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Young Master Yan

Chapter 321 - Professor Feng Has a Problem with You!

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Chapter 321: Professor Feng Has a Problem with You!

Unfortunately, even after the plane took off, Xie Yingying did not see Xue Xi.

The few of them were a little anxious. Xie Yingying also frowned. “Could it be that this person didn’t get on the plane and isn’t going to join the IMO? Isn’t she just wasting her spot? She made Xiao Mei unable to come!”

It was not without reason that Xie Yingying harbored resentment toward Xue Xi.

Her good friend at the training camp, Xiao Mei, had made a mistake during the last examination and was ranked sixth. Logically speaking, she could have partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion, but Xue Xi had appeared out of nowhere and only left five spots for the rest of them. Hence, Xie Yingying harbored resentment toward Xue Xi.

The rest of the boys did not think much of it. When they heard this, they hurriedly went to look for their teacher. After being asked, the teacher said in surprise, “That’s not it. Xue Xi personally upgraded her seat to business cla.s.s.”

Xie Yingying: “…”

Her heart calmed down, but she was still angry. “So what if you’re rich? Really!”

At this moment, Xue Xi, who was sitting in the business cla.s.s, did not know that someone was already harboring resentment toward her. Instead, she looked at the person sitting beside her in shock and surprise. “Didn’t you say that you can’t go overseas?”

When Xiang Huai’s ident.i.ty as the founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation was made public, he had once said that he rarely went overseas because of his sensitive ident.i.ty.

Xue Xi did not think much of it back then. She felt that a rich businessman might live dangerous lives, so it was safer for him to stay in the country.

Now that she saw him here, she was naturally very surprised.

Xiang Huai casually sat down and said as though he was seeking credit, “What if you got kidnapped, little kid?”

Xue Xi was used to his words and did not take them seriously. She did not know what it meant for him to go overseas.

She merely shot him a cold glance and continued reading her book.

Xiang Huai: “…”

The entire trip lasted twelve hours, so after Xue Xi had read for four hours, Xiang Huai said, “Sleep for a while.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She looked at Xiang Huai in confusion and heard him say, “Sometimes, there’s a time difference. When you reach Country M, you might not be used to their time, so you need to adjust to the time difference.”

Ever since she was born, Xue Xi had never left the country, so she obediently put down her book, collapsed her chair, and lay down.

Halfway through, she heard the flight attendant politely ask something in a low voice. She curiously opened her eyes and saw Xiang Huai taking two entry and exit forms and filling them up.

The man looked very handsome with a fountain pen in hand. The English letters he wrote were also very elegant. Judging from how familiar he seemed to it, it did not seem like he had never left the country.

That’s right. He was someone who had taken the IMO examination at the age of 13!

Xue Xi ignored him and closed her eyes to rest.

Although she could not sleep, since Xiang Huai had said that the time difference was sometimes bad, she should rest.

Time pa.s.sed very slowly on the plane. Xue Xi woke up and realized that only two hours had pa.s.sed. Beside her, Xiang Huai was hugging her with both hands and leaning on the chair with his head tilted.

This was Xue Xi’s first time seeing him sleeping.

There was s.p.a.ce between each seat in the business cla.s.s, but Xue Xi’s eyesight was too good, so she could see clearly.

The man had sharp contours, and his features appeared gentle when he closed his eyes. Without those sharp eyes, he looked exceptionally exquisite.

His nose bridge was high and his eyelashes were long. Any of his facial features were exceptionally exquisite.

His skin was cold and fair, so fair that it seemed to be glowing. She thought back to the day when this man returned. He was wearing a jacket. It did not seem like he’d been staying at home all day without being seen, but why was he not tanned?

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Seemingly sensing her gaze, the man slowly opened his eyes. Their eyes met and Xiang Huai’s lips curled up. “What are you looking at?”

It was an honor to be able to speak to him.

Feng Xingshen usually put on airs, but Xiang Huai was eyeing them jealously. Hence, Feng Xingshen greeted everyone.

He even encouraged them one by one. When Xie Yingying was praised for not being inferior to men, she was so excited that she nearly fainted!

The heavyweight shook her hand!

When she looked again, she saw that Feng Xingshen had spoken to everyone. He then turned to look at Xue Xi and nodded.

Xie Yingying was instantly excited.

Seeing how arrogant Xue Xi was, Professor Feng would probably despise her if she did not take the initiative to greet him, right? It would be uncomfortable to sit on such a cold stool!

Let’s see what else you can be proud of! Hmph!

Her emotions changed very quickly. When the car arrived, Xie Yingying’s resentment toward Xue Xi also dissipated a little. After all, Xue Xi had already been “detested” by Professor Feng. It would be too pitiful if she still hated her.

When the car arrived, everyone got in.

As Xue Xi and Xiang Huai were the closest to the car, the two of them went up first. When Professor Feng got into the car, he merely took a glance at the two of them and chose the spot furthest away from them.

Seeing this situation, Xie Yingying became even more certain of Professor Feng’s att.i.tude and felt even more smug.

When the car finally drove smoothly, Xie Yingying looked at Xue Xi, who was wearing a baseball cap and ignoring others. Forget it, I’ll warn her. Hence, she said, “h.e.l.lo.”

Xue Xi looked up at her.

The moment she looked up, Xie Yingying was stunned by her good looks. She coughed and said, “When you get out of the car later, be more friendly to Professor Feng.”

Xue Xi: “?”

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