Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 370 - : The Vast Sky and the Vast World

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Chapter 370: The Vast Sky and the Vast World

Xue Xi stood rooted to the ground.

That face was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Their features were exactly the same, but their temperament was completely different.

If Little Flame had b.u.mped into someone, he would frown impatiently and apologize fiercely. However, this person only looked at the person who was. .h.i.t. His silence was filled with arrogance. It made the person who was. .h.i.t lower his voice as he scolded. In the end, he pouted and remained silent.

This person continued walking forward.

Even so, Xue Xi still felt that this person was Little Flame.

“Sister Xi, what are you looking at?”

Xue Xi returned to her senses when she heard Xie Yingying’s words. She ignored her and lost control of her emotions. She rushed behind Little Flame and shouted, “Little Flame.”

The young man in the school uniform acted as though he did not hear her and walked forward.

Xue Xi panicked. She quickly took two steps forward and pressed on his shoulders, shouting again, “Gao Yanchen.”

The young man paused.

Xue Xi’s heart beat faster.

Her eyes shone with caution and antic.i.p.ation.

Was it him? Was it him?

The more nervous Xue Xi was, the colder her expression became. She then saw the young man slowly turning around. His eyes seemed to be filled with confusion. When he saw her, he shot a glance at her red hair before retracting his gaze and saying, “Are you calling me?”

His voice was a little sad, making him seem more silent and arrogant, unlike Little Flame.

However, when she got closer, she could see that face clearly.

They had exactly the same eyes, the same lips, the same nose bridge, and even the same impatience in their bones.

The only difference was… hair.

Xue Xi’s actions became more serious. She nodded, but she was confused. “You don’t know me?”

The young man in front of her shot her a few glances. He was more than 1.8 meters tall and exuded a unique arrogance when he looked down from above. He raised his almond-shaped eyes and said, “Sorry, your old-fashioned way of striking up a conversation is not suitable for the present.”

After saying this, he continued to walk forward.

Xue Xi quickly chased after him. “Little Flame, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, the young man suddenly stopped in his tracks, making her almost into his back. The young man then slowly said, “Although you’re quite good-looking, you’re not my type. Sorry, if you continue to pester me, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Seeing that he was about to leave again, Xue Xi was about to chase after him when Xie Yingying grabbed her hand. “Sister Xi, the gathering time is almost up! Let’s go!”

Xue Xi turned around again, but the young man had already quickly entered the cla.s.s beside hers and stood there firmly.

Their row was filled with boys. They were all wearing school uniforms and were very tall. The sign at the front had the words “Sports Student.”

Sports student?

Xue Xi was stunned.

The sports students had to take the examination in advance, and she was sure that Little Flame did not. When he had agreed to the Huaxia University bet with Grandpa Gao during the college entrance examination, he had already missed the time for the special student examination.

She stood there and frowned.

At this moment, Li Zixia and Liu Zhao arrived. Seeing that Xue Xi was rooted to the ground, Li Zixia asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Just as Xie Yingying was about to say something, Xue Xi pointed at the youth. “Can you help me ask what his name is?”

Her words silenced Xie Yingying.

Li Zixia was also stunned. When she saw the person’s face clearly, she could not help but look at Xue Xi. “That… Sister Xi, I remember you saying yesterday that you have a boyfriend, right?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Li Zixia: “?”

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Then why are you still chasing another boy here?

Li Zixia was also stunned and looked at her.

Xue Xi looked at the two of them seriously and asked, “But he seems to dislike me very much. What should I do to get closer to him?”

Only by getting close could she understand the details. Only the details could allow her to see clearly if He Gao was really Little Flame!

Li Zixia and Xie Yingying looked at each other and gave Xue Xi the t.i.tle of “Sc.u.m Girl.”

Li Zixia shot her a glance. Why do I feel that Sister Xi’s boyfriend is a little pitiful?

Xie Yingying: “Not just pitiful. His head must be a little green now, right?”


Fortunately, Xiang Huai was not in Huaxia University. Otherwise, he would have been so frustrated when he saw Sister Xi wooing someone else!

Just as this thought popped into her mind, she heard the say, “The instructor for our military training this year is not from the army. He is from a professional department. Now, let’s invite the head instructor on stage to speak to everyone!”


The entire field was suddenly in an uproar. There were girls mumbling everywhere. “So handsome! Too handsome!”

Xie Yingying instinctively looked at the instructor on stage. When she saw Xiang Huai’s face, she instantly—


She was so frightened that she burped.

No, Big Boss Xiang, aren’t you the first person to get full marks for the IMO? If you didn’t do your research and development well, how did you become an instructor?!

She gulped and instinctively looked at Xiang Huai’s head.

At this moment, he was wearing a camouflage uniform and a hat. The camouflage uniform was white and green. However, Xie Yingying felt that there was more than just a little green on Instructor Xiang’s head. It was simply a huge gra.s.sland.


Why was she suddenly looking forward to this military training?!

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