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Young Master Yan

Chapter 371 - I'm Here for an Examination!

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Chapter 371: I’m Here for an Examination!

Xiang Huai stood on the stage and spotted his little kid among the crowd in their school uniforms.

However… Everyone was looking up at him, but why was the little kid looking elsewhere? She did not even know to look at him.

Xiang Huai sighed silently.

He then said briefly, “All of you are very outstanding. We will be very strict! During the military training, I hope that all of you will do your best!”

After saying that, he raised his hand and bowed lazily before leaving the stage.

Without the little kid looking at him, what was there to speak about?

“Ah ah ah ah ah! So cool!”

“Wow, his words are as rare as gold! This person looks so formidable!”

The people behind did not have good eyesight and could not see the person on the stage clearly, but the girls standing in front were all going crazy.

“Most Handsome Instructor” was a new post on the school’s intranet.

Xiang Huai spoke briefly, and the was too embarra.s.sed to speak any more nonsense. Hence, with a wave of his hand, he got the instructors to lead their respective to where they were going for their military training.

There were 40 people in one military training cla.s.s and two instructors.

Xue Xi looked at Little Flame. No, it should be said that He Gao had been led away by two young instructors in camouflage uniforms. Only then did she retract her gaze.

Li Zixia was fanning herself with her hands. It was already good enough that she could get some wind. She sighed. “It’s so hot! Sister Xi, why aren’t you sweating?”

Xue Xi silently looked at the sky.


She thought it was fine.

She did not have a const.i.tution that allowed her to sweat easily. Since she was young, her body had been relatively strong. She did not fall sick often and was not afraid of the cold. Just as she was thinking this, two instructors who looked to be in their twenties ran over and brought them away.

The military training was separated between men and women. The three of girls in the Math department had only gathered enough for one cla.s.s. Xue Xi arrived later, so the girl standing in front of her was from another cla.s.s.

Everyone had just started school and was relatively friendly.

As Xue Xi calmly followed the instructor, she even turned her head, wanting to see where He Gao’s cla.s.s had gone so that she could get close to him.

Seeing her like this, Xie Yingying could no longer hold it in and could not help but say, “Sister Xi, didn’t you see who the chief instructor was just now?”

Xue Xi looked at her in confusion. “Mhm?”

Just as Xie Yingying was about to speak, the instructor in front turned around and said sternly, “No talking!”

Xie Yingying hurriedly shut her mouth.

A person from the same cla.s.s was led to the field. Their cla.s.s was a.s.signed to a spot near the northwest corner. There was a tree beside them and they could hide under the tree’s shade while resting.

Everyone took four rows and lined up according to their height.

Xue Xi, who was 1.7 meters tall, was not short, but there was a girl who was 1.75 meters tall in Cla.s.s Two. She stood at the front and was at the front of the second row.

After everyone had stood up, the instructor said, “Today is the first lesson. Let me explain to everyone how to wear military training uniforms! After wearing this, you have to raise your head, straighten your chest, and retract your abdomen…”

As the instructor spoke, Xue Xi realized that the students from the cla.s.s next door were coincidentally the sports students.

He Gao was tall and handsome. He stood at the front of the sports students, causing the girls from the other to look over.

Xue Xi could see his side profile from this angle.

His nose bridge was very high and his eyes were very deep. Little Flame with red hair was enough to shock a person, let alone when he had black hair. He looked even more handsome.

Just as Xue Xi was thinking this, she suddenly heard Li Zixia call her. “Sister Xi!”

She suddenly returned to her senses and hurriedly turned around. She saw the instructor’s black face. “What are you looking at? I told you to turn right. Didn’t you hear me?”

Xue Xi: “…”

She had always been able to mult.i.task. She had been too agitated just now.

She hurriedly turned right and said, “Sorry.”

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As they had just started cla.s.s, the instructor did not make things difficult for her. Instead, he said, “I’ll give you half an hour. Go back to the dormitory to change your clothes and get some water. Whoever is late in half an hour will be punished to stand in the military posture!”

She hurriedly left and ran toward the field.

Half an hour was given, but their military training spot was in the innermost corner. It would take one to two minutes to run to the field!

When Xue Xi ran over, she heard the instructor shout, “Time’s up!”

Xue Xi: “…”

Her time was just right.

The instructor did not intend to pursue the matter. Just as Xue Xi was about to sneak into the queue, Liu Zhao shouted from the crowd, “Sir, Xue Xi is only one second late. She can’t be considered late, right?”

Her voice was so loud that even the cla.s.s beside her heard it.

Now, she had to be punished.

The instructor’s face darkened. “Isn’t one second considered time? One second is considered late!”

Li Zixia and Xie Yingying looked at Xue Xi anxiously. Just as they were about to speak up for her, the instructor said, “Attention!”

Everyone stood up.

Xue Xi lowered her eyes and stood in front with two bottles of water.

The instructor started reprimanding her. “What’s wrong with you? You’re the only one in the cla.s.s who’s late! This is also the first time we’ve broken the rules during our military training! I think you should just stand at the side!”

Xue Xi clenched her jaw. “Yes.”

She put down the two bottles of water and stood up.

At this moment, at the command center.

The was accompanying Xiang Huai and sitting there in fear.

He really did not understand. It was just a small military training. Why did this person personally come over to oversee it? Was it because there were fewer matters and he was too free?

Just as he thought this, Xiang Huai stood up. “Sit anywhere you want. I’ll go inspect.”

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