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Young Master Yan

Chapter 314 - Change the Will?

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Chapter 314: Change the Will?

Xue Xi paused.

She did not enter and wanted to give this grandfather and grandson some s.p.a.ce to chat.

Elder Gao’s voice was filled with helplessness. After saying this, he coughed, making one feel sad.

Gao Yanchen was still filled with anger. “Is this the reason why you lied to me? Do you know how I spent the past half a year?!

“I slept later than a dog and woke up earlier than a chicken. I used half a year’s time to learn someone else’s six-year course. Do you know how hard it was to do it?!

“This is the darkest period of my life!

“And all of this is because you gave me hope! You said it yourself. If I get into Huaxia University, you’ll tell me the truth and let me choose my own life! But what happened in the end?

“Everyone said that I can’t get in and told me not to work so hard. Anyway, my family is rich, so I can just donate to Bin City University. Why should I make things difficult for myself?

“Even the teacher is advising me to just do my best. But I was not convinced. I worked so hard just to tell them that no matter when they start working hard, it’s not too late! I did it! Do you know how happy I was the moment the scores were announced?!”

His voice trembled. “My friend, Sister Xi, is helping me. Old Liu is also helping me. Even those students who used to mock me can only encourage me and not mock me in the later stages!

“I thought that I used my abilities to prove everything and that all the students acknowledged me, but I didn’t expect that the person who dislikes me the most in this world is you!”

Elder Gao paused. Looking at Gao Yanchen’s sad and desperate expression, his pupils shrank and he was speechless.

Actually, he had never thought that Xiao Chen could really get into Huaxia University in half a year. That was why he had given that hope.

Gao Yanchen looked at him and felt that he had nowhere to vent his disappointment and anger. He kicked the trash can again and the trash can hit the cabinet with a bang.

He clenched his fists and felt like hitting someone. However, the person in front of him was his grandfather… He could not hit or scold him.

Gao Yanchen’s anger was held in his chest. In the end, he turned around and left the office!

Xue Xi followed Gao Yanchen. He did not drive when he went downstairs and just walked along the busy streets of Bin City.

The young man was tall and skinny. He had lost a lot of weight in the past half a year. At this moment, his short-sleeved shirt was hanging on his body. It was empty. From behind, one could see his shoulder blades protruding. However, the usually arrogant person now had a hint of loneliness.

Xue Xi suddenly quickened her pace and followed. She asked, “Little Flame, do you want to go to Huaxia University?”

After walking for so long, Gao Yanchen did not seem as furious as before. However, something was being released from his heart that was stuck in his chest. When he heard this, he said without hesitation, “Yes.”

Xue Xi said, “I might be able to think of a way to help you change your choice back. It’s not the final moment yet and there should be enough time.”

Gao Yanchen’s eyes lit up. “Okay.”

He had already grown up and did not want to live under his grandfather’s protection forever!

At this moment, Xue Xi’s phone rang. She paused and picked up the call, but a voice came from the other end. “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Xue. I’m Elder Gao’s secretary. He didn’t pick up the call when I called Young Master. Can you help me contact Young Master? Elder Gao has had a heart attack and has been admitted to the hospital.”

When the two of them arrived at the hospital, they found the ward.

Hearing that Elder Gao had woken up, Gao Yanchen slowed down and stood at the door, unsure if he should enter.

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At this moment, Elder Gao’s conversation with the attending doctor came from the ward.

However, when he thought of the old man’s death, he suddenly panicked.

“Elder Gao, you still need to recuperate. Otherwise, those two years might become shorter. Also, don’t be angry and try to make yourself comfortable. I’ll leave first. Call me if there’s anything.”

After saying this, the doctor walked toward the door.

Gao Yanchen instinctively took a step back and pulled Xue Xi to hide at the corner.

After the doctor left, Gao Yanchen stood rooted to the ground and did not enter.

He turned around and left the hospital.

Just as they left the hospital, Flame Number One, Qin Shuang, and the rest of the Roaring Flame Society rushed over, having heard the news. Seven to eight red-haired boys and girls stood together, causing everyone to look at them.

Flame Number One said, “Brother Chen, it’s fine. If it doesn’t work, I’ll change my choice. Or I might as well not go to university and accompany you in Bin City!”

Flame Number Two also said, “Yes, we wanted to go to the capital to be with you. Since you’re not going, then we won’t go.”

The rest: “Yes, it’s good to stay in Bin City and eat and drink. d.a.m.n, we’re used to following you. We’ll go wherever you go!”

Qin Shuang could not bear to part with Cen Bai and said, “Is there no other way? I don’t think Huaxia University will be so unreasonable. Sister Xi, can you get someone to help?”

Everyone turned to look at Xue Xi.

Xue Xi looked at Gao Yanchen and slowly said, “I can find someone. Are you changing your choice?”

Changing his choice?

Gao Yanchen fell silent. He looked at his brothers from the Roaring Flame Society and the coldest sentence the doctor had ever said flashed across his mind. “Two years.”

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