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Chapter 339 - Speak!

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Chapter 339: Speak!

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The IMO examination was divided into two days. Each day, an examination would take four and a half hours. There would be three questions per day, with a total of six questions.

Every question was very difficult and required very complicated knowledge.

The examination hall was silent.

In the lounge, Liang Gan saw that Professor Thor had no intention of speaking and looked outside… She found that the eight red-haired students outside were still there, and the banner in their hands had been drawn.

Someone asked in English, “Where are you from?”

Qin Shuang replied, “I’m from China.”

Those people were all very curious. Those who did not know better would think that this was not an examination hall but a concert. This was because a pa.s.serby was asking, “Is Xue Xi your big star?”

Qin Shuang burst out laughing. “No, she’s our Sister Xi! She’s my idol! She came here to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympiad!”

The Westerners gave her a thumbs up. “She must be amazing!”

Qin Shuang boasted shamelessly, “My Sister Xi will definitely be first this time!”

Flame Number One was also asked. The group of people had the same opinion. They had pride in their faces and their chins were slightly raised. All of them were very proud, as though they were the ones who were about to get first place!

When no one was asking anymore, Qin Shuang then looked at Flame Number One and said, “Huazi, are you really here for Sister Xi?”

Flame Number One’s name was Liu Huahao, and everyone called him Huazi.

After Xue Xi had gained control of the Roaring Flame Society, she had actually never interacted with the members of the Roaring Flame Society in the long run or partic.i.p.ated in any group activities.

At most, after Gao Yanchen went to study hard, the rest barely followed him to study. Xue Xi would only give them homework.

Speaking of which, Flame Number One rarely interacted with Xue Xi.

When Liu Huahao heard this, he looked ahead. “Is it important if it’s for Sister Xi? I think the main point is that we will respect Sister Xi in the future and protect her. After all… Brother Chen can even sacrifice his life for her.”

Qin Shuang fell silent.

Huazi’s family actually had a lot of problems. His family was from the capital, but because his father had married a stepmother and found him an eyesore, he threw him back to his hometown, Bin City.

When Huazi arrived in his father’s hometown, he was often bullied by everyone. At that time, he also loved to cry. He felt that he had lost his mother and father.

Later, Huazi saw the six-year-old Gao Yanchen. He had red hair, and although his face was young, his words were arrogant and unruly. “Do you only know how to cry when they hit you?”

Huazi was stunned and looked up at him.

Gao Yanchen said, “Don’t you know how to fight back?”

Huazi was stunned.

Gao Yanchen was very impatient. “Forget it, I’ll teach you!”

Hence, the six-year-old Gao Yanchen chased away the ten-year-olds.

From then on, Huazi stuck to him and kept calling him Brother Chen. Gao Yanchen was annoyed and said that he was not his brother.

Huazi asked, “Then how can you be my brother?”

Gao Yanchen pointed at his hair. “If you dyed your hair red! Just like me!”

The next day, Huazi dyed his hair red.

Later, Huazi named the Roaring Flame Society and recruited all the people who wanted to follow them. He even asked them to dye their hair red and express their loyalty to Brother Chen.

To others, dyeing a head of red hair was a very rebellious thing.

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However, who among those who joined the Roaring Flame Society had a good life at home? Moreover, Gao Yanchen was a tyrant in Bin City. Everyone wanted to follow him, so they gritted their teeth and dyed their hair red.

Even Qin Shuang had been sheltered by Brother Chen for so many years and was attached to Gao Yanchen…

Huazi’s words made the members of the Roaring Flame Society sink into their memories again.

For some unknown reason, on such a day, they missed Brother Chen exceptionally.

Liang Gan, who was in the lounge, found their words a little funny.

With Xue Xi’s current state, she still wanted to get full marks? She still wanted to get first? She still wanted to get a gold medal? What a joke! The IMO had been established for so many years and only had one perfect scorer! What shameless boasting!

As she thought this, she could not help but look at Thor again.

What exactly is the professor doing here?

Just as she was thinking this, Professor Thor finally said, “The Chinese students seem to be very outstanding, huh?”

Otherwise, how could the G.o.ddess be so good at chemistry and even partic.i.p.ate in the Mathematical Olympiad? Moreover, he had already asked around. His G.o.ddess of Wisdom had been accepted by Huaxia University!

But it doesn’t matter. Scanford University is waving at the G.o.ddess! I hope the G.o.ddess can see it!

Liang Gan misunderstood when he heard this and thought that Thor was looking for a student.

She hurriedly said, “There is indeed a good student named Li Xuekai…”

At this moment, the examination was over.

Before Liang Gan could speak, Thor stood at the entrance of the examination hall again. Today, Thor did not intend to speak to anyone else, so he stood there to stop a single person.

Then, he saw Xue Xi finally walk out.

Afraid that Xue Xi would not see him, Thor waved his hand and shouted in broken Chinese, “Xue Xi!”

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