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Young Master Yan

Chapter 359 - Red Hair~

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Chapter 359: Red Hair~

Xie Yingying: “…”

Gosh, what kind of person did she know?!

It was fine if she scored full marks for the Mathematical Olympiad, but for the other subjects, she actually scored full marks too? How talented was she? Moreover, seeing that she was holding her phone and searching for some programming knowledge, Xie Yingying suddenly felt that she was not afraid of geniuses being quick-witted, but she was afraid that geniuses would work harder than she did!

Sister Xi was already like this. What right did Xie Yingying have to play?

Thinking about it, ever since she returned from the International Math Olympiad, she had never touched books again. Other than watching dramas, she had been reading celebrity gossip online every day. She was too relaxed!

This was Huaxia University, and the best students in the country were gathered here. Studying was like sailing against the current. If one did not advance, one would fall behind. She had understood this principle since she was young, so why was she slacking now?

All of a sudden, Xie Yingying felt that the tension she’d felt after being released from the IMO had risen again.

Yes, she had to wake up early tomorrow and start memorizing English. There was still a level four English examination this year! She had to strive to pa.s.s level four this year and level six next year!

While everyone was bustling, they set up a WeChat group opposite each other and kept it for future contact.

At this moment, the form teacher walked in.

The textbooks, school uniforms, and bedding had been distributed yesterday. It was the first period now, and the form teacher wanted everyone to introduce themselves and get to know each other. Immediately, some were going to be appointed as cla.s.s committee members.

The form teacher was a woman in her thirties. She must have just graduated from her PhD.

When Xue Xi was introducing herself, the teacher had already noticed her. Now, they were appointing the cla.s.s representatives, and she’d been staring at Xue Xi for a long time. In the end, she looked at her hair for a while before saying, “Let’s choose the cla.s.s monitor first today. As for the rest of the cla.s.s representatives, we’ll choose them after everyone is familiar with each other after the military training is over! Did anyone recommend themselves?”

Just as she said this, Li Zixia raised her hand.

She focused on introducing herself and the introduction was very direct. “Hehe, I know that compared to everyone here, my studies are not the best, and my personality might not be the best either. I’m not the best at anything, but I’m rich! I think that there’s a benefit to being the cla.s.s president, and that is that I won’t be detained! So I hope everyone will support me!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

After Li Zixia sat down, two other people stood up and introduced themselves. The form teacher asked everyone to vote anonymously.

When Xie Yingying was voting, she shot a glance at Xue Xi and realized that the name written on her paper was: Li Zixia?

Although Xie Yingying felt that this person loved to flaunt her wealth, she still voted for her.

In the end, Li Zixia won by a hair’s breadth and only had one more vote than others!

After the cla.s.s monitor was confirmed, the form teacher chatted with everyone for a while before saying, “There’s a new student’s mobilization meeting in the afternoon and everyone has to attend it. Everyone, hurry up and have lunch. Don’t be late in the afternoon. Those who are late have to memorize the others’ names!”

After everyone left, the form teacher said, “Xue Xi, follow me.”

Xue Xi did not understand and followed the form teacher out of the cla.s.sroom.

After staring at Xue Xi for a while, she said, “Erm, can you dye your hair black?”

Xue Xi: “…”

She had always been well-behaved and loved to study. The teachers and parents had never worried about her. She did not expect that one day, she would be asked to dye her hair.

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She could not help but recall Old Liu’s request for the chatterbox to dye her hair back in school. Later, the chatterbox could not stand Old Liu’s intentions and had dyed her hair black.

Xue Xi turned around and left.

Ms. Ye paused for a while before taking a deep breath. She then called for the cla.s.s president, Li Zixia, to follow her to the office.

After arriving at the office, Ms. Ye gave Li Zixia some instructions as the cla.s.s president. She then gave her the cla.s.s schedule and asked her to send it to the students.

She then said, “Wait a moment. I’ll go upstairs to ask for instructions.”

Xue Xi had red hair and could not speak as the representative of the freshmen. There would need to be some changes to the freshmen a.s.sembly at 2 PM.

Forget it. I’ll call Xue Xi’s parents first and get them to persuade her.

In the end—

Ye Li picked up the call quickly, but when Ms. Ye addressed how Xue Xi had dyed her hair, Ye Li was shocked. “Ms. Ye, Huaxia University is such a huge school. Could it be that you can’t even tolerate students? For a high-level university like Huaxia University, you should be accepting students from all over the world to accentuate your university’s presence, right?”

Ms. Ye: “?”

After Ms. Ye left, Li Zixia grew bored and looked at the student information on her desk. She suddenly realized that there was a stack of students’ college entrance examination results on it.

Her eyes lit up.

She had long been curious about how many marks those people in the cla.s.s had scored during the college entrance examination. She did not expect that she would actually see it!

Let me see how many marks Xue Xi had scored in the college entrance examination!

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