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Young Master Yan

Chapter 338 - No Matter What, You Have to Talk to the Goddess!

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Chapter 338: No Matter What, You Have to Talk to the G.o.ddess!

Liang Gan had actually been wondering why Thor was here.

As the dean of the Chemistry Department, it was easy for him to meet anyone.

Moreover, during the students’ examination, Liang Gan had been attempting to get close to him and chat with him, but before she could speak, Thor would have an expression as if he did not want to speak as it would disturb the students’ examination…

Four and a half hours.

Director, are you that free?

If you have that time, can’t you do more research?

Finally, the students were done with their exams. Everyone walked out one after another. Liang Gan supported Thor and stood at the exit. No one knew whom he was waiting for.

However, Thor was really too famous. Several Western-looking students knew him. After seeing him, they would greet him even if they did not dare to speak.

Thor nodded in response with a smile, making Liang Gan even more baffled.

Thor was here to wait for Xue Xi.

He felt that he had to find a way to get close to her. Hence, he thought about how, after the examination, the candidates would definitely gather at Liang Gan’s side. When that happened, he would be able to speak to Xue Xi.

The other students were all begging him to take them on as students.

However, he had a feeling that someone like Xue Xi would definitely not agree easily. She should already have a very formidable teacher.

However, how could there be such a Chemist in China?

Chemist… Sigh, there was a formidable person many years ago. Unfortunately, he went crazy.

In the end, scientists would become lunatics.

Just as Thor was thinking this, he saw the Chinese examination candidates starting to walk out one by one. Just as he had expected, Xie Yingying, Li Xuekai, and the rest of the examination candidates saw Liang Gan standing there with the Chinese examination teacher and the teacher-in-charge. They all walked over and greeted them.

In order to create his own charitable image, Thor had been smiling at them.

However, he kept staring at the exit. Then, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly walked forward…

Because the red-haired girl had come out.

After the girl came out, she swept her gaze over.

It seemed that she was coming. Just as Thor was about to take a step forward, he saw the girl suddenly look away and walk away.

Thor: “?”

Thor stood rooted to the ground. He stared blankly at Xue Xi as she walked to the group of red-haired students and started chatting with them.

Moreover, after saying a few words, Xue Xi actually left with them!

Thor: “!!”

As he was a professor of the Chemistry Department of Scanford University and the dean of the Chemistry Academy, everyone was trying to get close to him, but why was the G.o.ddess ignoring him?

Could it be that he had to dye his hair red in order to speak to the G.o.ddess?!

Forget it, I’ll come back tomorrow!

Xue Xi actually knew very little about these big shots. For example, Feng Xingshen was just a mathematics teacher in her eyes, but he might be a little better than other teachers.

Zhou Zhou was a pianist, so he might be able to speak faster than others.

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As for Cen Bai, he was just a little good-looking. She did not think that such a superstar would do anything. At the very least, Xiang Huai was not uglier than Cen Bai. Perhaps it was because Asians looked better in that the more they looked at him, the more they liked him. Sometimes, she felt that Xiang Huai was even more handsome than Cen Bai.

Seemingly having noticed her gaze, Qin Shuang chuckled. “I was just thinking that everyone should act in unison, right? However, I’m in a special situation. My school doesn’t allow hair to be dyed red, or we won’t be able to act. Hence, I got a wig. During this period of time in Country M, I’ll bring it along. We’ll be in the same boat!”

Xue Xi smiled and nodded.

Xiang Huai, who was following behind the crowd, sighed silently.

After the little kid had exited, she’d run straight to her circle of friends. She didn’t even look at him, so he wanted to follow behind them and see when the little kid would remember that she had left her boyfriend in the examination hall!

Xiang Huai rubbed his chin as he walked. He could not help but wonder if he, the person who would attract attention wherever he went, had been too low-profile recently.

Otherwise, look, he’d been gone for ten minutes. Why hadn’t the little kid thought of him yet? Oh, no, it didn’t count if she only thought of him. But he’d been following her all the way, so why hadn’t she seen him?

When Xue Xi finally saw him, it was because when the group sat down, they realized that there were ten people there.

Moreover, Xiang Huai’s black hair was especially eye-catching among the nine of them. In the end, he was the one who paid the bill.

After dinner, everyone did not pester Xue Xi. Instead, they asked her to go back and rest. They said that they would not leave after the examination and that they would have time to play when the results were out.

The IMO examination was divided into two days.

The cheer squad on the first day attracted the attention of the Westerners. The cheer squad on the second day was even more exaggerated. Not only did the members of the Roaring Flame Society pull up their banners, but they also took out their light sticks and made a support card.

The sign was red.

Xue Xi was respectfully sent to the examination hall.

Liang Gan realized that Professor Thor was here again today!

This made her suspect what she’d heard when she was in Scanford. She’d always heard that Professor Thor was the most elusive professor. This rumor must be wrong, right?

However, what Professor Thor was thinking was that after today’s examination, no matter what, he had to speak to the G.o.ddess!

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