Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 364 - Rich Boyfriend?

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Chapter 364: Rich Boyfriend?

Xue Xi was focused on blocking the discussion around her, so she did not care about what these people were saying. She slowly walked into the dormitory building and pa.s.sed by the dormitory room beside hers, Room 307. Just then, the door opened and someone walked out.

After seeing Xue Xi, the student from Room 307 paused and pouted.

When Xue Xi saw her, she recalled that when they introduced themselves today, this person seemed to have gone on stage before and was from their cla.s.s. Xue Xi instinctively wanted to nod and greet her, but before she could do so, that person immediately retracted her gaze and hurriedly left as though she was hiding from something.

Xue Xi: “?”

She did not mind and entered her dormitory. Just as she pushed open the door, she saw that the atmosphere in the dormitory was very strange. At this moment, Li Zixia, who had changed into her pajamas, was sitting on Xie Yingying’s bed. She was hugging Xie Yingying’s whale bolster and her eyes were shining. Meanwhile, Xie Yingying was saying something and seemed to be tired. She ordered Li Zixia to get her water.

Li Zixia put down the pillow impatiently and was just about to come down when she saw Xue Xi enter. The voices inside stopped.

Immediately, Li Zixia ran toward Xue Xi warmly. “Aiya, Sister Xi, you’re back?”

Xue Xi: “?”

She nodded and walked to the balcony, intending to wash up and change into her pajamas before reading.

However, just as she walked to the balcony, she saw Li Zixia rush over. “Sister Xi, are you going to wash your face? Do you want my cleansing wash? Mine is a good brand!”

Xue Xi: “… No need.”


Li Zixia put away her expensive skincare products in disappointment and sighed.

Liu Zhao clenched her jaw when she saw this.

When Xue Xi returned from washing up and started reading, Li Zixia and Xie Yingying were still arguing.

Li Zixia: “Can you tell me more about the G.o.ddess of Studying?”

Xie Yingying: “Another day. Don’t disturb Sister Xi!”

Li Zixia: “Alright.”

That night, everyone was fine.

However, when it was time to sleep, Li Zixia lay down and switched on her phone. She realized that there was a thread on the school’s intranet saying that a freshman from Huaxia University had seduced a rich second-generation heir and became his mistress, and someone even took a photo!

And that photo was clearly Sister Xi because that red hair was too eye-catching!

Li Zixia’s pupils shrank and she was fuming.

They did not even know what was going on and were just randomly commenting. Sister Xi’s boyfriend was a little old, but Xie Yingying had said that Sister Xi’s boyfriend was not married yet. She was in a normal relationship!

No, I must find the one who started this in the school tomorrow and have them delete this fake thread!

The next morning.

Xue Xi still woke up at 6 AM on time to read English doc.u.ments. As she nurtured her English professional skills, she increased her knowledge.

At 7:30 AM, Xie Yingying also got up and the two of them prepared to go out for breakfast.

Just as she was about to leave, Li Zixia, who had been browsing the internet late last night, woke up. Seeing that they were going out, she immediately said, “Sister Xi, wait!”

She suddenly lifted the blanket and jumped off the bed. She washed her face and changed her clothes. It only took her two minutes to settle it. “Let’s have breakfast together!”

She then shouted at Liu Zhao, “Liu Zhao, let’s go!”

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Liu Zhao, who had already woken up: “?”

After hesitating for a while, she turned to look at Liu Zhao. “Liu Zhao, you can hand over your poor student allowance application form to the form teacher. I’ll go to the library first. Come look for me after you’ve handed it over!”

Liu Zhao: “… Sure.”

If she could apply for it earlier and submit it earlier, the tuition fees for the poor would be settled earlier.

Liu Zhao took the application form and left. She found the teacher-in-charge’s office in the office building. Just as she was about to knock on the door and enter, she heard Ms. Ye’s voice coming from inside. “Sigh, Xue Xi’s red hair is too eye-catching. I didn’t let her speak on behalf of the freshmen yesterday. After all, that person needs to be recorded and spread. However, that doesn’t matter if she’s to become the cla.s.s committee member. She scored full marks for the college entrance examination, yet I heard that she went to the library yesterday. It definitely won’t be a problem for such a person to be the study committee member!”

Another person said, “Ms. Ye, I saw the results slip on your table. The highest scorer in your cla.s.s is Liu Zhao, right? Why didn’t you look for her?”

Ms. Ye smiled. “No, the highest scorer in our cla.s.s is Xue Xi. She scored full marks!”


Liu Zhao did not hear the rest of the words. She tightened her grip on the application form and pushed open the door to enter. “Teacher, I’m here to submit the application form.”

Ms. Ye nodded when she heard this. She took it and took a look. She then placed it aside and looked at Liu Zhao. “Liu Zhao, I remember that you and Xue Xi are from the same dormitory, right? Erm, what do you think of Xue Xi?”

Liu Zhao smiled shyly. “Xue Xi doesn’t like to speak much, but she has a rich boyfriend.”

If she did not like to speak, it meant that she was more arrogant.

A rich boyfriend…

Liu Zhao and Xue Xi were from the same dormitory. Moreover, they did not have any grudges when they first arrived and she would not malign her for no reason.

Her words reminded Teacher Ye of the thread she saw today. Actually, she could recognize the red-haired person at first glance and treated it as gossip. Without concrete evidence, it could not be treated as real. However, she did not expect Liu Zhao to say this. It seemed to be true, though?

Ms. Ye frowned. She felt that she had to call Xue Xi’s parents and ask them to come to the school.

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