Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 367 - Mom!

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Chapter 367: Mom!

The library was very quiet, so Li Zixia had intended to lower her head and speak into Xue Xi’s ear.

Liu Zhao did not wait for her to speak. After shouting this, she seemed to realize that something was amiss. She hurriedly covered her mouth and said softly, “Xue Xi, hurry up and leave. They’re heading for the library.”

Xue Xi: “?”

The surrounding people: “?”

No matter which school it was, there would always be people who wanted to watch a scene. When she said this, everyone looked over.

Everyone discussed softly. “Did you hear that? We were just doubting if she was a mistress, but we’ve confirmed it now.”

“This year’s freshmen are really amazing. They got into trouble as soon as school started.”

“Is the legal wife coming over to beat up the third party? It feels like a drama is about to play out!”

“Hurry, prepare the phone! We’ll record it later!”

Most of them were discussing in private, and some of them were also the people who had just quarreled with them. At this moment, they happened to say sarcastically, “Aiyo, why is there a wife who’s coming to look for you when you’re in a normal relationship?”

While everyone was talking excitedly, Xue Xi had actually been feeling a little lost ever since her boyfriend was described to be 38 years old. She could not hold it in any longer and asked curiously, “Who are you guys talking about?”

Li Zixia hurriedly lowered her voice. “Your boyfriend. He’s coming, and he even brought a woman around his age. The two of them look like husband and wife, and they both have wedding rings in their hands! Moreover, they’re furious and don’t look too happy. Sister Xi, don’t you know that your boyfriend has a wife?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Xiang Huai has a wife?

She really did not know!

Seeing her stunned expression, Li Zixia instantly thought that she understood. “Got it. You must have been cheated! Sigh, men at their age look mature and steady, but most of the high-quality men already have families! However, now is not the time to talk about this. Let’s leave first!”

She purposely said this to make everyone understand.

Xue Xi was also a victim!

She did not believe that such an outstanding girl would be a mistress and ruin someone else’s family!

However, someone felt that they were looking for an excuse and mocked, “Every mistress is innocent. After all, they all feel that they have found their true love!”

“That’s right, but I suggest that you guys find a quiet place if you have anything to say. Don’t smear the school’s reputation!”

“The problem is that she definitely wants to find a corner to talk about it, but does the original wife agree? She even came to the school and is so aggressive. If she doesn’t ruin her face on the spot, I would think that she has a good upbringing!”

“Don’t tell me that our library is going to turn into an Asura Arena later? How scary. Xue Xi, I suggest that you go out or run quickly!”


Everyone spoke one after another, making Xue Xi frown. “Are you sure you saw my boyfriend and his wife? How do you know my boyfriend?”

Before Li Zixia could speak, Liu Zhao said, “Didn’t he come to fetch you for dinner yesterday? Many of us saw it!”

Li Zixia nodded. “Isn’t it that man who is much older than you but is quite handsome?”

Xue Xi: “?”

The person who came to fetch her yesterday was not Xiang Huai, but… She suddenly lifted her head and realized that the 38-year-old they were referring to was Xue Sheng?

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Wasn’t Xue Sheng’s legal wife Ye Li?

Everyone saw her stop at the door and suddenly look elsewhere. Everyone who was watching the commotion also looked over and saw Ye Li and Xue Sheng.

Although the two of them were already in their forties, Ye Li had always been skinny and had taken good care of herself. Xue Sheng also had a mature charm, so he looked exceptionally eye-catching.

At this moment, everyone started blaming Xue Xi.

Why should such a good family be destroyed?!

At this moment, the gentlewoman quickened her pace toward Xue Xi…

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats as they looked out of the window.

Even Liu Zhao, who had followed the two of them out, could not help but curl her lips.

Have at it. The bigger the matter gets, the uglier Xue Xi will look. When her reputation as the top scorer of the college entrance examination is ruined, Li Zixia will still be circling around me and the cla.s.s committee membership will go to me!

Liu Zhao could not help but curl her lips.

Outside, Xue Xi saw Ye Li rushing over. Just as she was about to stretch out her hand, Xie Yingying and Li Zixia rushed in front of her.

Xie Yingying held Ye Li and stopped her. “Sister, let’s talk things over nicely. Don’t hit her. Xue Xi really didn’t do it on purpose! She didn’t know that your husband was married!”

Li Zixia also looked at Xue Xi and shot her a look. “Hurry up and run!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Ye Li: “?”

Looking at the two silly girls, Xue Xi sighed helplessly and slowly said, “Mom.”

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