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Young Master Yan

Chapter 312 - Xue Xi Is Not Human, She Is the Goddess of Studying

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Chapter 312: Xue Xi Is Not Human, She Is the G.o.ddess of Studying

Math: 150 marks.

Literature: 150 marks.

English: 150 marks.

Science Comprehensive: 300 marks.

Total score: 750 marks.



Qin Shuang was silent for a while. She stared at the score and was so shocked that she could not speak.

Getting 745 marks was already a miracle, but she did not expect Sister Xi to actually get… full marks? What kind of concept was full marks?!

Qin Shuang was so excited that she could not speak. At this moment, her phone vibrated again. Old Liu sent a message in the group chat: “This year’s provincial top scorer is Xue Xi!! The Education Department just called our school! Congratulations, Xue Xi, you scored 750—full marks!”

The moment this score was announced, the entire group exploded.

Xue Xi did not notice what they were saying. After telling Little Flame the scores, she hung up the call and picked up her phone to search for Xiang Huai’s number again.

Actually, it did not matter to her how many marks she scored. However, at this moment, her first reaction was to tell Xiang Huai this news.

She was the top scholar in the college entrance examination.

However, there had been no news of the other party for almost four months. No one knew where he went…

Xue Xi paused and finally found Omnipotent Boss’s WeChat. “Teacher, I scored 750 marks in the college entrance examination.”

Recently, in order to prepare for the college entrance examination, she had been tutoring Little Flame and the chatterbox. She rarely played with her phone, so it had been a long time since she’d sent a message to Omnipotent Boss.

However, after sending this message today, Omnipotent Boss, who usually replied instantly, ignored her.

Xue Xi paused. For some unknown reason, she suddenly felt a sense of emptiness in her heart as though something was missing.

She lowered her head and pressed her chest. Just as she was thinking, Qin Shuang had already extended her arm and pounced at her in shock. “Sister Xi, you’re too amazing! You’re the provincial top scorer! You’re too amazing!

“Sister Xi, why did you score 750? This is too unlike you! No, I’m not saying that your score doesn’t seem to be yours. It’s your essay, you always get a few marks deducted… That’s not right. I’m not saying that your language and penmanship are bad. On the contrary, your pen is very beautiful. To be honest, you don’t have any feelings… Ah, I don’t know what I’m saying either. Anyway, Sister Xi, you’re amazing! You’re amazing! You’re too amazing. You’re simply inhuman!”

#Xue Xi is not human. She is the G.o.ddess of Studying#. This thread instantly swept the entire internet and even became a trending topic. After all, a perfect score for the college entrance examination has never appeared since ancient times. This was the first time!

Xue Xi pursed her lips when she heard Qin Shuang’s words.

There were people who scored full marks in the essay compet.i.tion every year, but it was true that she had never obtained full marks for it in the mock examination. Even though there were reasonable and well-founded discussions, the teachers always said that her essay seemed to have been made by intelligent AI. Her essay was beautiful and well-written, but it lacked the most basic of feelings.

However, the subject of this college entrance examination was: Missing.

What was missing?

Xue Xi did not know how good her essay was, but when she saw this t.i.tle, she thought of Xiang Huai…

In the cla.s.s group, Old Liu’s words directly slapped Xue Yao’s face.

After Xue Xi’s scores were announced, everyone complimented her. Old Liu contacted Xue Xi and said that there were reporters who wanted to interview her, but they were all rejected by her.

Soon, the names of the few people who scored well in the cla.s.s were announced.

Qin Shuang, the little gossiping expert, found out about the students’ scores from somewhere and said to Xue Xi, “Brother Chen’s results in the college entrance examination are extraordinary. He got into the fifth place in the level! Even Zhou Zhen is one point lower than him! Zhou Zhen just said that he wants to apply to Huaxia University no matter what. At most, he’ll choose a conservative university.”

Xue Xi nodded.

“Oh right, do you know how many marks Xue Yao scored? Hahaha, she only scored 575 marks and can only go to a mediocre second-tier school. She has always flaunted herself as a genius and always looks down on this and that. I thought she would score well! I heard that she cried at home and even smashed her room!”

Xue Xi was not concerned about Xue Yao’s matters. She nodded distractedly and continued reading.

After Qin Shuang was done gossiping, she asked, “Are you going to school tomorrow?”

Xue Xi had already been guaranteed admission and had already chosen her major: Mathematics.

Hence, she did not need to go to the path of applying for her first choice. This way, she could give up a spot for Jiangnan Province.

Tomorrow would be the last time the third-year students would gather in the school. Logically speaking, even if they did not fill in the application form, they should still go.

However, Sister Xi was an exception. She did not like crowds, so Qin Shuang asked.

Unexpectedly, Xue Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Has Sister Xi changed?

Just as she thought this, she heard Xue Xi say, “Mr. Liu said that he wants to take a photo.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

She knew it. If there was nothing else, how could Sister Xi join in the fun?!

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The next day, everyone arrived at the school at 9 AM.

Elder Gao’s expression was very lonely. “Then do you know what you will face when you go to the capital?”

Gao Yanchen replied, “I know. It’s the truth behind my parents’ deaths and endless danger, but I’m not afraid! I’m already prepared to face those!”

Elder Gao remained silent.

Just as Gao Yanchen was recollecting, Flame Number One interrupted his train of thought. “Sister Xi is going to the capital in early July and is going to the National Mathematical Olympiad to represent the country in the IMO compet.i.tion, right? Since everyone is going to the capital, why don’t we go together? If we go early, we can familiarize ourselves with the environment!”

Qin Shuang immediately said, “Okay!”

She had originally intended to go to the capital with Xue Xi to look for Cen Bai, but it’s not safe for a young lady to be all alone outside. If she went with a big family like the Roaring Flame Society, there would be nothing to be afraid of!

The rest agreed. “Alright! Let’s buy the tickets!”

Flame Number One was a man of action. After saying that, he started gathering everyone’s ident.i.ty card information to buy tickets. At this moment, Gao Yanchen said, “What tickets? I’ll get my family’s car to send us there!”


Feng Yan returned to the capital after Gao Yanchen’s college entrance examination. After all, the team needed him. After the two of them agreed to Gao Yanchen’s application, they found time to look for him.

The group of people walked into the cla.s.sroom excitedly.

The application process was very smooth. Gao Yanchen and Zhou Zhen were both interested in gambling. After all, their scores were indeed very dangerous.

However, they did not regret it.

The first choice was Huaxia University, the second was Huazhong University, and the third was a school in the capital.

Whatever happened, he could always get into the capital.

After announcing their first choice, while everyone was nervously waiting for the results, July quietly arrived.

On the fifth of July, Qin Shuang saw the admission notice on the Internet early in the morning. Indeed, as the winner of the cultural cla.s.s, she successfully got into the Capital Film and Television Academy!

Immediately, Flame Number One, Flame Number Two, and the rest also found the admission notice.

Only Gao Yanchen and Zhou Zhen’s admissions results were not confirmed. After all, there were too many people applying for Huaxia University. The specialization they applied for might also not be enough, and they’d have to accept being transferred to another school…

The school that the two of them listed as their third choice had always been empty.

Qin Shuang was extremely nervous. Even Xue Xi could not stand her book and kept paying attention to their situation.

Since 9 AM, the two of them had been refreshing the admission results frequently. Qin Shuang and Xue Xi were worried about him and decided to go to the Gao family. The three of them were in Gao Yanchen’s study room and staring at the computer.

At five in the afternoon, the admission results were finally out…

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