Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 324 - Lesson

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Chapter 324: Lesson

Xie Yingying rushed over. “Xue Xi!”

Xue Xi did not expect to meet her and was stunned.

Xie Yingying asked nervously, “What are you going to do?”

If a girl who was alone outside did not cherish herself, she would definitely be at a disadvantage!

Xue Xi slowly replied, “Dinner.”

When Xie Yingying heard this, she believed it. She felt that she had misunderstood her, but she still emphasized, “Xue Xi, in Country M, you’d better bring someone with you when you go out. Otherwise, you’ll be in danger.”

Xue Xi did not speak and looked at her.

She had never known how to respond to others’ kindness.

Xie Yingying, on the other hand, was a little annoyed by her stare. She immediately looked at the ceiling. “Don’t look at me like that. You don’t have to be grateful to me. I’m reminding you that everyone here is from China. During the examination, we can’t have one less person. Without you, how can we get good scores? It’s been many years since China has obtained first place!”

Xue Xi: “… Oh.”

Seeing her reply, Xie Yingying was satisfied. After hesitating for a while, she said, “Where are you going to eat? Do you need me to accompany you?”

Forget it, I won’t stoop to her level.

What if she met a bad person when she went out for dinner alone in the middle of the night? At least she could accompany her if she followed.

In the end, she finally managed to thicken her skin and put on a warm face again. However, Xue Xi replied coldly, “No need.”

Xie Yingying: “?”

What’s wrong with this person?

Are you looking down on me?

Xie Yingying was suddenly very angry. Xue Xi had been like this repeatedly. She was really sick!

She turned around. “Forget it!”

After saying this angrily, she left.

Isn’t she just a college entrance examination top student? Isn’t she just the first in the CMO? Isn’t it just that she doesn’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the training camp yet the Mathematical Olympiad gave her a spot? What’s there to be proud of?!

She walked to the elevator and was even angrier when she saw Xue Xi following her. Hence, she clenched her jaw.

The two of them entered the elevator. When they reached the 12th floor, the elevator opened and Xie Yingying walked out without looking back, intending to return to her room.

After taking two steps, Xie Yingying turned around and saw the elevator closing again. Xue Xi actually went downstairs without saying goodbye?

Ah ah ah, I’m even angrier now!

Xie Yingying walked forward angrily. She turned a corner and was about to return to her room when she suddenly heard the door beside her ring.

She turned around and saw Jack and the other four boys walking out together. The five of them walked out with a smile.

She still could not understand what the five of them were saying.

However, due to the accident this afternoon, Xie Yingying had especially downloaded a translation software for her phone.

She quietly hid behind the corner and opened the app on her phone. She heard a few people say:

“That Chinese chick actually took the initiative to ask us out for a date. That’s great!”

“She’s really beautiful. She’s much prettier than the other one.”

“Tsk, I can’t wait to see her…”


The group entered the elevator, but Xie Yingying stood rooted to the ground. She looked at the translation software in her hands. When their words were translated, her face turned red and her anger surged.

No wonder Xue Xi did not agree when she said that she would accompany her for a meal. It turned out that they were indeed going on a date!

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Moreover, from the looks of it, Xue Xi actually asked the five of them out in one go?

Xie Yingying’s face was filled with resentment. “It’s all because Xue Xi is running around. I was afraid that something would happen to her, so I wanted everyone to go take a look!”

As a girl, she could not defeat the other party no matter what!

It was said that the homeless in Country M were very fierce!

The rest of the boys nodded and left together, heading toward the back of the hotel.

The hotel was huge. After they went out, they walked around the hotel.

A boy was in a hurry to go back to do his questions and rest. After all, they were jet-lagged and he was very sleepy. He could not help but ask, “Won’t she be fine if she just came out for a meal?”

Li Xuekai clenched his jaw and asked, “Where did she go?”

Xie Yingying was very dissatisfied. “I don’t know either. Wouldn’t it be better if I knew?”

She complained as she walked, “I really don’t know what she’s thinking. There’s a buffet downstairs and she still insists on going out to eat. She really knows how to create trouble!”

As they walked, they suddenly heard a low cry coming from ahead.

They hurriedly quickened their pace and rushed over.

Behind the hotel.

Xue Xi had arrived early and looked around. She found a blind spot without any cameras. It was also dark and could not be lit.

She was still dressed in black. She stood on the spot for a while and saw the few foreign men who hara.s.sed Xie Yingying in the afternoon walking over. They looked around as they walked, as though they were looking for her.

Xue Xi’s eyes darkened as she suddenly reached out and waved at them.

When Jack saw her, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly walked over. Before he even got close, he had already extended his hand. “Hi, beautiful girl. We will definitely play with you tonight…”

“… “

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