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Young Master Yan

Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: The Results Are Out!

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The instant Xiang Huai looked over, he stiffly pa.s.sed the phone over to him. “Boss, I suddenly recalled that we haven’t ordered stocks for our provision store. I’ll go take a look outside!”

He hastily escaped right after.

When Xiang Huai saw this message, he was taken aback for a second. His dark-brown eyes sparkled with shock, but he soon regained his composure. He subconsciously tapped his fingers against the tabletop and his sharp features softened. After a short while, he chuckled under his breath.

The little kid seems obedient and sensible, but it turns out… that’s actually not the case.

Not adding me on WeChat is likely her protest against “be in love or die.”

With regard to Xiang Huai’s friend request, Xue Xi did not accept or reject it. What would she do if her heart ached because she angered him?

She was not a puppet that would allow anyone to do as they pleased with her. She would definitely find a way out of this.

For tonight, she washed up and slept early.

The next day.

All of the contestants gathered on the first floor before they boarded the bus to the examination hall.

Old Liu waved to Xue Xi at the entrance. When she neared him, he said softly, “This examination is non-official and there is no limit on the key knowledge points. You will be marked correct as long as you get the correct answer.”

Xue Xi’s eyes sparkled when she heard this.

Her grades in the Olympiad cla.s.s were unfavorable because she always could not avoid using knowledge from the university-level to solve the question. After all, who would use a stupider method when there was a shortcut?

Since the Math Star Compet.i.tion did not mind this, then that’s amazing!

Her eyes sparkled as she nodded her head.

After Xue Xi and the rest of the candidates entered the examination hall, Mr. Zhang, who had sent the First High’s students over, approached Old Liu. He grinned. “Old Liu, I heard that your school’s Xue Xi stayed in the presidential suite last night!”

Old Liu was surprised. “Is that so?”

Mr. Zhang coughed and could not help saying, “Liu Liyuan said that she chases after the rich and despises the poor. Apparently, she had kept picking on her after they entered the room. In the end, she upgraded her own room and chased Liu Liyuan back. Look at this mess. Kids these days only know to indulge in pleasure and comfort whenever they have money. Moreover, she has never partic.i.p.ated in any academic compet.i.tions before. How can such a person get good grades?”

Usually, those who aspired to rely on academic compet.i.tions to obtain a free pa.s.s to college or additional marks for the national exam would enroll in the compet.i.tive once they entered high school, and, hence, they would have taken part once in their Junior Year.

For instance, Fan Han had obtained the Provincial Second Prize in his Junior Year. Although he was halted before the national compet.i.tion, the teachers already had an impression of him and had great expectations for him this year.

Old Liu was not clear on what exactly happened, but he still defended his own student without any hesitation. “Mr. Zhang, we cannot listen to a child’s one-sided story. As for your claim on indulging in pleasure, I beg to differ. Are you purporting that being wealthy is a crime? Why don’t you go stay in a motel if you guys do not want to indulge in pleasure and comfort?”

Mr. Zhang was made speechless by this and turned to point his finger at Old Liu, chiding, “Look at yourself. Money is every part of your speech. Are you setting an example as a teacher?! Old Liu, as teachers, we cannot place too much emphasis on money…”

Finding the situation baffling, Old Liu promptly turned around and left.

Xue Xi is not going to stay with anyone from their school anyway, so why is that person still being so bossy? He thinks he is great just because he is in charge of the Mathematics group!

The Math Star’s examination was the same as the Olympiad—they were both separated into two rounds.

The first round had a time limit of 80 minutes, and the questions were a mix of fill-in-the-blank questions and open-ended questions. There were more questions here.

The second round had a time limit of 150 minutes. There were only four highly-challenging open-ended questions.

After the first round, the students had time for free movement. They even had the energy to chit-chat, then they continued to the second round.

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The second round was clearly much more quiet and solemn. Only the sound of pen against paper could be heard in the examination hall.

Old Liu had intended to allow the students some free time before they returned the next day.

However, Xue Xi had no intention of shopping. Hence, she informed Old Liu and went back to the hotel. The car Ye Li had sent to fetch her was already here, so she directly returned home.

Time quickly flew by and it was the end of August. September was near. The freshmen and juniors were also about to start their school year.

It had been roughly ten days since the Math Star Compet.i.tion, and the results were about to be announced.

Meanwhile, the international school’s forum was in an uproar:

I’m waiting for a certain someone’s results!

You can’t cheat in the Math Star Compet.i.tion. The real results can be seen only this time!

Have you heard? Hearsay, Xue Xi had flaunted her riches on the day of the exam and offended Liu Liyuan from First High! Liu Liyuan has already announced that she will be using her grades to exact her revenge because the money belongs to parents and only grades belong to yourself!


Today was Tuesday, and the results were released online at 10 AM.

Ye Li had repeatedly reminded her before she went to school, “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter what your results are. Xixi, don’t be nervous!”

Xue Xi: “…Oh.”

However, after she had boarded the car, Ye Li then took out the examination ID number she had copied. When she saw Xue Sheng leaving, she was a little stunned. “Where are you going?”

Xue Sheng: “To work!”

Ye Li yanked him over. “Why would you go to work? Go after we’ve checked the results at 10 AM!”

Hearing this, Xue Sheng turned around and changed out of his shoe. “Fine, I’ll wait with you. But I shall say this first: one has to be nurtured from a young age for the Mathematical Olympiad. Xixi has never gone through any structured training and will definitely not get good results this time. Don’t have overly high expectations.”

Ye Li sighed. “I just find it to be a pity. If we had not lost her and she had grown up by our side, with her brains, she would have been so outstanding. Sigh!”

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