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Young Master Yan

Chapter 345 - Exam Results!

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Chapter 345: Exam Results!

Xue Xi looked at Liang Gan indifferently and slowly said, “They’re not my fans.”

They were friends.

Liang Gan sneered. “I originally said this for your own good. Since you don’t want to listen, then forget it! Anyway, when the results are out later, I won’t be the one embarra.s.sed if I can’t get full marks!”

After saying that, Liang Gan turned around again and saw that Professor Thor had actually come as well. Moreover, he was sitting beside her and looking at Xue Xi with great interest, revealing an eager expression.

Beside him was Professor Derry, the director of the Math Department at Scanford University. He was wearing a pair of thick and his hair was black. He had been dyeing his hair, and he was a rather rigid person who did things very strictly.

For example, at this moment, he was sitting upright with his back straight while smiling.

When Liang Gan saw his situation, a thought flashed across her mind. She lowered her head and walked over.

When she came to Professor Thor’s side, she spoke a little louder on purpose so that Derry could hear her. She smiled and said, “Professor Thor, did you contact Xue Xi again yesterday?”

Thor shook his head and sighed. “No. I’m afraid that frequent contact will make her reject me more, so I decided to ask her in person today.”

Liang Gan also said, “I also helped you persuade her yesterday. I told her that Scanford is the top university in the world and is ranked higher than Huaxia University, but she rejected me sternly. She said that in her opinion, the Math Department of Huaxia University is just perfect.”

This sentence made Derry turn around and frown.

However, Thor did not hear the trap in it, nor did he pay attention to Derry’s dissatisfaction. He said, “Scanford’s science departments are famous. What gave her such an illusion? Moreover, Scanford has other subjects! I don’t dare to say anything else, but as for the Chemistry Department, as long as she agrees to come, I will agree if she wants to enter that department. I will nod in whichever direction she wants to study.”

Liang Gan shook her head. “She’s more stubborn.”

Thor sighed again. Just as he was about to speak, Derry suddenly said, “This person is simply unreasonable. Thor, you actually want to recruit such a student? What talents does she have to attract you?”

It was only then that Thor noticed him, but the matter of nerve acid was a high-level secret that could not be told to outsiders, so he could only smile. “I admire her chemistry talent.”

Derry sneered. “Chemistry talent? But she is partic.i.p.ating in the Mathematical Olympiad and her ranking is not out yet. You can’t make an exception and accept her.”

Thor could not help but say, “I’ll settle the person I fancy myself.”

Derry continued to say in a rigid tone, “The Department of Science and Technology of Scanford has to be applied to in advance, and applicants must undergo many tests. If she can get first in this examination, she will be accepted as an exception. Otherwise, you won’t have any reason to accept her. It will affect the credibility of Scanford University and make the rest of the students lose what sets them apart!”

Before Thor could speak, Derry could not help but say, “Moreover, this student is arrogant because of her talent. She actually said that Huaxia University’s Math Department is perfect? She is simply a frog in the well. She is insulting our Scanford Math Department! Anyway, I don’t agree! If your Chemistry Department wants to recruit her, then let her partic.i.p.ate in the chemistry compet.i.tion!”

It was usually impossible for Derry and Thor to appear in a compet.i.tion like the Olympiad, and even Feng Xingshen had not come.

However, as there was a big academic exchange meeting nearby lately, and Derry’s students were hosting this Math Olympiad compet.i.tion, they could invite this person over.

However, if the winner of the Mathematical Olympiad was to be accepted through an exception, then Scanford University must go through the Math Department. Even if Thor wanted someone to join his department, he would have to transfer them from the Math Department.

Derry was making things difficult for Thor.

Because Xue Xi did not partic.i.p.ate in the Chemistry Compet.i.tion.

Thor frowned. “Derry, everyone has a special situation. Moreover, it’s not a matter of whether you agree or not, but whether she agrees or not.”

Derry had his own pride. “Scanford’s departments have never accepted someone else’s student. This has never happened before. Thor, you’re being too embarra.s.sing!”

Thor also frowned and was a little angry.

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Just as he was about to argue with Derry, Liang Gan hurriedly said, “Professors, no matter what, let’s take a look at her IMO results first!”

Xie Yingying became even more nervous.

The number of partic.i.p.ants was limited, and the number of first prize winners was also limited. There were about fifty first prize winners.

He had already shouted 48 times!

However, Xue Xi and Xie Yingying’s names had yet to be shouted.

Xie Yingying could not help but mumble, “Xue Xi, will we be in the last two places?”

Just as she was speaking, the president called another contestant from Country M.

Xie Yingying: “!!!”

She looked up in shock and disbelief at the podium.

There was only one spot left!

However, there were still two people in the Chinese team. Who could this person be?

Before she could even think about who this person was, she heard the president shouting again. “Xie Yingying!”

Xie Yingying: “!!!!”

She suddenly stood up. Being able to win the first prize was within her capability and confidence, but looking at Xue Xi, who was sitting beside her, she felt very sad.

How could Xue Xi not get the first prize?

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