Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 328 - I Did It

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Chapter 328: I Did It

Following this, he kicked the other party’s chest, making that person feel a sharp pain in his heart as though it had suddenly shrunk… The pain made him break out in a cold sweat and fall to the ground.

After he was done, he turned to look at the last person. “Does your entire body hurt?”

The person who said that his entire body was in pain had already gone weak and hidden behind the staff. “Teacher, help!”

The two staff hurriedly took a step back and looked at Xiang Huai warily. “Call the police, quick!”

As he said this, he saw a flash before his eyes. By the time the two of them returned to their senses, the man behind them had already fallen to the ground again. His entire body was aching.

Only then did Xiang Huai look at the last person who did not get beaten up. That person’s legs went weak from fear and he fell to the ground and peed.

Xiang Huai looked at it in disdain and casually took out the pen that the staff had just used to record the statement. With a slight shake, the crying person instantly fell silent!

That was because, coincidentally, the pen was stuck in his pants. A certain part of it could even feel the heat from the friction when the pen was stabbed into the ground…

He blacked out and fainted.

The five people who were clamoring just now fell to the ground in a short while. The few people outside were stunned.

Even the invigilator who was making a call was stunned.

He hurriedly hung up and pushed open the door. He saw Xiang Huai, who had just finished hitting someone, take out a tissue from the overturned table. He wiped his hands and threw it on the ground in disdain.

He coldly looked at the two stunned staff and slowly said, “Did you see that? I was the one who hit the five of them. It has nothing to do with my girlfriend.”

The staff: “?”

The teacher: “?”

Xue Xi: “?”

He casually pulled up a chair and placed it beside Xue Xi. He then sat down as though nothing had happened and said, “Do you have any evidence?”

These five people did not check their injuries and came to slander Xue Xi.

Now that they were beaten up even more badly, their original injuries could not be seen at all. Hence, the evidence from before was completely gone.

Did they just say that they were beaten up by Xue Xi? There was no evidence! They did not even have a wound, so how could they have been beaten up?

The invigilator suddenly understood what Xiang Huai was doing and the corners of his lips twitched. Wasn’t he too much of a hooligan?

He looked at Xue Xi again, who stared blankly at Xiang Huai as though she was frightened.

Just as the accompanying teacher was about to comfort her, he heard Xue Xi say, “What were those moves just now?”

Xiang Huai did not look like he had just hit someone. He said, “You want to learn?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Xiang Huai rubbed her head. “I’ll teach you when we get back.”


The two of them chatted leisurely as though they did not know how serious the scene was.

The door opened and everyone outside looked at the person inside in shock. Everyone was stunned when they heard Xiang Huai say “my girlfriend.”

After all, Xiang Huai had gone to subst.i.tute for in the Golden Autumn Camp. Hence, no one paid much attention to him this time and only thought that he was here to accompany the examination teacher.

But what did he just say? Xue Xi is my girlfriend?

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Everyone was shocked.

After the two of them rushed in and saw the situation in the room, they immediately asked, “What happened?”

Before the person who was beaten could speak, Xiang Huai took the initiative to say, “I was the one who hit them.”

With this sentence, the cause was set. Coupled with the surveillance footage, it was impossible to implicate Xue Xi. In the end, the police decided to bring Xiang Huai back to investigate.

Xiang Huai cooperated obediently. After all, if he caused too much trouble here and scared the little kid, what should he do? If there was anything, he could talk about it outside.

The five people on the ground were also sent to the hospital. When the police handcuffed Xiang Huai and brought him out, Xue Xi’s face was filled with worry.

Xiang Huai pa.s.sed by her and suddenly leaned over to whisper, “Little kid, when I come back later, I’ll bring you supper.”

Come back later… This meant that Xiang Huai had a way to escape.

This person was the founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Group, so he definitely had a way.

Xue Xi nodded.

Soon, the room returned to silence. The teacher was still anxiously pacing around. “What should we do? Let’s contact the We can’t really ignore Teacher Xiang, right?”

Xue Xi said calmly, “No need. Let’s go back.”

It’s such a nonchalant att.i.tude again… Xie Yingying felt all her anger rush to her head. Without thinking, she shouted angrily, “Xue Xi, what exactly is wrong with you? Your boyfriend is standing up for you. It’s fine if you’re not nervous at all! Since you have a boyfriend, why do you still have to provoke those boys and date them? Are you shameless?!”

Xue Xi could not be bothered with her and continued to leave.

Xie Yingying was furious. Just as she was about to rush forward, she was stopped by the teacher. She said, “Teacher, look at her att.i.tude. Does she have to implicate the entire team? That’s too much!”

The moment she said this, she saw the teacher staring at her sternly. “Xie Yingying, everyone has the right to scold her for implicating the team, but only you don’t! Do you know what exactly is going on?!”


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