Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 318 - Little Kid, Look at Me More

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Chapter 318: Little Kid, Look at Me More

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It was another scorching summer and the air was still sticky and hot.

Bin City’s airport was filled with lush trees.

At the boarding gate, everyone in the queue, regardless of their gender or age, turned to look at the girl standing beside them. It could not be helped. That red hair was too eye-catching, and the turn rate was 100%. However, when everyone saw the girl’s appearance, the surprise in their eyes was replaced by a deep shock. In their opinion, this redness was not her being exaggerating. Instead, it made her look even more wild.

Xue Xi was wearing a baseball cap, and the mist in her cold eyes seemed to have dissipated a lot. Her expression was still indifferent.

“Xixi, you must take good care of yourself outside, understand?” Ye Li was supported by Xue Sheng as she wiped her eyes and held Xue Xi’s hand reluctantly.

Xue Sheng’s lips twitched. “Why are you crying? You’ll see her again in two days.”

Ye Li paused. “Oh, right.”

She wiped her tearless eyes and stood up straight, but she grumbled, “It’s all your fault for being so wishy-washy. Otherwise, we would have gone to the capital with Xixi today!”

Xue Sheng almost rolled his eyes.

This madam had really forgotten about him after having a daughter!

Ye Li nagged for a long time before turning to look at Xiang Huai, who was accompanying Xue Xi. “Xiao Xiang, you must take good care of her, understand?”

Xiang Huai listened patiently. There was no impatience on the man’s face as he nodded.

Ye Li glanced at Xue Xi again and waved at Xiang Huai.

Xiang Huai lowered his head and Ye Li hurriedly said, “You have to take note of Xixi’s mental health at all times. Also, that Gao Yanchen was Xixi’s friend. She grew up in an orphanage and doesn’t have many friends. That’s why she’s so sad after losing one. Don’t be jealous!”

Xiang Huai was indeed a little jealous. “… Okay.”

Ye Li sighed as she watched Xue Xi and Xiang Huai bring a lackey, Qin Shuang, to the plane.

Xue Sheng asked, “What did you just say?”

Ye Li rolled her eyes, but even this action was exceptionally elegant. “You don’t understand. Xixi doesn’t know how to date, so I asked Xiao Xiang to be more tolerant. I’m afraid that Xiao Xiang will be jealous of her being so sad over another boy.”

Xue Sheng’s lips twitched.

Having booked business cla.s.s cabins, the three of them boarded the plane. After everyone sat down in the business cla.s.s, Xue Xi picked up a book and started reading.

Just as she’d sat down and taken out her eye mask, Qin Shuang, who was about to use it to sleep, suddenly felt that she was too dispirited.

The corners of her lips twitched and she could not help but look at the book in Xue Xi’s hands.

It was no longer the English book whose name could not be understood. It had become another book: “Arrangements.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

Sister Xi has a wide range of hobbies.

She yawned loudly and took out her own book to take a look. In the end, she still struggled for 0.05 seconds before choosing to sleep and closing her eyes.

Xiang Huai sat beside Xue Xi. Dressed in black, he looked exceptionally elegant, causing everyone in the business cla.s.s to look at him.

However, Xiang Huai completely ignored them and only stared at the little kid.

He recalled that the moment he turned on his phone after completing the mission, he had received three voice messages from the little kid. He was filled with hope and wanted to listen to what the little kid had told him, but the three messages were all “it’s nothing,” “it’s nothing,” “it’s nothing…”

Xiang Huai: “…”

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Before he could take a closer look at his complicated feelings, he received the bad news that something had happened in Bin City. Without another word, he rushed to Bin City.

Xiang Huai: “…”

Peace returned to the cabin.

At this moment, he heard the unfamiliar mother and daughter’s conversation.

Daughter: “Mom, look at that girl. She has red hair and is so cool!”

Mother: “What’s so cool about it? Let me tell you, don’t follow her example. Although her face is beautiful, she looks like a non-mainstream hooligan. Girls should look like girls. Look, after the college entrance examination, those who do well will go on vacation happily and play around. She’s still reading… One look and you can tell that she’s not good at her studies. It’s only right that you do well in your studies!”

Daughter: “…”

The mother had said these in a low voice. In short, she looked down on Xue Xi.

Xiang Huai lowered his eyes and suddenly said, “May I ask if you guys are going to the capital for a vacation? Are you done with the college entrance examination?”

The mother raised her chin proudly. “Yes! My daughter got into the Capital University of Information Technology. That’s a good university!”

Xiang Huai curled his lips and said in an exaggerated tone, “Wow, that’s amazing.”

His words made the mother’s ego inflate. She lifted her chin and looked at Xue Xi. “Did your girlfriend also take the college entrance examination this year?”

Xiang Huai nodded. “Yes.”

The mother started nagging. “… If one doesn’t suffer when one is young, one will feel sad when one is old. Look, if one doesn’t study hard in high school, one will still have to work hard after the college entrance examination. Girls can’t just pour all their energy on surface appearances, they have to pay attention to the inside too! Look at my daughter. The Capital University of Information Technology is a key university! It’s part of Project 211!”

Xiang Huai: “I’m so envious of your daughter.”

The mother continued, “F*ck, you don’t have to be envious. She has suffered a lot in high school. This is what it means to be blessed after suffering.”

After saying that, the mother asked, “By the way, which university did your girlfriend get accepted into?”

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