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Young Master Yan

Chapter 352 - : Buy, Buy, Buy!

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Chapter 352: Buy, Buy, Buy!

Flame Number Five said in surprise, “You earn 20-30,000 a month?”

To Flame Number Five, the word “only” was implied, but to Liang Gan, it meant “you earn so much money in a month.”

Seeing their shocked expressions, Liang Gan became even more smug.

Her monthly income was between 20 and 30,000. Among her peers, it was considered very high.

After all, she had been a well-known figure since she was young. Otherwise, she would not have partic.i.p.ated in the IMO as one of the top six students in China back then or even obtained a good result that was one point short of perfect. She had almost become the highest scorer in their batch.

After all, she was only 27 years old and had just graduated this year. Her annual salary was 300-400,000 yuan. This was also why she’d dared to grit her teeth and buy that bag.

And these few red-haired people—one look and one could tell that they were punks. She heard that Xue Xi came from a small city, so they probably did not even have a luxury mall.

She had never been to Bin City and felt that this city was very backward.

She flipped her hair and nodded. “Mhm.”

At this moment, the service staff had already wrapped her bag. Liang Gan picked it up and looked at the others. Indeed, these people had already gathered together and were mumbling while looking at her pitifully.

“Oh my G.o.d, 20,000 to 30,000 a month. How are we going to survive in that?”

“That’s right. My mother said that she’ll give me only 100,000 yuan every month. I don’t even think it’s enough. Wouldn’t you need to borrow money from others every day?”

“I suddenly feel that she’s so pitiful.”

“Yes, I suddenly feel that studying hard is useless. Look at how outstanding she is. Yet she’s only earning 20-30,000 a month…”

Just as this person finished speaking, someone patted him on the head. “Nonsense. It depends on the person. Look at Sister Xi. Sister Xi will definitely earn a lot of money in the future! However, it’s useless no matter how much we earn. Our family has enough money to spend.”


With Gao Yanchen as their example, this group of people had already developed a trashy personality. They thought that they were speaking very softly, but everyone in the store had heard them!

Liang Gan, who’d taken the bag from the service staff, froze when she heard these comments.

She turned around and looked at them. She felt that they were lying on purpose.

Can rich people be like you?

She felt as though her breath was stuck in her chest, unable to go up or down. It made her feel very uncomfortable.

She took a deep breath and forced a smile.

Aren’t you just bragging? Alright, then I’ll follow behind you guys and see what you guys are buying and if you have money!

After they were done, they saw Liang Gan take her bag and stopped talking. Among them, Flames Number Five and Six were girls.

Although Qin Shuang had left home, Mr. Qin had once given her a huge sum of money. She did not lack money at all.

Hence, the four girls walked around the store and shook their heads. They felt that there was nothing new, so they left LV.

After the few of them left, Liang Gan looked at the service staff and tried to make a scene for herself. “They say it nicely, but they actually don’t have any money at all! After walking around, they didn’t buy a single bag!”

The service staff looked at each other and did not speak.

They were all surrounded by luxury goods, and they could see very clearly that the red-haired girl who had spoken just now was wearing that kind of dress. Although it was oddly shaped, it was still pretty because she was wearing Chanel’s new style!

Liang Gan left and continued to follow behind them.

They entered the cosmetics store next.

Everyone walked around and took out a few more expensive skincare products that could be sold for a few thousand yuan. After asking about the price, they put them down and continued to look at other items.

After shopping around the cosmetics store, they stopped near the entrance.

Liang Gan sneered. From the looks of it, they would definitely not buy anything. They had just asked for the price just to show her, right?

She refused to leave and insisted on following them. She wanted to see how ugly their faces would be if they did not buy anything in the end!

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Just as she was thinking this, Flame Number Five said, “Give me ten bottles of the facial cream I just saw.”

Xue Xi took out a card without hesitation. “Mhm, I’ll buy it.”

This brooch was just right for Ye Li.

She had chosen a gift for only Ye Li and still had to buy some for her maternal grandparents and for Xue Sheng…

After they had finished shopping, it was time for them to board the plane. When the group of them walked toward the boarding gate, Liang Gan’s mind was already numb.

As she followed behind them, she was suddenly stopped. “Sorry, this is the first cla.s.s. You have to queue over there.”

Liang Gan: “?”

She looked up again and saw a few red-haired delinquents. They had already entered and were chatting.

The return trip was still twelve hours.

Just as the plane was about to take off, there was a sudden commotion on the plane!

Immediately, the door of the plane opened again and someone strode in. They were holding guns and wearing camouflage uniforms.

Xue Xi was holding a book in her hands. When she heard the commotion, she lifted her head and saw Nicholas Huo walking in with large strides among the crowd.

He stopped in front of Xue Xi and politely bowed to greet her. “Xue Xi, I’m afraid you can’t leave yet.”

A cold glint flashed across Xiang Huai’s eyes.

Nicholas immediately explained the situation. “Do you still remember the five candidates from Country F, Jack and the others? They were killed.”


Xue Xi was stunned.

Xiang Huai also understood what he meant. He leaned against the chair on the plane and asked, “So, you’re planning to detain us?”

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