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Chapter 358 - I'm Not Joking

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Chapter 358: I’m Not Joking

There were as many provinces in the country as there were college entrance examination top students.

Although Li Zixia and Xue Xi were both from the south, Li Zixia was closer to the south and was still a distance away from Xue Xi, who was in the provincial capital for the college entrance examination.

Hence, Li Zixia only knew that she was the top scorer in her province and did not pay attention to other provinces. After all, if she were to pay attention to all of them, she would have to pay attention to about 30!

Moreover, Xue Xi was a low-profile person. After the college entrance examination, other than going back to school to take a photo, she did not accept any reporters’ interview. Hence, everyone only knew that she had a perfect score this year and shocked the entire country, but they did not know who she was.

After Li Zixia said this, Xie Yingying, who knew that Xue Xi had taken the college entrance examination, could not help but ask, “Sister Xi, didn’t you take the college entrance examination? How did you do?”

Xue Xi: “… Not bad.”

“How many marks is it?” Li Zixia could not help but ask. “Has it reached the admission score for Huaxia University?”

When Xie Yingying heard this, she hurriedly changed the topic, afraid that Li Zixia would continue asking and embarra.s.s Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, I remember that you’re from Jiangnan Province, right?”

This was the disadvantage of having a guaranteed student not taking the college entrance examination. If the college entrance examination scores were low, it would leave a bad impression.

Li Zixia seemed to have understood something, so before she could answer, she mumbled to herself, “Speaking of Jiangnan Province, the top scholar of the province this year actually scored full marks! You have to know that Jiangnan Province is the largest and most difficult province in the country. I wonder how their brain works. How did they get full marks?”

Liu Zhao nodded. “Yes. I was stunned when I heard that there was someone with a perfect score. There has never been a perfect scorer in history!”

When Xie Yingying heard this, she could not help but agree. “She scored full marks in every subject and is really amazing! I wonder which city she came from. Sister Xi, do you know her?”

Xue Xi closed her eyes and listened to them. It was already 11 PM and it was time for her to sleep. She was a little sleepy and mumbled, “… Mhm, I know her.”

They were quite close.

The other three people became excited when they heard this. Hence, they asked, “How does she look? Does she look good?”

“Not bad.”

“She’s so good at her studies. Does she not sleep? Does she eat?”


“Xue Xi? Xue Xi?”

Xue Xi turned around impatiently. “That’s all.”

After saying this, she fell asleep.

The other three: “?”

Why does this apathetic tone sound a little unhappy? But that’s true. Everyone was an outstanding person from all over. How could they admire others?

Everyone kept talking about the top scorer, but it was possible that Xue Xi was a compet.i.tor.

Forget it.

Hence, the dormitory that had been chatting the whole night finally quietened down.

Xue Xi had finally fallen asleep.

The next morning, Xue Xi woke up and looked at the English book she had brought. After she had been reading for an hour, the rest of the people gradually woke up.

Xie Yingying woke up first. After washing up quickly, she called Xue Xi out for breakfast.

Li Zixia was a little slower. After her skincare routine was done and she slowly tidied up, she entered the dormitory and saw Liu Zhao reading the book Xue Xi had just read.

Li Zixia was stunned. “What are you looking at?”

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Liu Zhao put down the book in a panic and said, “Oh, Xue Xi woke up early just now. When I read the English textbook, I couldn’t understand what it was about. I suddenly feel that I’ve really slacked off after entering university.”

Li Zixia was straightforward and generous, making the group of people quickly remember her.

After distributing milk tea to the entire cla.s.s, Li Zixia sat beside Xue Xi and Xie Yingying.

There were four people in a row, and two were empty.

After sitting down, Li Zixia turned around and mingled with the rest of the students.

They had just gotten to know each other and were still fresh out of high school. Everyone kept their mouths shut and were still discussing the college entrance examination scores.

Everyone was most curious. “… That student who scored full marks for the college entrance examination is also in our school. I wonder which department he or she is in.”

Xie Yingying was very curious and poked Xue Xi’s arm. “Sister Xi, who exactly scored full marks in your province?”

Xue Xi turned to look at her and replied, “Me.”

Xie Yingying: “?”

She was first stunned, then she could not help but laugh. “Sister Xi, you really know how to joke.”

Xue Xi shot her a glance and retracted her gaze.

Looking at her apathetic expression, Xie Yingying suddenly recalled the time when the IMO examination was being held. When they asked her how she did in the examination, she also replied, “Not bad.” Then, she got full marks.

How did she answer when they asked her about the college entrance examination yesterday?

She suddenly recalled that it was along the lines of… alright?

Xie Yingying’s eyes widened. “Sister Xi, are you kidding me?”

Xue Xi shot her another glance and said coldly, “I’m not joking.”

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