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Young Master Yan

Chapter 325 - Chinese Martial Arts!

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Chapter 325: Chinese Martial Arts!

Before Jack’s hand could touch Xue Xi’s shoulder, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by someone. Immediately, Xue Xi threw him over her shoulder and smashed him into the wall beside her!


Jack groaned and fell to the ground.

Xue Xi did not speak much and did not want to bother chatting with them.

Before she came down, she had made an appointment with Xiang Huai to have dinner together tonight. Xiang Huai had originally intended to come with her, but Xue Xi felt that if Xiang Huai was around, these people might not dare to come, and so she did not let him.

Looking at the time, she thought Xiang Huai should have gone downstairs by now. She would be just in time to look for him later.

Hence, after she threw Jack down, she did not delay and continued walking forward.

The other four boys looked at Xue Xi in shock. One of them shouted, “Let’s go get her. She must have gotten a hit while Jack wasn’t paying attention. Can the four of us not defeat a girl?”

The moment he said this, the other three rushed up with him and surrounded Xue Xi.

Xue Xi only knew one set of military boxing techniques. Her moves were simple, but they were fast. In less than two minutes, she had already let the four boys accompany Jack.

The last move of the Army Boxing Style was to push someone to the ground, face down. The five of them lay on the ground and groaned in pain. Jack did not dare to stand up and shrank his neck while shouting, “Chinese martial arts! This is Chinese martial arts. So powerful!”

Xue Xi: “…”

After hitting someone, she clapped her hands neatly and kicked Jack. What else could she do? Jack was already begging. “Don’t hit me. Please!”

Xue Xi: “…”

Are his bones that soft?

Instead of hitting him, she said, “Apologize to her.”

Jack definitely knew who she was referring to.

Jack nodded.

Only then did Xue Xi look down at her phone and walk in another direction. Suddenly, she heard footsteps not far away. She turned a corner and sneaked to the hotel lobby.

She could not let others see her appear here. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain.

When Xue Xi’s figure disappeared, Xie Yingying, Li Xuekai, and the rest also walked over. Unfortunately, they were only left with a few foreigners who were groaning on the ground.

When Jack saw them, he shouted, “I want to report it! I want to report it! Someone hit me!”


When Xue Xi returned to the lobby, she coincidentally saw Xiang Huai waiting for her at the entrance. The man was dressed in black that showed off his slender figure.

The Westerners were clearly taller and st.u.r.dier than the Asians. The foreigners who pa.s.sed by Xiang Huai were also all strong. Compared to theirs, Xiang Huai’s figure when he was wearing clothes was a little thin, but such a person actually had a strong aura. Moreover, he was shrouded in a cold aura that prevented others from getting close.

No matter how strong the person walking beside him was, he was still his subordinate. This person was like a natural-born king.

Xue Xi took a few more glances before walking over.

Just as she approached, he seemed to sense something. Xiang Huai lifted his head and looked at her. Immediately, the coldness around him dissipated and his eyes turned gentle. “Little kid.”

Xue Xi nodded and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“No need to eat. I’m already full.”

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Xue Xi: “?”

While waiting for the meal, Xiang Huai explained, “Western restaurants rarely stay open late like Chinese restaurants do. They’ll get off work at 7 PM. If people don’t come over for dinner now, they’ll close the door in a while.”

Xue Xi then understood.

After the food was served, she looked at the cutlery and felt a little at a loss. Xiang Huai then slowly explained the dining culture to her.

Xue Xi had never liked Western food, but this meal was not bad.

After eating, the two of them left the restaurant and walked toward the building Xiang Huai had mentioned.

Upstairs was the venue for the exchange. The door was already closed and it was dark, but the library on the first floor was open.

After the two of them entered, they realized that there were rows of seats in the library. They could be used to study.

There were not many people in the library.

The place looked very s.p.a.cious and had an atmosphere for learning.

Xue Xi felt that it was not bad. After walking around, she was just about to leave when she realized that there was a chemistry question written on the blackboard beside the library.

Halfway through the chemistry question, it was actually the middle step in Xue Xi’s research.

This was clearly not the most important step. It was just the preparation work, but the person who wrote this question seemed to have encountered some difficulties and did not continue.

Xue Xi felt her heart itch because this step was actually different from the method she’d used. And this method… was also very clever.

She could not help but pick up the chalk and write on the blackboard.

After a while, the entire question was solved.

Just as Xue Xi put down her chalk, her phone rang. She picked up the call and heard the teacher’s voice. “Xue Xi, where are you? A contestant from Country F reported you for hitting someone. Come back quickly. The members of the Math Olympiad team are here.”

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