Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 369 - It's Him!

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Chapter 369: It’s Him!

Xue Xi turned on her computer and entered the system.

She did not have an account or pa.s.sword and could only steal Jing Fei’s account. If she was to steal Jing Fei’s account and pa.s.sword, she would need his permission.

Xue Xi’s computer screen was dark and there were rows of codes flashing across it. Soon, she finished a small software and sent it to Jing Fei on WeChat.

Xue Xi: “Give me a Like.”

Little Pigeon: “No problem!”

This webpage was fake. The moment he pressed the Like b.u.t.ton, Xue Xi was allowed to log in.

Jing Fei did not notice it at all. Moreover, he had always been warm and polite to her, so he did not suspect anything.

After Xue Xi logged into their system using his account and pa.s.sword, she hid Jing Fei’s account information, lest it implicated Jing Fei.

Following that, she started to investigate the truth behind the car accident six years ago.

Soon, she found Gao Yanchen’s parents: Gao Ben and He Lan.

The cause of their deaths was ostensibly a car accident. The actual reason was confidential, and it was an SSS level! That was enough to see how important their deaths were.

Xue Xi moved her wrist and tried to crack it.

She had drafted a software to crack it and was currently defeating the firewalls one by one. The computer screen also displayed the progress bar: 20%… 25%… 50%…

As long as the progress got to 100%, she could silently go and see how these two people died!

Who exactly was the murderer?!

She stared at the numbers on the computer as they slowly moved.

Ninety percent…

Ninety-five percent…

Ninety-nine percent…

Xue Xi subconsciously sat up straight.

Immediately, 100%!

However, it did not present the screen she expected. Instead, the screen turned black. Immediately, a few words appeared on the black screen: “Who are you?”

Xue Xi’s pupils constricted. She suddenly reached out and started typing on the keyboard before quickly withdrawing.

Her luck was really bad.

She had originally thought that everyone would be taking a nap during the lunch break and no one would be watching, but she did not expect that someone would actually be watching and coincidentally see her deciphering the other party’s firewall!

No wonder the other party could send a message in time.

Xue Xi had retreated in time, so the other party should not have been able to track her back to the school.

At this thought, she heaved a sigh of relief and decided to try again in a few days. If she had alerted the enemy today, they would probably be on guard for a few days.

She put away her computer and returned to the dormitory before going to the library.

Somewhere in the capital.

In a very secretive but high-tech room, there were several computers with very good configurations. At this moment, Xiang Huai was sitting there and his pupils constricted.

Behind Xiang Huai, Jing Fei asked, “General Xiang, have you found it? Who is it?”

Xiang Huai shot him a cold glance. “The other party left quickly. We can only find out that it’s from Huaxia University, but we can’t locate it in detail.”

Jing Fei frowned. “Who is it that can escape from you? However, Boss, the secret of our base is something that even my account can’t enter. Who wants to come in so badly? What are they trying to investigate by coming in?”

Xiang Huai frowned and leaned on the chair.

In the entire base, only the supreme commander’s account had the right to enter. The confidentiality level was quite high. Was it a spy from M? Or… who?

Xiang Huai stood up with this doubt. “I’ll leave this to you. As long as you guard it, the other party won’t be able to enter.”

Jing Fei said bitterly, “Boss, what about you?”

Xiang Huai: “I’m going to Huaxia University to see who exactly wants to invade.”

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Jing Fei immediately exposed him. “Boss, it’s a lie that you’re going to Huaxia University to investigate people. You’re just going to look for Sister-in-law!”

It could not be helped. After the military training, everyone would turn a shade darker, and all girls loved beauty!

Not only did Li Zixia have to apply it on her face, but she also had to apply it on her body. However, the sunblock she brought was insufficient. Hence, she looked at the large bottle on Xue Xi’s table. “Sister Xi, can I use it?”

Xue Xi: “… Feel free.”

After saying this, she put down the book in her hand and looked at the time, preparing to leave.

Li Zixia applied some sunblock on her arm and followed behind her anxiously while applying it evenly. “Sister Xi, why aren’t you applying it? You’ll really get tanned!”

Xue Xi: “So be it.”

Actually, she did not tan. When she was in kindergarten, the director did not provide them with vitamins, so everyone stayed outside to bask in the sun.

The rest of the children all got tanned into small black b.a.l.l.s. Only her skin seemed to be unaffected.

Li Zixia followed behind her, and so did Xie Yingying. When the three of them reached the door, Li Zixia realized. “… Eh, why isn’t Liu Zhao here? I’ll go call her!”

Xue Xi and Xie Yingying left without waiting for them.

The field was already bustling with activity.

There were many people who came. There was a sign in front of each cla.s.s where members of each had gathered—after all, school had just started and they did not yet recognize each other.

As Xue Xi was walking among the crowd, she suddenly heard a voice coming from the side. “Aiya, why don’t you look where you’re walking? I was just standing here and you b.u.mped into me!”

She did not mind and merely shot a glance in that direction before retracting her gaze.

However, her footsteps froze on the spot.

She looked up at the source of the sound.

There was a freshman wearing a school uniform. He must be the person who b.u.mped into someone while walking. He was standing there and did not speak even though he was being spoken to. He only lowered his head, and his neat black hair fell down to cover his eyes.

A breeze blew past, revealing his almond-shaped eyes under his black hair.

There was impatience between the young man’s brows. It was obvious that he was arrogant, but he was no longer the bossy and domineering person he used to be. He had become quiet.

However, that face belonged to Little Flame.


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