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Young Master Yan

Chapter 341 - A Slap in Liang Gan's Face

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Chapter 341: A Slap in Liang Gan’s Face

Liang Gan was also stunned and widened her eyes.

In fact, it was reasonable for Professor Thor to reject her. After all, Professor Thor was really too formidable. He rarely took students in these last few years and was engrossed in scientific research.

She then saw the group of people outside the window.

The nine red-haired youths had long become a scene. No matter where they went, they would attract the attention of others.

When Liang Gan was rejected by Thor, she’d pouted but felt that it did not matter. If she could have succeeded, she would have been ecstatic. But it was fine even if she did not succeed. She was already much stronger than these people.

Xue Xi was only accepted by Huaxia University, wasn’t she? Heh, she, Liang Gan, had taken her undergraduate studies in Scanford and then became a graduate student! Thinking about it, she realized she was already better than Xue Xi. After all, Scanford was one of the top schools in the world!

This sense of superiority had just risen when it was shattered by Thor’s words.

She looked at Thor in disbelief.

Who was the one who’d said that he had enough students and was not accepting any more?

She turned to look at Xue Xi in shock. What did this person have that attracted Thor? Was it because she was good-looking? Or that she had red hair?

Jealousy arose in her heart. Why?

She clenched her fists tightly and knew that if she could be taken in hand by Thor, Xue Xi’s future would definitely be limitless!

Just as Liang Gan’s eyes were becoming red, Xue Xi paused, as though she did not understand what Professor Thor meant. “Mhm?”

Professor Thor glanced at Liang Gan.

He thought that Xue Xi’s English was not good, so he wanted Liang Gan to translate for him.

Although Liang Gan was full of unwillingness, she really did not dare to not translate. Professor Thor’s position in the academic world could make her unable to survive in this line.

Hence, Liang Gan looked at Xue Xi impatiently and introduced, “Is your English not good? Why can’t you understand what a professor is saying? You guys have been planning to take this path since elementary school. You should know that there are times when English can also be a tool, and a very important one!”

She did not forget to use her status as a teacher to preach to others. After she was done, she said, “This is Professor Thor, the foremost authority in the Chemistry world as well as the dean of the Chemistry Department at Scanford University. He probably wants to accept you as a student. Xue Xi, this is a rare opportunity. Without my recommendation, Professor Thor might not have known you. You must grasp it well.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She ignored Liang Gan’s words and said to Professor Thor in a pure English accent, “Professor, h.e.l.lo.”

Liang Gan: “?”

Xue Xi’s English was even more standard than hers, who had been staying in Country M for a period of time!

Professor Thor was extremely excited and extended his hand to Xue Xi. “h.e.l.lo.”

After they shook hands, Professor Thor ignored Liang Gan and said, “May I ask, can I disturb you for a few minutes?”

He pointed at the sofa beside him.

Xue Xi turned to look at Qin Shuang and the rest before saying, “Help me pa.s.s the lunch box to Xie Yingying first.”

Qin Shuang nodded and went upstairs with the lunch box.

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Flame Number One, Huazi, did not go with her but followed after Xue Xi.

As Xie Yingying went downstairs, she said, “Although I also want to speak to Professor Thor and make him remember my name, Liang Gan looks too annoying. Who would want to beg her? It’s fine if she doesn’t help recommend me to him, but she looks like I owe her a huge sum of money every day. How annoying!”

Professor Thor?

Qin Shuang was stunned again. “Is he a professor at Scanford University?”

That seemed to be what Thor said when he introduced himself just now.

Xie Yingying nodded, and her eyes lit up. “Yes, you know him too? He’s awesome. You don’t know, but he has published several papers that caused have a commotion in the chemistry world. He’s not someone that ordinary people can just casually speak to. Someone has to recommend him or her to him first. That Liang Gan bullied me on purpose because of this!”

Qin Shuang: “?”

However, Thor seemed to be very enthusiastic about Sister Xi.

She suddenly recalled how she had addressed Cen Bai as her idol-husband. Before Qin Shuang had met him, Sister Xi had suddenly said, “I’ll bring you to meet him.”

At that time, she’d felt that she was dreaming, and then…

Qin Shuang had a strange sense of humor. She did not tell Xie Yingying about Thor’s att.i.tude toward Sister Xi and only smiled. “You really want to know Professor Thor, right?”

Xie Yingying nodded. “Of course. Who doesn’t want to know him? However, you must not tell Xue Xi this later. I was implicated by her and was hated by Ms. Liang Gan. That’s why she didn’t recommend me. If you tell her, she will be embarra.s.sed…”


The elevator door opened and the two of them reached the first floor. They instantly saw the aura of the seven Flames standing there. Xie Yingying’s heart skipped a beat. “Could it be that Xue Xi is holding a grudge and has asked someone to fight Liang Gan?”

At this point, she suddenly walked over and saw the professor whom she wanted to meet even in her dreams. He was speaking to Xue Xi in a very good tone as though he was begging her. “Then what will it take for you to enter Scanford?”

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