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Chapter 313 - Acceptance Result

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Chapter 313: Acceptance Result

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For the first time, Xue Xi felt nervous and kept staring at the computer.

After being refreshed time and time again, the results page came out. At five o’clock sharp, the results were finally out…

Qin Shuang had a boisterous personality and shouted, “It’s out, it’s out! Hurry and see if it’s Huaxia or Huazhong!”

After saying that, she looked up.

Gao Yanchen, who had always been arrogant, was extremely nervous at this moment. He instinctively looked elsewhere and coughed.

Before Qin Shuang could see the results, someone called. She picked up the call and put it on speaker. The cla.s.s monitor, Zhou Zhen, said, “Qin Shuang, I’ve been accepted by Huaxia University! I’ve been accepted! Although I’ve been transferred to a specialization, I’ve been accepted! Gao Yanchen is a level higher than me, so there definitely won’t be a problem! I can go to the capital with you guys!”

The moment he said this, Qin Shuang looked at Gao Yanchen and shouted, “Congratulations, Brother Chen!”

Gao Yanchen heaved a sigh of relief.

Only Xue Xi, who was listening to their conversation, tensed up. She had always had better hearing and eyesight than ordinary people, but at this moment, she suspected that she had seen wrongly.

This was because Gao Yanchen’s admission results clearly wrote: Bin City University.

Bin City University was also a key university. It was still part of Projects 211 and 985, but Gao Yanchen’s goal was the capital!

Before Xue Xi could speak, Qin Shuang and Gao Yanchen turned to look at the screen. When they saw those words, Gao Yanchen’s face instantly turned as pale as a sheet.

Qin Shuang exclaimed, “This… How is this possible? Brother Chen, you didn’t even register for Bin City University!”

After saying that, she continued, “Could it be that Huaxia and Huazhong University did not accept you? Bin City University took a fancy to you and transferred you over? But how is that possible? You’re ranked 266th. Even Zhou Zhen was accepted, so how can you… It must be a system malfunction. There must have been a problem!”

Gao Yanchen’s face was dark as he remained silent. He exited the system and logged in again… It was still Bin City University.

Gao Yanchen clenched his jaw and sat there in a daze.

Qin Shuang, on the other hand, was panicking. She asked, “That’s impossible. What exactly went wrong? Give the admissions office a call and ask!”

Gao Yanchen nodded. When he called the admissions office, because the admission results were out today, there were too many calls and he could not get through.

In the end, Xue Xi said, “I’ll ask.”

She immediately called Teaches Math.

Feng Xingshen quickly picked up the call. When he heard Xue Xi’s question, he said, “I’ll go ask.”

Five minutes later, Feng Xingshen called and said, “Sister Xi, logically speaking, this friend of yours should be able to get in based on his scores. There are many people who applied for Huazhong University this year, so his score was just in line. However, I called the admissions office and they said that the school did not receive his application.”

Xue Xi was stunned.

Qin Shuang could not help but ask, “Why didn’t they receive it?”

Feng Xingshen said, “I got them to investigate a few times, but they all said that they did not receive it. This means that his choices did not include us. I also find it strange. I even called the admissions office of Huazhong University and got them to help investigate. They said that they did not manage to find his application. In the end, I found someone to check the application he submitted and found a problem.”

Xue Xi asked, “What?”

Feng Xingshen sighed. “Did your friend offend someone? He did fill in the application form, but we realized that someone changed his application the next day. His first choice became Bin City University… His score is so high that Bin City University will definitely accept him!”

Changing his choice…

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Following Feng Xingshen’s words, Xue Xi’s first reaction was that Little Flame did not have an enemy who would maliciously change his choices. Right?

Hence, Elder Gao wanted to trap him in Bin City.

And only parents could change the student’s files.

After saying that, Xue Xi instructed the chauffeur, “Go to the Gao family’s corporation building.”

Uncle Li nodded.

Just as the car arrived at the company building, he saw Gao Yanchen’s sports car parked in front of the building and blocking the way arrogantly. It was obvious that he had rushed upstairs the moment he arrived.

Xue Xi and Qin Shuang alighted and rushed to Elder Gao’s office.

They were not afraid that Gao Yanchen would do something immoral, but they wanted him to have a friend standing beside him at this moment.

The elevator was busy and could not get down for a while.

Xue Xi and Qin Shuang climbed up the stairs.

Qin Shuang could not crawl anymore. She waved her hand. “Sister Xi, don’t wait for me. Go first!”

Xue Xi nodded and continued running upstairs.

This building had a total of 28 floors. She ran upstairs in one go and heard the employees exclaim, “It’s too scary. What happened?”

She walked out and saw a mess.

The employees’ doc.u.ments were all over the floor and they were busy picking them up. It was enough to see how furious Gao Yanchen was.

Xue Xi rushed to Elder Gao’s office and was just about to push open the door when she suddenly heard an old voice coming from inside. “Xiao Chen, can you bear to let me, a white-haired old man, experience sending such a young person off again?!”

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