drumstick and swallowed it before saying, “It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

Xie Yingying knew that Xue Xi did not like others talking about her behind her back, so she did not speak nonsense about her relationship with Xiang Huai.

However, Li Zixia was still very worried. “No, I just heard from Instructor Li and Instructor Zhang that the head instructor is very formidable. People who are trained by him are usually better off dead.”

Xie Yingying took another bite of the drumstick and ate it happily. “Don’t worry, Sister Xi will be fine!”

After saying that, she shot a glance at Liu Zhao. Seeing that there was no meat in her bowl, she asked in confusion, “Liu Zhao, why don’t you eat meat? The training in the afternoon is very intense!”

Liu Zhao smiled. “I don’t like meat. I prefer vegetables.”


Xie Yingying did not think much of it. After all, some girls did not eat meat in order to maintain their figure.

Li Zixia: “?”

She could not eat anymore. She randomly picked up two mouthfuls of rice and stood up. “You guys eat. I’ll go back to the dormitory to see if Sister Xi has returned. Let’s keep in touch!”

She placed the tray aside. “Help me collect it later!”

With that, she left.

Xie Yingying continued eating while Liu Zhao looked at the chicken wings on Li Zixia’s plate that had not been touched. She gulped, but then she turned to look at Xie Yingying and still did not extend her chopsticks.

At this moment, Xie Yingying saw it and put it in her bowl. “Li Zixia is such a wastrel. She didn’t even touch the chicken wings. It’s a pity that you don’t like meat, Liu Zhao. I’ll eat it for her. We shouldn’t waste food!”

After saying that, she started chewing again.

Liu Zhao: “…”

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes to hide her anger.

After a quick meal, Liu Zhao stood up. “I’ll go back and see Li Zixia.”

Xie Yingying ate slowly and waved her hand. “Alright, go ahead!”

Liu Zhao stood up and walked out.

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On the way back to the dormitory, she looked at the people coming and going. She recalled how she was praised no matter where she went in high school.

Liu Zhao lowered her eyes. “But we’re useless. Only the form teacher could find out where Xue Xi is. What if Xue Xi has encountered an accident?”

Li Zixia became even more anxious.

She nodded. “Alright, I’ll call the form teacher.”

She picked up her phone and called the form teacher. After the situation was briefly explained to her, Ms. Ye was stunned. “What did Xue Xi do wrong?”

Li Zixia stammered and did not want to speak.

However, Liu Zhao immediately said, “Ms. Ye, it’s just a small matter. Since she was late and later confessed to a boy in another cla.s.s, she angered the instructor.”

Ms. Ye: “…No, is your military training so wild?”

When the form teacher, Teacher Ye, found out about this, she was also stunned.

She did not expect that they could bring the students away to be punished privately during military training. They were not their people, so how could they be like this?

She was eating, but she put down her bowl and went to look for the

The panicked when he heard this. “Are you sure that Instructor Xiang took her away?”

Ms. Ye nodded. “I’ve asked!”

“That’s bad!” The hurriedly got someone to find out where Xiang Huai was currently having his meal. He then instructed Ms. Ye, “This Instructor Xiang is very strict. If Xue Xi has fallen into his hands, she will definitely lose a layer of skin! I’ll go save her! Go to the infirmary and find a school doctor to be prepared!”

Ms. Ye nodded and quickly ran out.

The jogged all the way to Xiang Huai’s lounge in the school. It was a suite in the school’s internal hotel.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead, worried about Xue Xi’s condition.

This student scored full marks in the college entrance examination this year yet was being tortured badly by General Xiang. That’s bad!

Although he did not dare to rush in, he would give it his all for Xue Xi!

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