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Young Master Yan

Chapter 348 - On Their Own, Both Are Formidable; Together, They're Invincible

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Chapter 348: On Their Own, Both Are Formidable; Together, They’re Invincible

Professor Derry was highly respected in the mathematics world. His status was just like Thor’s in the chemistry world, and almost everyone who came to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion knew him.

Hence, the moment he went up, the chaotic situation below quietened down.

Derry held the microphone and said in fluent English, “Sigh, when my student called me here, I was still wondering why I had to come. Only just now did I understand the meaning of my presence backstage. It was to announce the birth of a Math Star.”

Deli said, “Attentive students must have already counted it. There is still one person left after adding up the first-, second-, and third-prize winners. Why was this person left out? Because I will be the one to give this person’s award.”

Derry looked below. “The winner scored full marks! Guess who she is?”

His words caused everyone to exclaim.

Meanwhile, Qin Shuang and the rest were already using their hands as a loudspeaker and shouting, “Xue Xi! Xue Xi! Xue Xi!”

Liang Gan, who was sitting beside Xiang Huai, was already stunned.

She felt that she must have heard and seen wrongly. All of this must be a flashback of what happened twelve years ago… During that examination, when the results were announced, it was also Professor Derry who’d come out. As the finale, he’d announced Xiang Huai’s perfect score and had even welcomed him into Scanford.

And now, time seemed to have turned back, and Professor Derry seemed to have become ten years younger. He said, “This person is Xue Xi from China!”

The voice from twelve years ago merged with the voice today.

A round of applause sounded.

Liang Gan returned to her senses and looked at Xue Xi in disbelief as she stood up. She walked up the stage from the aisle beside her.

When she stood up and walked up, her red hair fluttered behind her.

Everyone praised, “So dashing!”

“So cool!”

“I like this girl!”

“Oh my G.o.d, she’s in cahoots with the other eight. They’re so cute!”

“Too unique!”

At this moment, the Redheads seemed to have lost their image of frivolousness and was now only being showered with nothing but admiration!

Actually, during the Math Olympiad examination, Qin Shuang and the rest had caused a huge commotion. At that time, the people from Country M had taken a video and uploaded it to Twitter.

At that time, everyone felt that this group of Chinese was very enthusiastic, and they attracted their attention.

At this moment, when Xue Xi went on stage, someone recorded the video and put it on Twitter.

The group did not know that because of the hard work they’d put in for Xue Xi during the examination, other people were already very curious about how high a girl who was being cheered by them could get ranked.

Hence, when this video was released today, everyone reposted it and it became popular!

Xue Xi had no idea that she was trending on Weibo in her country and on Twitter overseas.

She had already gone on stage. After shaking hands with Derry, she raised the special award certificate in her hand.

Derry sighed and said, “Ever since the establishment of the IMO, there have only been two special awards given. The previous winner was Xiang from twelve years ago. Coincidentally, he is also present today. Xiang, are you willing to come on stage?”

As soon as he said this, everyone started searching below.

Xiang Huai smiled. He did not stand up immediately but said to Liang Gan, “My girlfriend never needs my comfort.”

He then stood up and tidied up his black casual clothes. He lowered his eyes and glanced at Liang Gan again. “You stink.”

Liang Gan: “?”

Liang Gan: “!!!”

Her face turned red. It was an insult for a man to say that a woman was smelly…

However, the person in question walked up the stage like a gentleman. His long legs landed on the stage and he stood beside Xue Xi.

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The scene was filled with exclamations.


Many people below could not understand what he meant, but Xue Xi looked at Xiang Huai in surprise. She felt that this person was really arrogant.

So arrogant.

Nicholas, who had the same thought, was surrounded by his subordinates. He stood at the entrance, and as he entered, his subordinates in camouflage uniforms surrounded the venue.

Xue Xi then saw a tall and handsome Western man walking in. His deep features were charming, and his face was as pale as paper. Only his lips were as red as fire.

However, this person was dressed strangely. He was wearing a tuxedo and a tall top hat. He was also holding an exquisite stick.

When she looked over, the person removed his top hat and placed it in front of his chest. He bowed very elegantly to her in a gentlemanly and refined manner.

Xue Xi was stunned. Xiang Huai’s eyes darkened when he saw Nicholas.

They got off the stage.

Professor Derry also returned backstage. Just as he came out, he saw Liang Gan welcoming him. It seemed like she was guiding him, but she pretended to say casually, “Professor Derry, the person you gave the award to just now has said that Scanford’s Mathematics Department is inferior to that of Huaxia University.”

Liang Gan’s eyes flickered.

Derry placed a lot of importance on his reputation, but he placed even more importance on the Mathematics Department. Even if Xue Xi was first, Derry would probably be furious when he found out that she was the one who’d said it.

Derry was stunned when he heard this.

Xue Xi… Xue Xi. When he was giving out the award, he’d realized that this name was so familiar.

Wasn’t the person who’d proved the unsolved mystery of Bartra’s theory called Xue Xi?

At this thought, Derry patted his head and suddenly strode toward Xue Xi.

Seeing his expression change, Liang Gan thought that he was furious with Xue Xi and wanted to scold her, so she hurriedly followed behind him.

So what if she scored full marks? If she was reprimanded by Derry, she would lose all face in the mathematics world!

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