Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 361 - I'm Really Not Poor!

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Chapter 361: I’m Really Not Poor!

Xue Xi: “…”

Forgive me for being straightforward, but he is looking at me.

However, Xue Xi did not say this. Before Li Xuekai could walk over, he was stopped by a group of girls.

“Cla.s.smate, can I add you on WeChat?”

“Fellow student, which department are you from? Can we get to know each other?”

Li Xuekai was continually stopped in his tracks. He could only smile at Xue Xi apologetically and nod from afar as a greeting.

Xue Xi thought that he was fine, so she nodded and did not wait for him. Instead, she stood up and left the a.s.sembly with Xie Yingying.

On the way, Li Zixia’s mouth never stopped. She could even talk more than Qin Shuang. “Li Xuekai seems to be from Jiangnan Province, right? Gosh, is he the top scholar in Jiangnan Province who scored full marks this year?

“It’s enough that he’s handsome, but why are his studies so good? I heard that his family background is not bad. On the first day of school, his family brought out a Rolls-Royce and sent him here. He must be the best candidate for the president of the student council!”


Xie Yingying could not take it anymore and said, “He’s not the one who scored full marks!”

Li Zixia: “How did you know? If it’s not him, why did they ask him to speak on stage?”

Of course, that was because Sister Xi could not be bothered!

It was unknown when Xie Yingying had started addressing Xue Xi as Sister Xi, but she had already become Xue Xi’s little follower.

However, seeing that Xue Xi did not intend to say it, she did not say it. Instead, she said, “The top scholar in Jiangnan Province is a girl!”

Li Zixia was enlightened. “Oh right, it’s a girl!”

As the three of them walked and chatted, a girl suddenly walked in front of them and said to Xue Xi, “Xue Xi, I heard that your family is in a difficult position. I have a few clothes here. Why don’t I give them to you?”

Xue Xi: “?”

The moment she said this, the other girls from their dormitory surrounded her. “I also heard that you don’t even have a facial cleanser. You use whatever products are available. This won’t do. Why don’t I squeeze half of my facial cleanser and give it to you?”

“I’ll give you half of my facial cream!”

“I’ll give you half of my lotion!”

Not only did the girl speak again, but a boy also walked over shyly and said in embarra.s.sment, “Erm, if you don’t have enough living expenses, we can also support you a little. After all, the funding for the poor students will take a month to come!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Xie Yingying: “?”

Although Xie Yingying did not know that Xue Xi’s family was rich, she knew that she and Xiang Huai had stayed in a suite in Country M! Was that a place that ordinary people could live in?

Even if Xue Xi’s family was really poor, she still had a rich boyfriend!

Did she need these people?

Xue Xi also frowned.

She could feel that these people did not have any ill intentions, but if she were a person with a strong sense of self-esteem, she would probably feel like finding a hole to hide in.

School had just started, so who would want to be pitied?

She did not care about these people, but…

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She looked at Li Zixia and slowly said, “I said that I’m not poor.”

So what if she was a poor student? No one looked down on her. Everyone just wanted to help!

At this thought, Li Zixia walked toward the library.

She had always been like this. She had to clarify everything in person. Otherwise, the words she wanted to say would weigh heavily. Moreover, she did not want to be enemies with Xue Xi.

However, when she reached the library, she saw that Xue Xi had already walked out.

She was on the phone and the other party said something. She sighed indifferently. “Alright, I’m already heading to the entrance.”

When Li Zixia came, she thought that it would be fine even if they quarreled. However, when she saw her, she did not dare to go forward and stuttered.

Xue Xi felt a little helpless. After sending the news to Ye Li that she could not go home during the two weeks of military training, she did not expect Ye Li and Xue Sheng to drive over. They insisted on having a meal with her tonight and even sent her sunblock.

In Ye Li’s words, “Girls must protect themselves well. If their skin is exposed to the sun, they will have to recuperate for a long time!”

Just as she reached the library, she received Ye Li’s call. The car was already parked at the entrance.

Seeing that Xue Xi had hung up, Li Zixia could not hold it in any longer and rushed forward. “Xue Xi, I think it’s better to clarify things between us.”

Xue Xi did not stop and said calmly, “Clarify what?”

Li Zixia: “I don’t think being poor is an issue. You don’t have to feel ashamed, and no one will look down on you. This is Huaxia University, and the quality of your cla.s.smates is very high. Your pride is so strong that you get angry…”

Just as she said this, the girl said to her, “I’ll say it one last time. I’m really not poor.”

After saying this, she walked toward the door.

Li Zixia also felt a little angry. This person was too stubborn. Just as she was about to say something, a voice came from outside. “Xixi, here!”


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