Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 323 - A Perfect Misunderstanding

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Chapter 323: A Perfect Misunderstanding

At this moment—

A pair of fair and slender hands suddenly reached over. The elevator door did not close after sensing it and slowly opened again.

Immediately, Xue Xi’s white sneakers blocked the elevator’s entrance. She said coldly, “Apologize to her.”

Jack was slightly stunned. He looked a little fl.u.s.tered at first, but when he saw that the people behind her did not speak, he raised his eyebrows and said, “What if I say no?”

Xue Xi’s eyes did not move.

Jack said, “Are you going to call the police? Or are you going to look for the hotel’s manager? It doesn’t matter. We’re just brothers chatting and we did nothing wrong. Moreover, this is not China, but Country M. Do you think everyone will protect you or me?”

Xue Xi lowered her eyes.

She suddenly took out her phone and said, “Give me your number.”

Jack: “?”

He was pleasantly surprised.

Actually, the few of them had been attracted by her red hair earlier, but Xue Xi’s expression was too cold. Moreover, Xiang Huai, who was standing beside her, looked tall. Even though he was beside them, he did not look skinny at all. He did not look like someone to be trifled with, so they did not look for trouble with Xue Xi.

But now, she actually took the initiative to ask for his phone number?

Did this mean that she was actually willing to play with them?

Jack instantly smiled. He picked up his phone and asked Xue Xi in a low voice, “Girl, do you want to play with me?”

Xue Xi slowly replied, “No.”

She swept her gaze over the rest of the people who were looking at her. She lowered her voice and said, “Tonight, we’ll arrange an address. I want to play with all of you guys.”

Jack instantly understood. “Oh, you’re playing really big, but I like it! Don’t worry, we’ll come out secretly and not tell the teacher.”

After saying that, he winked at her. His meaning was obvious. If I don’t tell the teacher, you shouldn’t tell the teacher either.

Xue Xi nodded.

After receiving the phone, she took a step back and let them go upstairs.

Just as Xue Xi had taken a step back, she heard Xie Yingying’s voice behind her. “Hey, do you understand them?”

Xue Xi pondered for a moment and was about to reply.

She did not intend to tell Xie Yingying the truth. After all, it was very hurtful for a girl to encounter such a thing overseas.

However, Xie Yingying was an impatient person. Seeing that she was not speaking, she said, “Let me tell you, those people don’t give me a good feeling. I saw that you took the initiative to ask for their phone number just now? Did you take a fancy to them?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Before she could answer her previous question, this new question was thrown at her. Just as Xue Xi was about to shake her head, Xie Yingying said, “Don’t think that just because they hit on me just now that the people overseas are very nice. They can’t even speak. You don’t even know what they’re talking about. You’re so good-looking. There are so many men in the country queuing to woo you. Don’t be silly!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She slowly said, “… Oh.”

Xie Yingying pouted.

This person was really a woman of few words. Since she did not like to speak to others, she would just treat her own words earlier as nonsense!

She had good intentions and was afraid that she would be bullied overseas. However, it was obvious that Xue Xi did not take her words to heart.

Xie Yingying felt even more aggrieved. She had really stuck her hot face to her cold b.u.t.t.

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Forget it, I’ll stop talking!

It was their honor to be able to speak to this heavyweight. Hence, everyone went over. As there were too many people, this became everyone’s gathering.

Hence, everyone took photos and posted them on their Moments…

Xie Yingying took a photo with Feng Xingshen. Just as she was about to post it on WeChat, she suddenly recalled that she did not call Xue Xi for such a gathering!

It was as though they had really isolated her. How unhappy would she be if she saw this?!

Hence, Xie Yingying silently left and did not post on WeChat. Instead, she opened WeChat and was about to call her in the group while saying, “I’ll call Xue Xi to come down for dinner. She’s the only one left!”

However, just as she said this, she heard Feng Xingshen say, “You don’t have to call her.”

Xie Yingying’s hand trembled. She looked up in surprise and saw Feng Xingshen looking at her. He warned, “Don’t interfere with others’ lives. It’s not a gathering to begin with. Don’t call her!”

Xie Yingying: “…”

She became even more certain of a problem. Feng Xingshen was very dissatisfied with Xue Xi! That’s right. Despite his being a big shot in mathematics in the country, Xue Xi actually did not take the initiative to greet him. It was no wonder that Professor Feng had a problem with her!

However, she did not know that the big shot in her heart was actually silently relieved.

During their first meal in Country M, General Xiang would definitely want to eat with just Sister Xi. Why would she call them over? Was she trying to separate General Xiang and Sister Xi?!

When the few of them had had their meal and returned upstairs, the sky was already dark. However, the more Xie Yingying thought about it, the more she felt that it was impossible.

Feng Xingshen disliked Xue Xi too much. Since they were both girls, it was better for her to warn Xue Xi.

Hence, Xie Yingying left the room and secretly went upstairs. Just as she arrived upstairs, she saw Xue Xi walking out with her phone. She was communicating in English. “See you outside the hotel.”

Xie Yingying: “?”

What was she going to do? Was she going on a date with those untrustworthy boys from this afternoon?

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