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Young Master Yan

Chapter 362 - Not Only Are You Rich, You Also Got Full Marks in the College Entrance Examination?

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Chapter 362: Not Only Are You Rich, You Also Got Full Marks in the College Entrance Examination?

A black Audi was parked at the entrance. At the back door of the Audi was a middle-aged man who looked similar to Xue Xi.

The man was dressed in a suit and looked dignified. He was currently waving at Xue Xi.

When Xue Xi saw him, she slowly increased her pace and soon arrived in front of the car. The two of them said something and the man touched Xue Xi’s hair. He then opened the car door for her and let her get in.

The man then got into the car and drove off.

Li Zixia: “?”

Although it was an Audi, the car was the latest model and was expensive. It was not something an ordinary family could afford.

Moreover, the man who had just come down was clearly a mature businessman.

Just as Li Zixia was thinking this, Liu Zhao walked to her side and stared at the door. Liu Zhao narrowed her eyes.

She picked up her phone and took a photo.

She then said to Li Zixia, “So Xue Xi is really not poor. After all, how can she be poor with such a boyfriend?”

Li Zixia was stunned. “Boyfriend? Isn’t that her father?”


From Liu Zhao’s point of view, Xue Xi was already 19 years old, so her father must be in his forties. However, the man just now seemed to be in his thirties. He was more mature and steady, unlike her father.


Liu Zhao said, “Actually, when Xue Xi came to school, I saw the person who sent her here. That must be her father.”

The person she saw was Uncle Li.

Xue Xi did not let Ye Li send her as she’d felt that they would stand out too much, so Uncle Li drove her here. However, the car did not enter the school and many people did not see it. They only saw Uncle Li helping her carry her luggage and sending her to the school gate.

Li Zixia was stunned. “Huh? But Xue Xi doesn’t look like someone who would have such an old boyfriend!”

That person looked young, but he’s almost 40, right?

Liu Zhao shook Liu Zixia’s arm. “Alright, no matter what, don’t give that poor student’s spot to Xue Xi. She doesn’t care for it.”

Li Zixia nodded and turned to look at Liu Zhao. In the end, she said, “Then I’ll give this poor student spot to you. Among the twelve of us, you sound the poorest.”

Liu Zhao: “…”

She frowned and was just about to say something when Li Zixia said, “I just became the cla.s.s monitor. I can’t just give all the slots to the boys. Just treat it that you’re helping me, alright? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

Liu Zhao sighed. “Alright, I’ll donate the bonus to Hope Elementary School.”

Li Zixia nodded.

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When Xie Yingying, who was sitting on the bed, heard this, she felt as though she was one of the few in the know. She’d been holding it in and was even feeling a sense of superiority.

When she heard this, though, she really could not hold it in anymore and said, “Who said that she’s not here? Despite being the cla.s.s president, there are many things you don’t know!”

Li Zixia instantly looked at her.

When she’d insisted on giving Xue Xi a poor student form today, she and Xie Yingying had even quarreled. After Xie Yingying returned to the dormitory, the two of them had not spoken a single word.

At this moment, Li Zixia was a little angry as she said, “Xie Yingying, I know that I insisted on giving the poor student spot to Xue Xi and offended her, but you don’t have to criticize me like this! I know all the college entrance examination scores in the cla.s.s. Other than the three of you, there aren’t many who scored 700. In what way is that a full mark?”

Xie Yingying: “Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean that it isn’t the case.”

Li Zixia was a little angry. “I’ve already confirmed that there are sixty students in the cla.s.s, but other than the three of you who did not take the college entrance examination…”

She paused.

Xie Yingying sneered. “Who said that she didn’t take the college entrance examination?”

Li Zixia: “?”

Li Zixia suddenly realized something and sneered. “Are you talking about Xue Xi? She didn’t even say anything yesterday, and how can you specialists score full marks? Isn’t that a joke?!”

Just as she said this, Li Zixia’s phone rang again.

She picked it up and heard a message from her good friend. “And you call yourself the cla.s.s president. You really don’t know your cla.s.smate well! I heard that this student who scored full marks in the college entrance examination took the admissions spot given to her beforehand! Her name is Xue Xi! Is there such a person in your cla.s.s?”

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