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Chapter 347 - Is She Jealous?

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Chapter 347: Is She Jealous?

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Liang Gan had warned Thor because she wanted him to stop paying attention to Xue Xi. She even introduced another person to Thor. “Professor Thor, I think Li Xuekai is not bad. He’s only two points away from full marks!”

Thor waved his hand. “You should tell Derry that I’m from the Chemistry Department and am not interested in the Math Department.”

Liang Gan: “?”

Just as she thought this, she heard Thor say, “It doesn’t matter if Derry doesn’t agree. I can settle things with Scanford. The problem right now is that Xue Xi doesn’t want to agree.”

Liang Gan: “!!!”

She was shocked. “Even if Xue Xi only got the third prize, you still want to accept her?”

Thor was confused. “Oh, G.o.d. I just said that I’m from the Chemistry Department and that I’m not interested in mathematics, didn’t I?”

Liang Gan clenched her jaw and wanted to ask, “Then why are you interested in Xue Xi?!”

However, she knew that with her ident.i.ty and status, she could not speak to Professor Thor like this, so she could only shut her mouth.

Seeing the second-prize winners on stage, Liang Gan returned to the Chinese team.

The other five companions were silent.

Even Xie Yingying did not expect Xue Xi to get third prize.

What exactly went wrong?

She wanted to comfort Xue Xi, but when she turned around, she saw that Xue Xi was being very quiet and was only staring at the stage seriously.

Li Xuekai had already put down the book in his hand and was frowning.

If Xue Xi had not performed well yet obtained the best score among the second-prize winners, he’d felt that it was still possible for them to win. However, for her to be reduced to the third prize… was simply impossible!

Beside her, Zhang Hao could not help but say, “It can’t be, Xue Xi. Did you not do any more math questions after you returned home? How can you score so poorly? How are you going to explain yourself to the Mathematical Olympiad if you go back like this?!”

All these years, the Chinese who’d partic.i.p.ated in the IMO had never won a second prize, let alone a third prize.

Zhang Hao’s tone was already impatient.

The accompanying teacher who had been leading them said, “Alright, we’ve done all we could no matter what.”

The accompanying teacher patted Xue Xi’s shoulder. “It’s fine.”

There were many situations where one did not perform well once inside the examination hall. Moreover, there were many people paying attention to the IMO, especially in the Math Olympiad forum. There were even people live-streaming the situation.

The invigilator had just taken a look and realized that someone had posted the list of first-prize winners. When everyone realized that China was missing a person, they all asked who it was… There was already a commotion below.

The National Examination was just that cruel and had a high psychological impact.

To be honest, the accompanying teacher felt that she had to pay more attention to Xue Xi and not let the others do anything hurtful…

Everyone had their own thoughts as they watched the second-prize winners leave the stage.

Everyone applauded, and the eight red-haired members sitting in the back covered their mouths as they shouted in unison, “Not bad, not bad!”

Hearing their voices, Xue Xi turned around and met Qin Shuang’s eyes. Qin Shuang was still waving the sign in her hand and asking, “Sister Xi, when will it be your turn?”

Before Xue Xi could reply, Flame Number One pushed her. “What’s the hurry? Sister Xi will definitely appear last!”

Xue Xi waved and turned around again.

Sitting beside Xue Xi, Xie Yingying, who’d heard them speak: “?”

Don’t you guys know? In the IMO compet.i.tion, there have always only been first, second, and third prizes. When it comes to the Asian scene, that will be the last!

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Xie Yingying covered her head and looked at Xue Xi again. She realized that the person in question was still as calm as ever. Meanwhile, she was really a eunuch who would die of anxiety!

The little kid seemed a little unhappy to see him with this woman just now?

Was she jealous?! Was that so????

Why was he a little happy?

Xue Xi, who had turned her head away, was thinking, Sigh, the scent of Liang Gan’s perfume is too strong. It’s not nice. She went to seduce Xiang Huai again, so Xiang Huai will definitely bring that scent back to the hotel tonight, right?

What if Xue Xi got suffocated?

Should Xiang Huai get a room outside? He should not return to the suite.

While the three of them were having their own thoughts, the third-prize winners went on stage one by one.

These people had obtained the worst results, so compared to the second-prize winners, everyone’s mood was lower.

Liang Gan sat there leisurely and waited for Xue Xi’s name to be mentioned.

In the beginning, when she did not hear Xue Xi’s name, she was not anxious at all. After all, the later she went, the worse her results would be.

However, after all the names had been read, Liang Gan was stunned.

Why didn’t I hear Xue Xi’s name?!

It was not only her who did not hear it—even Xie Yingying and the rest were stunned. Xie Yingying shouted in surprise, “Xue Xi, your name isn’t there. What happened? Did they miss you?”

The accompanying teacher was also stunned. “That’s right. Only Xue Xi doesn’t have any results. What does this mean? I’ll get someone to confirm it.”

Just as everyone was feeling surprised, the third-prize winners had already received their certificate and left the stage. Logically speaking, the closing ceremony should be next.

However, Liang Gan did not expect to see Professor Derry on stage!

After he went on stage, the crowd quietened down and everyone turned to look at him.

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