Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 320 - Being in the Same Room

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Chapter 320: Being in the Same Room

The temperature in the room seemed to have risen. Xue Xi coughed and pretended to be calm. She said expressionlessly, “You go first.”


Xiang Huai entered the washroom and the sound of running water could be heard. Xue Xi put down her bag and took out her book to continue reading.

She, who could usually mult.i.task, could not focus at this moment. How could the sound of water be so noisy?

She put down her book, stood up, and glanced at the washroom.

In the hotel’s washroom, the bathroom was separated from the rest by gla.s.s. There was a piece of gla.s.s in the middle that made the people outside see vaguely. She could vaguely see a figure…

Just as Xue Xi was trying to identify it, she heard Xiang Huai’s voice coming from the bathroom. “Little kid.”

These two words made Xue Xi stand up straight.

Oh no, what was she doing just now?

She was really just curious about Xiang Huai’s body ratio and had no other thoughts! Could it be that she had been discovered?

She gulped nervously and tried to sound calm. “Huh?”

“Help me get my clothes. I forgot to bring my clothes in.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Her face turned even redder and she was a little angry. “Take it yourself!”

The sound of water stopped and Xiang Huai chuckled. “Are you sure you want me to get it myself?”

Xue Xi: “?”

He was not wearing any clothes… How could he come out?!

She hurriedly covered her eyes and took a step back. She asked fiercely, “Where are the clothes?”

“In the bag.”

Xue Xi found his bag and took out an inner…

Xue Xi: “?”

She almost threw his clothes to the ground!

“Xiang Huai!”

She gritted her teeth and shouted this name. Using her fingers, she carried the pair to the washroom and threw it on the sink. She then closed the washroom door and rushed out.

Xiang Huai knew that teasing the little kid had to be done step by step. He did not dare to push her too hard, so he obediently put on his clothes and walked out.

Just as he stepped out, he saw Xue Xi lying down. “I-I’ll sleep first.”

Xiang Huai: “Aren’t you going to shower?”

Xue Xi: “… Mhm, not hot.”

Xiang Huai looked at her, who was holding the blanket. Thinking of the sweat on the girl’s forehead when she first came to the hotel, he was speechless.

Xue Xi closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

She did not want Xiang Huai to hear the sound of her shower. Moreover, that gla.s.s… Forget it, I’ll just endure it today and not shower!

Although she had been on the plane for a day and her body was sticky, she endured it.

Just as she thought this, she heard rustling sounds. Xiang Huai immediately said, “You probably won’t be going out for dinner tonight, right? I’ll go downstairs to buy you dinner. Mhm, it’ll take at least half an hour, alright?”

Xue Xi heaved a sigh of relief and sat up. “Okay.”

When she sat up, she coincidentally saw Xiang Huai still putting on his shirt, revealing a cold, white, and strong waist. His waist muscles were firm and well-proportioned, and there was no excess fat at all…

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The clothes fell and covered his waist.

The next morning, Xue Xi packed her luggage and rushed to the airport with her and Xiang Huai.

The teachers and students who were to go to Country M to accompany the examination had arrived early. Even Feng Xingshen had come. The other five students who were going to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion were all students who had partic.i.p.ated in the Golden Autumn Camp.

The national team had been chosen from the top 60 students in the CMO examination back then. After undergoing intense training and exams, six outstanding students had been chosen to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.

Feng Xingshen had discussed with the Mathematics team and gave Xue Xi a spot without asking her to partic.i.p.ate in the training.

However, other than Li Xuekai, the other four were ones who’d worked hard to be in the top six.

One of the four students was a girl named Xie Yingying. At this moment, she was feeling indignant. “Everyone knows that the starting range of the IMO is different from that of the CMO. When everyone was undergoing training, everyone did their best to fight for a spot. Why can Xue Xi directly occupy one? Moreover, she didn’t even come to gather with us in advance and wanted us to wait for her!”

Li Xuekai frowned when he heard this. “We’re not waiting for Xue Xi, though. We’re waiting for the plane, right?”

When Xie Yingying heard this, her face turned red. “But we’re all here. Even the teacher is here. Even Professor Feng is here. Why is she so late?”

Li Xuekai mercilessly exposed her again. “Because we came from the city and were afraid of traffic, we came early. But from what I know, Xue Xi is rushing over from the vicinity of the airport, so she doesn’t have to come so early.”

Xie Yingying: “…”

She turned around angrily and looked at the three boys beside her. “Li Xuekai is gonna sit in business cla.s.s. Who will sit with me later? I don’t want to sit with Xue Xi. I don’t even know her!”

The other three could not help but say, “But it’s not good for us to isolate Xue Xi. You’re a girl and will have to stay in the same dormitory as her overseas. You guys can sit together!”

Xie Yingying: “No way. Anyway, I want to sit with you guys!”

The accompanying teacher made a call and said, “Alright, everyone, let’s board the plane first. Xue Xi will go in when she comes.”

Xie Yingying sneered. “See that? They don’t need us to accompany her.”

After the group of people finished registering for their flight, they arrived at the boarding gate. A boy even persuaded Xie Yingying, “After registering, we saw Xue Xi. Change your seat. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable once you’re in a foreign country.”

Xie Yingying sneered. “No.”

Who asked Xue Xi to be independent? She had to endure loneliness! Would she herself not be sad when she boarded the plane? Hmph!

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