Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 344 - The World of Three

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Chapter 344: The World of Three

With a satisfied expression, Xue Xi said to Qin Shuang, “Guess?”

Qin Shuang: “…”

She could even joke around. It was enough to show how satisfied she was with their couple’s date!

Or rather, she was very satisfied with Xiang Huai.

Moreover, looking at Sister Xi’s radiant expression, Qin Shuang gulped. “You and Brother-in-law, don’t tell me… it’s your first time?”

First time?

Xue Xi thought about it and realized that it was indeed the first time.

She nodded.

Qin Shuang was even more shocked. “Sister Xi, you could actually handle it? It lasted for three whole days on your first try?”

Xue Xi: “… I still want to continue.”


The corners of Qin Shuang’s lips twitched. “Sister Xi, didn’t Brother-in-law get tired?”

Xue Xi slowly replied, “He’s quite tired. After all, he’s the one who had to move around.”

Qin Shuang: “!!”

She said in shock, “Is Brother-in-law’s endurance that long?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Qin Shuang asked curiously again, “Then, where did you guys go? You’re not in the hotel…”

Seeing her like this, Xue Xi whispered into her ear.


Qin Shuang was stunned. The corners of her lips twitched as she looked at Xiang Huai again. This time, her eyes were filled with admiration. In order for Sister Xi and him to go on a date, Brother-in-law had really put in a lot of effort!

He! Actually! Brought! Sister! Xi! To! The library!

How could they go to the library when they were doing such a thing?!

Was the library more artistic?!

Just as the corners of Qin Shuang’s lips twitched, Xue Xi recalled the three days of pleasure.

Xiang Huai had brought Xue Xi to the largest library in L City. There were all kinds of books there. The huge library occupied a building that was hundreds of square meters and had three floors!

It could be said that this place contained almost half of the original books in the world!

Let alone three days, she could even stay there for three years and would still be unwilling to come out!

Later, she started buying books.

When they were in Bin City, Ye Li would always take Xue Xi shopping, buying bags, and spending money by swiping her card. At that time, Ye Li had said that spending money was fun.

However, she had always felt that it did not matter. As long as she could wear clothes, it was fine. Branded items were not attractive to her.

For the first time during these last three days, she’d experienced the joy of shopping! Hence, it was indeed her first time!

Chemistry appreciation books? Buy!

Mathematical interests? Buy!

The origin of physics? Buy! Buy two copies, read one, and collect one!

Anyway, she was rich!

In short, all books that involved the spread of knowledge were bought!

Xiang Huai followed behind her. Five minutes later, he could no longer hold it and could only push a small cart over.

Two hours later, the cart was full.

Hence, the person-in-charge of the library ran over and opened up a huge shopping cart for them alone. Xiang Huai had been moving books around. He must be really tired, right?

Three days later.

The thousands of books that Xue Xi had bought were packed by the library staff and sent back to the country.

Seeing the few large boxes being moved away by the staff, Xue Xi felt extremely blissful.

She was a little excited. If Xiang Huai had not stopped her, she would not have even wanted to come today for the announcement of the results and would have continued buying!

Indeed, buying and buying was a woman’s talent and source of happiness.

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After hearing the details, Qin Shuang: “…”

Xie Yingying was a little anxious for Xue Xi. She wanted Xue Xi to stop that group of people. It was fine if they shouted before entering the examination hall because that could be said to be an encouragement.

However, the scores were about to be released. That they were still shouting such things meant they were being arrogant, unless she really scored full marks.

Xie Yingying did not dare to give Xue Xi any pressure, so she asked, “Xue Xi, how did you do for this examination?”

Xue Xi replied, “Not bad.”

Xie Yingying: “…”

The rest: “…”

Only Li Xuekai, who understood her, curled his lips.

The leader, Liang Gan, narrowed her eyes.

Hearing those people shouting so loudly, she thought that Xue Xi had really scored well. In the end, she just did alright?

She immediately chided, “Xue Xi, make those people behind shut their mouths!”

Xue Xi shot her a glance.

Liang Gan continued shouting, “This is an international compet.i.tion. It’s not a messy place, nor is it a scene where people chase stars. It’s not the time for you to be in the limelight! If you don’t find it embarra.s.sing, I’ll feel embarra.s.sed for you!”

Xue Xi retorted, “What’s there to be embarra.s.sed about?”

Liang Gan: “… Their slogan! What first place? Are you that confident? They’re saying you’ll even score full marks… Do you know that in all these years, there has only been one person with a perfect score?! I’m telling you to shut them up for your own good!”

She sneered. “Don’t bring your version of a fan club here!”

This was a personal attack.

Xue Xi narrowed her eyes.

Actually, it was not her intention to be so high-profile, but she, Qin Shuang, and even Flame Number One knew that they were only doing this to show Little Flame.

Qin Shuang had once accidentally revealed that they had treated that red banner as Brother Chen and were cheering for her together with him.

That was why Xue Xi was so ostentatious.

She had never felt that she had done anything wrong.

Just like the Olympics, there would also be Chinese people cheering for the Chinese at the venue. In that case, wouldn’t it just be a few words? Why was it wrong for Qin Shuang and the rest to call her the world’s number one?


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