Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Do You Want to Kiss?

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Listening to the Old Master’s words, Xue Sheng kept silent.

He disapproved of using his daughter for marriage unity, but the Old Master was right. His Xixi deserves better.

The man for her should not be the boss of a provision store.

He did not agree but said, “I’ll have a look.”

It seemed like it was time to investigate that gigolo.

Inside the exquisitely-renovated room, the pink curtain swayed.

Xue Yao lay flat on the bed and held her phone as she cried. “…It’s fine if only her math is good, but why is her physics good too? What should I do? All the limelight is stolen by her. Mom, I’m going to be angered to death! Wu wu wu…”

A capable female voice was heard from the phone. “Yaoyao, you’re thinking of it wrongly.”

Xue Yao paused and stood up as she cleaned her tears and mucus with the tissue paper on the desk. She turned on the phone’s speaker mode as her mother rationally a.n.a.lyzed, “Yaoyao, do you know what the difference is between international schools and normal schools?”

Xue Yao threw the mucus-soaked tissue paper into the bin and replied with a nasal voice, “Don’t know.”

“You guys have won on the starting line. Most of the students in international schools are going overseas. Other than studying, you guys are going to school to open your horizons, expand your connections, and nurture your capabilities. She is a country b.u.mpkin and has received an examination-oriented education since she was young. She wants to use knowledge to change her life. Aren’t you inviting humiliation by trying to compete with her in studies?

“A person’s inner qualities and sophistication don’t simply depend on studies. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Xue Yao was suddenly enlightened. “Mom, I got it! No matter how good she is in her studies, she’s merely a nerd while I’m the daughter of an eminent family. Why should I compete with her in studies? My piano, dance, and art are the best!”

The other party reminded her, “The most important thing is self-cultivation. If you keep getting angry so easily, it’d be embarra.s.sing.”

Xue Yao reignited her fighting spirit. “I got it. Mom, now that Big Auntie is in charge of the house, I’m no longer as well-to-do as before.”

The Xue family had a rule. Children who were in high school could only get a hundred thousand yuan as pocket money every month. Back then, however, when Old Lady Xue was the one in charge, Xue Yao only needed to act cutesy and she would get more. Now that Ye Li was prioritizing fairness, she was receiving the same treatment as that country b.u.mpkin. That won’t do!

Upon hearing her words, her mother said gently, “I’ll give your grandma a call.”

Xue Yao’s eyes brightened up. Her mother was going to take action!

She happily hung up the call.

On the other end.

Old Lady Xue was getting into a half in her room. A mere country b.u.mpkin and everyone is treating her like a treasure!

Just as she was feeling vexed, her phone rang. Looking at the Caller ID, she hurriedly picked up. “Yiqiu, when are you and the second child coming back?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Mom, we’ll be back next week. Are you busy trying to reconcile the accounts? I’m trying to get you a present so I’m bothering you for a while.”

The old lady said, displeased, “What reconciling the accounts? The family’s housekeeping right is stolen by your sister-in-law!”

Liu Yiqiu was instantly taken aback. “What happened?”

The old lady exaggerated as she narrated what had happened. Eventually, she said, “Yiqiu, help me to think of a way. I don’t dare to run counter to Old Master openly, but how should I s.n.a.t.c.h it back?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Mom, you’ve been in charge of the house for so long. Isn’t it easy to get Sister-in-law to pa.s.s you back the right?”

The old lady paused. “You’re trying to say…”

The next day, Xue Xi woke up and went downstairs. The sound of the piano had just stopped and Old Lady Xue was clapping. “Yaoyao, your piano skill is getting better!”

Xue Yao stood up gracefully and smiled. “Grandma, this is nothing.”

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She then shot Xue Xi a glance and headed to the dining room.

With that, he walked outside.

Xue Sheng swiftly shot Ye Li a comforting glance and followed behind. “Dad, let me bring you to Hundred Fragrance Pavilion for breakfast, alright? Don’t you love the soup dumplings there?”

By the time they had left, Ye Li stared at Xiao Fang, who served breakfast.

Xiao Fang quickly shook her hands. “Madam, it wasn’t me. When I wrapped the bun, I clearly didn’t put coriander. What happened…”

Ye Li took a deep breath. This was clearly Old Lady Xue’s scheme. However, there were four of them in the kitchen, and it most probably was not Xiao Fang; so who could it be?

The car arrived at the provision store.

After having their breakfast, Xue Xi held Xiang Huai’s hand. Once again, she stared at the Gothic clock in the store. She had only five minutes left and she would be late if she did not leave.

Biting her teeth and not caring about the faint pain coming from her chest, she stood up and wanted to leave.

Just as she retracted her hand, it was suddenly held by the man’s huge ones.

A strong force caused her to turn and she tried to resist. However, they were not standing steadily and fell on the shelves by the side.

Xiang Huai hugged her waist and swiftly stood between her and the shelf.

Xue Xi fell right into his embrace and the man’s chilly smell filled her nose.

She lifted her head in confusion and saw the man dipping his head. His exquisite face was only five centimeters away from hers. He chuckled and flirted. “Little kid, do you want to kiss?”

She wanted to reject the offer, but at the thought of it, the pain in her chest intensified!

Her pupils constricted. This meant—

She could not reject Xiang Huai?

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