Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 331 - Old Classmate?

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Chapter 331: Old Cla.s.smate?

No one bothered with Liang Gan because everyone in the room was stunned.

Didn’t she say that she had no choice but to wait until tomorrow? However, it had only been half an hour since Xiang Huai was taken away, right?

Xie Yingying widened her eyes and recalled how Xiang Huai had kicked the group of people in the room. She could not help but have a thought: Could Xiang Huai have escaped from prison?

Just as she was thinking this, she heard Xue Xi ask, “So soon?”

Xiang Huai smiled. “You shouldn’t tell a man that he’s fast.”

Everyone: “?”

Why did it feel like he was cruising?

Xiang Huai took another step forward and placed the supper on the table. He seemed to be explaining to Xue Xi, but at the same time, he seemed to be explaining to everyone as he said, “After investigating, they realized that the other party was indeed the ones who insulted me first, so I was released first.”

Everyone: “?”

Everyone looked at Liang Gan again.

Who was the one who said that one had to be cautious in Country M?

Liang Gan continued staring at him. “You… you’re Xiang Huai?”

Xiang Huai forced a look at her.

Liang Gan’s expression changed instantly.

When Xie Yingying saw her surprised expression, the grievances she had felt earlier, as well as the anger from being taught a lesson, was instantly relieved.

Xie Yingying smiled and purposely said, “Ms. Liang, this is Xue Xi’s boyfriend! So Country M is also very obedient! How can it be as scary as you say?”

Xiang Huai seemed to have heard the implied meaning. He, who usually ignored this group of people, took the initiative to ask, “What did she say?”

Xie Yingying immediately said, “Ms. Liang said that we have to be cautious and not be impulsive. She even said that you definitely won’t be able to come out today and that she intends to bring the bail money to get you out tomorrow.”

Xiang Huai understood. Did this teacher come here to preach?

He turned to look at Xue Xi again. Seeing that her expression had not changed and that she was still quiet and obedient, he said with a faint smile, “I’m sorry. I seem to have returned too early?”

His words made Liang Gan speechless.

Her face turned red!

Xie Yingying felt much better after holding her breath before. She hurriedly waved her hands. “It’s not early. Since you’re fine, we’ll go now. We won’t disturb you!”

Since he was already back and Xiang Huai seemed to be fine, the accompanying teacher heaved a sigh of relief. Li Xuekai and the rest tactfully stood up and walked toward the door.

Li Xuekai kept sizing Xiang Huai up.

Actually, when Liang Gan mentioned the bail money earlier, he did not speak because he knew that Xue Xi was rich. If he’d mentioned that he had money, he might humiliate Xue Xi.

However, while the rest rarely went overseas and did not know about it, he knew very well that when traveling overseas, one had to be cautious at all times because Country M hated the Chinese.

Actually, what Liang Gan said was all correct.

At this time, the lawyers had already gotten off work and would be unwilling to help, unless their relationship was especially good or they gave a lot of money.

Liang Gan clearly did not intend to do her best to help them. She was thinking about getting the family business’s lawyer to help bail them out.

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However, Xiang Huai was actually back already?

Xiang Huai: “?”

He turned to look at Xue Xi again and saw that the little kid was still sitting there calmly and eating another mouthful of mutton skewers. How heartless.

The corners of his lips twitched. Actually, he could have just chased her away, but he wanted to see the little kid’s reaction.

This girl clearly had a good impression of him… However, it would probably be very difficult for the little kid to react. Just as he was about to coldly chase her away, Xue Xi suddenly stood up and said calmly, “Sorry to interrupt.”

Liang Gan turned to look at her.

Xiang Huai immediately shut his mouth and looked at her with his dark eyes.

Xue Xi said calmly, “We didn’t buy much for supper.”

Liang Gan: “?”

Xiang Huai: “?”

He had really been expectant for nothing. He had thought that the little kid would be domineering and protect her husband! In the end…

Just as he was feeling disappointed, he heard her say, “You won’t get any.”

Xue Xi looked at Liang Gan and said very straightforwardly, “So, can you leave now? Your presence here will affect my appet.i.te.”

Liang Gan: “!!!!”

She pretended to be magnanimous and looked at Xiang Huai. “Is this your girlfriend? Indeed, she’s young and doesn’t know how to be polite. It’s easy for her to misunderstand. However, Student, don’t be unhappy. I’m just a little excited to see my old cla.s.smate. Xiang Huai and I are really just old cla.s.smates!”

She stood up and puffed out her chest. She then said meaningfully, “Xiang Huai, since I’m in the way here, I won’t disturb you. Why don’t you give me a call and we’ll contact each other another day?”

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