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Young Master Yan

Chapter 356 - School Has Started!

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Chapter 356: School Has Started!

Lin: “Little Sister, where do you live?”

Little Sister…

When Ye Li saw this form of address, her hands trembled. She then looked at the other party’s profile picture. It was a photo. She was wearing professional attire and had a solemn smile. She did not look like the kind-looking person she saw at the airport, but looked more like the person on television.

Ye Li was even more certain that this person was indeed Lin Jing.

No one would believe that Lin Jing addressed her as Sister, right?

However, Ye Li replied politely: “We live in Ming Jia Garden.”

She did not ask where the other party was staying. After all, the place where the leader stayed was confidential! How could it be leaked to an ordinary person like her?

Xue Sheng was still nagging. “Lili, you’re still too naive. If you take the initiative to add people on WeChat, others will definitely not reject you, but ignoring you is another story.”

Ye Li was no longer as stunned as before. She raised her chin and said proudly, “Sorry, she took the initiative to add me. Moreover, she has already sent me a message! She’s very good at talking to me!”

Xue Sheng: “How can that be? Why would she try to get close to you for no reason? What benefits do you have to give? Other than our daughter, our family doesn’t have any other treasures, right?”

Ye Li reprimanded him. “Look at you, you’re a businessman. You always talk about benefits. Can’t we just be people chatting at the airport? I’ll stop talking to you. I’m going to prepare lunch for my daughter! She and Xiao Xiang haven’t eaten yet!”

Xue Sheng: “Let Xiao Fang go with you tomorrow. You don’t have to cook. But you haven’t answered my question!”

Ye Li: “?”

“Who will you save first when my daughter and I fall into the water?”


“You’re not allowed to hang up if you don’t answer.”


Why is this person getting more and more unreasonable as he gets older?! Seriously, even my daughter makes him jealous!

The corners of Ye Li’s lips twitched as she said, “I’ll save you, I’ll save you!”

Her daughter knew how to swim! She did not need to save her! Of course, if her daughter did not know how to swim, she would definitely kick Xue Sheng away and quickly save her daughter.

Oh, she forgot that she did not know how to swim.

In the 400-square-meter flat, there were seven rooms. Other than the servant’s room, there were four master bedrooms.

Xue Sheng and Ye Li shared one room, and Xue Xi left the other bedroom with the morning sun to her maternal grandparents. The elders needed sunlight more.

Xue Xi chose a bedroom opposite Ye Li’s. The interior was well-decorated.

The room was more than 30 square meters. Other than the bed, there was also a rocking chair on the balcony. The desk was in a corner and occupied a large area.

The books that Xue Xi had sent back were all on it.

Xue Xi first went to look at her books. They were all arranged according to her habits in Bin City. When she saw these details, Xue Xi’s heart warmed.

Ye Li was really meticulous.

If her daughter had not been lost since she was young, she would definitely have been a good mother.

Looking at this room again, Xue Xi knew that Ye Li must have known that she would choose this one long ago. The renovation style was as simple as she liked and was no longer the red and green princess room.

She did not have much luggage. She casually opened the luggage and tidied her clothes. After Xue Xi was done washing them, Ye Li’s lunch was ready.

When she and Xiang Huai walked out, they saw three dishes and a soup on the table.

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Ye Li picked up a piece of Seething Fish for Xue Xi. “I know that you guys must have eaten Western food overseas. I think you guys like to eat something with strong flavors. Eat it!”

Ye Li started chatting with her friends online.

Soon, it was the beginning of September and Xue Xi started school!

As her home was not far from Huaxia University, Ye Li did not pack much for Xue Xi. Anyway, she could come back once a week.

After settling all the admission procedures, Xue Xi carried her luggage and stepped into her university dormitory for the first time.

This dormitory housed four people in one room. She went there late, and the other three had already arrived. Coincidentally, Xie Yingying was in the same dormitory as her.

Xie Yingying came out of the dormitory to fetch her. When she saw her, she could not help but complain, “There’s a rich second-generation heir living in our dormitory. She keeps flaunting her wealth. I’m really speechless.”

Xue Xi did not speak and the two entered the dormitory.

Just as she entered and was about to do something, she heard a haughty voice. “Wait! Don’t touch my luggage. This is LV, 66,000 yuan for one! You can’t afford to compensate it if you break it!”

Xie Yingying: “?”

She did not speak, but she glanced at Xue Xi.

Xue Xi ignored this person. After all, they were not familiar with each other. The two of them turned to the side and entered past the person’s luggage. Xue Xi first went to the washroom to wash her hands and saw that the person who had just spoken was currently doing skincare here.

Her bottles filled the entire sink.

Xue Xi frowned and wanted to move to make s.p.a.ce for herself to wash her hands.

However, before she could touch the skincare products, the arrogant-looking girl suddenly said, “Aiya, don’t be rash. My facial cream costs 5,000 yuan per bottle. It’s very expensive!”

Xue Xi: “?”

At this moment, Xie Yingying had already taken out a skincare bag from Xue Xi’s bag and pa.s.sed it to her. “Sister Xi, do you need it to wash your hands?”

The rich second-generation heir shot her a glance and smiled. “Hey, what brand of skincare are you using?”

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