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Young Master Yan

Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: First Place!


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Xue Sheng fell into a short trance when he heard this.

He had been astonished when Xue Xi had obtained first in the level the previous time. However, after inquiring more at the orphanage, he found this to be a normal occurrence.

That was because Xue Xi had been learning on her own after she graduated from Middle School.

Still, other than talent, one still needed to be hardworking for compet.i.tions like the Mathematical Olympiad. No matter how smart Xixi was, she had been back for only half a month, so how could she possibly get good results there?

He patted Ye Li’s shoulders. While sighing, he also chided himself internally, If we had not lost the child back then, she would have been the brightest star among her generation.

While the two were speaking, the old patriarch suddenly walked over with his hands behind his back. The old patriarch said to Xue Sheng, “Come over.”

Xue Sheng quickly followed behind him. “What’s wrong, Dad?”

The old patriarch looked at him and asked, “Have you received any news about that Lu Chao?”

Xue Sheng shook his head.

The other frowned at this. “Put more effort into looking again.”


As usual, Xue Xi alighted at the provision store and held hands with Xiang Huai after breakfast.

Recently, the length of time they needed to hold hands was getting longer by the day. It had already been two minutes today and she still felt a dull pain in her heart.

Just as she was feeling the internal changes in herself, Xiang Huai leaned against the table and supported his head with his other free arm. “Little kid, don’t you think this is a waste of time?”

His low voice was exceptionally s.e.xy and alluring.

Xue Xi paused for a moment, then said, “So?”

Xiang Huai’s lips turned up slightly. In that instant, it felt as though all the light in the room was aggregating on his face. His sharp and defined features even seemed to be sparkling and filled with enticement. “I have a method that can resolve this quickly and easily. Do you want to hear it?”

Xue Xi instantly understood what he wanted to say next. She hurriedly avoided his gaze and coolly answered, “…No.”

Her reserved and cold att.i.tude did not anger him. Instead, the man chuckled. His laughter seemed to turn tangible as it encompa.s.sed her heart and made her throat run dry.

He asked, “Why?”

Half a beat later, Xue Xi answered, “I know what you want to say.”

He raised an eyebrow. “So do you want to do it with your boyfriend?”

Xue Xi frowned and considered it, and, as though she had made a decision, she said, “…Fine.”

Xiang Huai was stunned.

Little kid is really agreeing to kiss and hug me?

Right after thinking this, he saw her reach out with her other hand. “Come. If we hold both hands together, it should be faster by two times.”


After a full five seconds, Xiang Huai burst out laughing.

Why is my little kid this cute?

Xue Xi did not wait for his reply and stood up. “Today is done. We shall try again tomorrow.”

She picked up her bag and exited out the door in her loosely-fit uniform.

After she had left, Xiang Huai’s smile slowly dissipated and he became cold and taciturn.

Just as Xue Xi walked through the school entrance, her sight was instantly colored in red. Flame Number One to Seven and Qin Shuang were all squatting at the entrance. Seven bright red-heads were a grand sight, while Gao Yanchen leaned against a tree at the side with his head lowered while he played games on his phone.

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The students pa.s.sing by were so frightened that they jumped aside when they saw them.

Old Liu was already there, and a group of people was crowding around Fan Han. They were all staring at the application on his phone, where he was checking his results. “Hurry, see how you scored! Did you key in the correct examination ID number?”

Fan Han nodded, then clicked on the search b.u.t.ton. His score immediately popped out: 212.


“That’s high! This gets First Prize for sure!”

“Yes. The First Prize for last year is a minimum of 180 marks and the first in the province is only 224. This year’s questions are apparently harder, so Fan Han is confirmed to be in the top ten! That’s amazing!”


Xue Yao stood beside Fan Han proudly with a wide smile. Her gaze swept over Xue Xi, and she pretended to ask in concern, “Cousin, how many marks did you get?”

The latter could not be bothered with her. She walked back to her seat with her head lowered. She was just about to pick up her phone, wanting to check her results, when a foreign number called in.

She paused for a moment, then answered it. “h.e.l.lo.”

The other party hurriedly asked, “Is this Xue Xi? I am from the student admission office of Bin City University. I saw your results in the Math Star Compet.i.tion. By the usual protocol, this is a non-official compet.i.tion and will not be added to your results for college application. However, our Mathematics Department is willing to make an exception for you. Are you interested?”

Xue Xi paused for two seconds and said, “…Not interested.”

Bin City University was also one of the top schools, belonging to the 985 and 211 calibers. However, her aim was the capital’s Huaxia University, and this aim had never changed.

The other party persistently persuaded her again, but she was resolute.

It was only after she hung up the call that she opened the webpage to check her results on her phone.

Qin Shuang was already waiting impatiently. She stretched her body and headed out to look at Xue Xi’s phone. When the latter keyed in her examination ID number and clicked on the search b.u.t.ton…

Qin Shuang’s irises converged. “The heck!”

288 marks!


Is this a result that humans can get?!

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