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Young Master Yan

Chapter 354 - Our Mom Is Here!

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Chapter 354: Our Mom Is Here!

When the team leader was promoted after receiving a gold medal, she would receive a huge bonus… Only when she thought of this could she suppress her sadness.

She picked up her phone and called the office of the Mathematical Olympiad. “h.e.l.lo, I’m Liang Gan. Yes, I brought my team back. I’ll go to work now…”

The moment she said this, the other party said, “Ah, Liang Gan, about that, you don’t have to come to work for the time being.”

Liang Gan: “?”

Liang Gan was stunned. She stared at her phone for a while. “What do you mean? I-I’m not tired. I slept on the plane!”

“It’s not that. Forget it, I’ll tell you the truth. Given your performance when leading the team in Country M this time, our Mathematical Olympiad team has decided to fire you. Mhm, you can go look for a new job.”

Liang Gan widened her eyes. Her exquisite makeup could not contain the ferociousness on her face. The bag in her hand fell to the ground. “Why? Why did this happen to me?”

The person from the Math Olympiad group said, “Don’t you know what you did? Before you left, what did the Math Olympiad group say to you? Those students went out representing China, yet when the examination candidates encountered a conflict, you only knew how to make the examination candidates apologize and push the blame away. This matter was handled so badly that it made the country lose face! Fortunately, someone else was there. Otherwise, it would have been embarra.s.sing if word got out! When did the Chinese need to compromise outside?!”

Liang Gan’s pupils shrank. She understood that someone had complained!

She hurriedly said, “Director, that’s not what I meant. I’m…”

“Alright, we’ve already asked the members of the International Mathematical Olympiad about the details. We also approached the accompanying teachers and examinees to understand the situation. We already know the truth and you’ve been fired.”

After saying this, the other party hung up.

Only Liang Gan was left standing at the exit of the airport. She clenched her fists tightly and smashed the wall beside her in anger.

How could she be so unlucky?!

After alighting from the plane and reaching the airport, Xue Xi looked at the people walking around. She saw that most of them had yellow skin and black hair. Even though she had only arrived in the capital and had not returned to Bin City, Xue Xi finally felt like she was returning home!

They took their luggage and walked toward the exit.

Qin Shuang returned to Cen Bai’s side while Flames Number One to Seven took a taxi and returned to Bin City. They would come again in September.

After all, their families would not be at ease if they stayed here for a month.

After waving goodbye to Flames Number One to Number Seven, Qin Shuang went to the underground parking lot. Cen Bai was hiding there while waiting for the plane since he could not appear in public. He would be easily recognized by the fans. There was nothing he could do since he was too popular.

Hence, as they all walked away, only Xiang Huai and Xue Xi were left.

Xiang Huai recalled that this afternoon—Oh, from the country, the call must have been made last night. He felt a headache.

How should he tell Xue Xi that his mother was here?

This is really…

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly heard Xue Xi say, “Mother is here.”

Xiang Huai instinctively asked, “How did you know that our mother is here?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Who is your mother?!

She glared at Xiang Huai and continued looking ahead. “She called me about successfully buying a good house in the capital this time.”

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It was said that after the original buyer had bought it, he even had a renovator buy very good furniture, but the buyer had never moved in. Now that he was going overseas, he had to deal with the house in his hands. This was how Ye Li bought a house quickly.

The moment he said this, Ye Li’s expression changed. Just as she was about to speak, Xiang Huai’s mother chided, “So what if he’s seven years older? A man older by seven years would know how to take care of others!”

Ye Li: “That’s right. He’s seven years older and more mature!”

The man on the phone: “?”

The man looked at the two of them and wanted to scold them for being crazy. However, after being glared at by the two of them, he was so frightened that he ran elsewhere.

Xiang Huai’s mother and Ye Li looked at each other. Just as they were about to say something, they saw someone starting to get out.

My daughter (daughter-in-law) is finally off the plane!

It was easy to find Xue Xi. Her red hair was too eye-catching.

Ye Li’s eyes lit up when she saw Xue Xi and Xiang Huai.

Mrs. Xiang saw Xiang Huai first and then fixed her eyes on Xue Xi. When she saw her red hair, she was stunned.

At this moment, someone beside her said, “Look at that girl. Her hair is dyed red. Why is it so colorful? How strange.”

The moment she said this, Ye Li and Mrs. Xiang turned their heads at the same time and said in unison, “So what if her hair is dyed red? Did she spend your money on it?”

The moment they said this, Ye Li and Xiang Huai’s mother looked at each other and smiled. Both of them turned their heads in unison and waved at Xue Xi and Xiang Huai, who were walking out.

“Xixi! Xiao Xiang!”

“Son! Daughter-in-law!”


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