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Chapter 357 - You Are Specialists

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Chapter 357: You Are Specialists

Xue Xi ignored her and opened her makeup bag to take out the hand-washing solution.

The rich second-generation heir took a glance and frowned. “Why isn’t there a label on your thing?”

Xue Xi also looked at the simple packaging of skincare products in her hands.

Actually, what Ye Li had prepared for her were all not bad. The brands were all the ones that Flame Number Five had bought from Country M’s airport.

Oh, that’s similar to the brand the rich second-generation heir uses.

However, that day, she felt that Xiang Huai’s skin was good and casually asked him what skincare products he used. Immediately, Xiang Huai had brought her a set.

This set of skincare products was all packed in white porcelain bottles. There were no brands, and there was only a label on it. The handprint marked which was the lotion and which was the facial cream.

Since Xiang Huai had given it to her, she decided to use it.

It had been a month and there were no problems.

Xue Xi squeezed out some soap and washed up. She did not speak, but the rich second-generation heir continued, “No, fellow students. You can’t use things without a brand, especially when they’re applied on your face. We girls have to be careful. Why don’t you use mine?”

She pa.s.sed her skincare products over.

Xue Xi: “?”

She then took a look at this person and felt that she did not seem to be that annoying?

This person was somewhat tall and slender. Her long hair that draped over her shoulders was wavy and her looks were above average. Although her straightforward personality was similar to Qin Shuang’s, the chatterbox was not as superficial as her.

Xue Xi took another look at her student card. On it was written: Applied Mathematics Department, Li Zixia.

Xue Xi retracted her gaze. She had already washed her hands and turned to walk back to the dormitory, leaving behind two cold words. “No need.”

Seeing how cold she was, Li Zixia followed behind her. She opened her luggage and started unpacking her things on her bed.

Huaxia University’s dormitory environment was definitely the best.

The four of them were in the same dormitory. The beds were on the top bunk while the bottom was composed of a desk and a wardrobe. Hence, there was no conflict between who slept on the top and the bottom.

It also gave every student an independent s.p.a.ce.

When Xue Xi was living in the orphanage, she was already used to doing daily Hence, making her bed was a piece of cake for her.

She casually got out of bed and tidied her clothes.

She only brought a few summer items and placed them in her cabinet. She then placed the books on the table and tidied them.

Seeing that she was so efficient, Li Zixia instantly had a misunderstanding: This student’s family background must not be too good.

The skincare products she used were small brands, and there was not even a label. Even the clothes she’d brought were just these few pieces… Looking at the empty cabinet…

One had to know that when Li Zixia came, she had carried three huge boxes of things, and the cabinet could not contain them all.

After Xue Xi had unpacked her things, Xie Yingying invited her to walk around the school.

Xue Xi did not reject her. After all, she would have to live here for four years from now on. It was necessary for her to familiarize herself with the environment. When the two of them went out to shop, the sky was already dark.

Ye Li sent her a message asking how she was doing at school.

Xue Xi replied: “Very good.”

Ye Li wanted to send her to school today but was rejected by her. She felt that there was no need for her parents to send her over. When Xiang Huai made this request, he was also rejected.

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However, when she arrived at the school, she realized that most of the students were sent over by their parents.

After all, their families were all older people. Most of the students who could get into Huaxia University relied on their real results and were very arrogant.

Everyone only recognized the results.

Li Zixia said, “I scored 690 for the college entrance examination and am the first in our school. Liu Zhao, what about you?”

Liu Zhao said timidly, “I scored 713 marks.”

“F*ck! Impressive!” Li Zixia asked, “Is it the highest score from your side?”

Liu Zhao smiled and remained silent.

Xie Yingying exclaimed, “Wow, I didn’t expect to live in the same dormitory as the top scorer of the college entrance examination. My G.o.d, you’re too amazing!”

When Li Zixia heard this, she turned to look at Xie Yingying and asked, “I remember that you and Xue Xi were guaranteed admission? Then did you guys take the college entrance examination?”

Xie Yingying: “… No.”

Li Zixia was not envious of her. Instead, she looked down on her. “You guys came in through the back door and can be considered specialists. Let me tell you, it’s meaningless to not take the college entrance examination once in your life!”

Xie Yingying was displeased. “How am I a specialized student? We even partic.i.p.ated in the IMO and obtained a gold medal for China!”

Li Zixia pouted. “We’re strong all around, but you guys are biased to one subject. If you were to have taken the college entrance examination, can you guarantee that you’d have gotten into Huaxia University?”

Her words silenced Xie Yingying.

She had placed all her attention on mathematics since elementary school and relied on mathematics to get into Huaxia University. However, no matter how good her mathematics was, it was only 150 marks at most. Her grades on the rest of the subjects were not good enough.

However, those who could get into Huaxia University were all top students from various provinces. Their results were indeed better.

Xie Yingying snorted. “That’s different. I spent all the time that should have been used studying other subjects on mathematics. If I had taken the path that you guys did though, I would have been able to get in!”

Li Zixia snorted in disdain and shamelessly asked Xue Xi, “Stop being stubborn. Let’s ask Xue Xi. If you had taken the college entrance examination, would you have been able to get into Huaxia University?”

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