Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 330 - Who Are You?

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Chapter 330: Who Are You?

At this moment, everyone was inside Xue Xi’s room.

As it was a suite, there was a living room. The accompanying teacher, Xie Yingying, and the rest of her companions were all worried about Xue Xi, so they accompanied her and thought of a solution together.

Xie Yingying stared at Xue Xi in silence.

Ever since she found out that Xue Xi had gotten herself into trouble because she wanted to stand up for her, she had been wanting to do something. She even comforted her. “You’ll definitely be fine. Don’t worry.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Xie Yingying nodded and clenched her fists. “When our people come, we’ll definitely be able to bail your boyfriend out. Don’t worry.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Which eye of yours saw my worry? She’s just seriously wondering what kind of supper Xiang Huai would bring her!

Just as Xie Yingying was about to comfort her more, there was a knock on the door.

Xie Yingying hurriedly said, “Xue Xi, look. The members of the organizing committee are here. They will definitely help us think of a solution!”

Xie Yingying ran over to open the door and saw a young woman dressed in professional attire standing outside. She looked to be in her early thirties and was wearing a black suit and a short skirt. Her posture was very stable and her looks were exquisite and beautiful. She had thick eyebrows and big eyes, giving off a sense of security.

When Xie Yingying saw her, she heaved a sigh of relief. She felt as though she was meeting her parents. Her eyes turned red. “Teacher, we’ve been bullied!”

That teacher spoke slowly and gently, but her words were not the same. She first beat around the bush and said that Xue Xi was impulsive, then, although she seemed to be speaking nicely, she was actually criticizing her. “Young people should be more composed when doing things. If you guys fight in Country M, you’ll leave behind the reputation that the Chinese are rude and unreasonable. You’ll also give us, who work in Country M, a lot of trouble.”

Xue Xi’s reaction was slow and she completely ignored the teacher’s sarcasm. However, Xie Yingying did not swallow her anger and said, “Teacher, they provoked me first. They humiliated me personally!”

The woman said gently, “Did they attack?”

Xie Yingying shook her head. “No.”

The woman shook her head. “Then what’s there to criticize them about?”

Xue Xi did not say what they had called her, as though she was worried about Xie Yingying’s pride. The accompanying teacher did not ask about the details, and Xie Yingying did not want to know how those people had abused her. Hence, she paused and said, “I didn’t understand what they’re saying, but Xue Xi understood.”

The woman continued, “Sigh, you guys are really… Who doesn’t know what’s right and wrong behind someone’s back? They used their own language to communicate and didn’t intend to let you guys understand! This is Country M and not our country. You have to be more careful in everything you do. Your momentary impulse will make us fall short in this year’s Mathematical Olympiad!”

Her words silenced the entire room.

Xie Yingying was stunned and the rest of the students could not accept it.

So we are here on behalf of the country to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion yet still have to endure when we get angered?

The accompanying teacher could not take it anymore and said, “Ms. Liang Gan, you’re going too far.”

The person who came was called Liang Gan. When she heard this, she instantly smiled and said, “I didn’t say anything. Of course, I hope that our Chinese representatives perform well and can win another championship. However, in the Mathematical Olympiad, friendship comes first and compet.i.tion second. Moreover, before you came to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, you ought to have seen the compet.i.tion rules, right? It’s written clearly that no matter what, you can’t hit people! The person who hits people will be kicked out of the compet.i.tion, but it says nothing about what will happen to the person who insults others.”

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The accompanying teacher clenched her jaw and her expression turned ugly. “Liang Gan, let’s not talk about whether Xue Xi should stand up for herself or not. Now that her boyfriend has taken the blame, I just want to ask you if you can find a lawyer or someone to bail him out first!”

Even if the other party were to scold them, they were still willing to settle the matter. If they were to be scolded, they would be scolded!

Liang Gan then turned to look at Xue Xi.

No matter how she looked at it, she felt that this person was an eyesore.

Ever since she entered, the rest had been begging for help. Only she, as the party concerned, was actually cold.

She’d even dyed her hair red. Was such a person really here to partic.i.p.ate in the Mathematical Olympiad?

Is there no better talent in the country this year?

She frowned and stood up, but she did not leave. She continued to educate them. “I’ll take responsibility for this matter. However, it’s very complicated. I’m afraid that I’ll have to run until I break my legs to get him out. It’s time-consuming and expensive, so I hope that you guys can be obedient for the next five days and stop creating trouble for the teacher, alright?”

When she said this, she was looking at Xue Xi. Seeing that she did not reply, she continued, “Look, the consequence of your impulsiveness is that your boyfriend will not be able to come back and will be detained. Don’t blame the teacher for not pulling him out today. Just treat this day as punishment!”

Just as she said this, she heard a click. The door to the room was swiped and a figure walked in.

Everyone was stunned when they saw him.

Xiang Huai held the barbeque and beer in his hand and raised it. “Little kid, would you like to have this for dinner tonight?”

Everyone: “?”

Liang Gan was also extremely surprised. “You, you are?”

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