Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 355 - Good Sisters

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Chapter 355: Good Sisters

Ye Li and Xiang Huai’s mother looked at each other.

Both of them widened their eyes.

Mrs. Xiang stuttered, “That… That red-haired person is your daughter?”

Ye Li nodded blankly and felt a little surprised. “Who are your son and daughter-in-law?”

Why did it feel like this person was waving in the same direction as her?

Just as the two of them were speaking, Xue Xi and Xiang Huai had already arrived in front of them. They had not seen each other for a week, and when she saw Ye Li’s face again, Xue Xi felt that it was very familiar. She called out, “Mom.”

Ye Li exclaimed.

Immediately, Xue Xi looked at her mother in confusion. Although she did not speak much, on her face was written: Who is this?

Xue Xi did not speak much and did not like to take the initiative to greet others. However, Ye Li had long realized that Xue Xi was still very polite to anyone who was kind to her.

Hence, Ye Li said, “She’s a friend I just met. She came to fetch her son and daughter-in-law…”

She then turned to look at her. “Where are your son and daughter-in-law?”

When Xiang Huai saw the two of them, his expression had already changed. He looked at his mother helplessly and clenched his jaw. Seeing that she was a little fl.u.s.tered, he said, “Mom…”

Before he could finish speaking, Mrs. Xiang suddenly interrupted him. “She’s behind. Aiya, your daughter is really good-looking. I’m so envious!”

Her son had yet to catch this girl, so how could she drag him down now?

When she was chatting with Ye Li just now, she had been complaining about her son. Now, she could not admit it. Otherwise, it would be even harder for her son to chase after her daughter-in-law!

After saying this, she turned to look at Ye Li again. “However, it’s fated for us to wait for the children together. Look, why don’t we add each other on WeChat? We can be considered friends in the capital in the future!”

Ye Li did not think much of it and nodded.

After the two of them added each other on WeChat, Xiang Huai’s mother chuckled and walked to the side. “I’m going to fetch my unfilial son and daughter-in-law. Sister, let’s chat often when we’re free!”

Ye Li: “… Okay.”

She felt that this person’s enthusiasm was a little strange.

Seeing this, Xiang Huai: “…”

He also silently shut his mouth. The little kid was indeed not ready to meet his parents right now, mainly because he was afraid that they would scare her away.

Just as he was thinking this, she saw Ye Li staring at his mother. Ye Li followed her among the crowd toward the parking lot.

Even when Xiang Huai’s mother had disappeared into the distance, she was still staring in that direction.

Xue Xi also looked over. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Ye Li said, “I keep feeling that this person looks a little familiar.”

After saying this, Ye Li suddenly realized something. Her eyes widened as she suddenly said, “Xixi, Xixi, Xixi, Xixi, wasn’t that the person we saw on television?!”

My G.o.d!

Ye Li finally recalled why she looked so familiar!

During the festive season, whenever something big happened, this person would often appear on television! That was… a very important person!

Ye Li was extremely agitated. She tugged at Xue Xi’s hand and said, “Oh my G.o.d, I think I’ll tell your father when I get back. I met her and even chatted with her for 20 minutes. Your father would surely think that I was bragging! His business is so huge, yet he probably has never seen such a big shot before!”

Xue Xi: “…”

She did not feel anything. She just felt that the auntie from earlier was quite good-looking. On the other hand, the corners of Xiang Huai’s lips twitched.


Fortunately, her mother ran away quickly. Otherwise, her daughter-in-law would have been scared away.

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Sigh, how should he explain his parents’ ident.i.ty in the future?

Ye Li coughed and heard Xue Sheng say, “Wifey, you’re too biased!”

In the past, when he was embarra.s.sed to call Ye Li his wifey, he would always call her Lili. Now that he called her wifey, Ye Li’s heart softened. “Alright, I miss you too. Take care of yourself!”

Xue Sheng: “You’re being perfunctory.”

Ye Li: “?”

Xue Sheng said, “If my daughter and I fell into the water, who would you save first?”

Ye Li: “!!!”

She shot a glance at Xue Xi’s room and felt that this topic was simply asking for trouble. Hence, the corners of her lips twitched as she changed the topic. “Let’s not talk about this for now. Let me tell you something. Do you know who I met at the airport today?”


“Lin Jing!”

Xue Sheng: “… Dear, you must have seen wrongly.”

Ye Li retorted, “I did not. She looks exactly the same as on television. It’s just that she’s prettier in real life! She even added me on WeChat!”

Xue Sheng: “… Not only are your eyes playing tricks on you, but you’re also starting to daydream. Forget it, I’ll hurry over. I don’t want you to have hallucinations and feel that you’ve also seen Lin Jing’s husband! ”

Lin Jing’s husband was even more formidable.

Ye Li: “It’s true though! She’s on my WeChat.”

Xue Sheng: “She might just be being polite and would ignore you. If you don’t believe me, send a message and see if she’ll reply to you!”

Ye Li: “…”

She suddenly felt that Xue Sheng was right!

At this moment, a WeChat message from “Lin” popped up on her phone screen.

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