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Chapter 311 - Provincial Top Student!

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Chapter 311: Provincial Top Student!

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Hearing Qin Shuang’s question, Xue Xi said, “I don’t know.”

After saying that, she stared at Gao Yanchen’s score in the group and frowned slightly. Gao Yanchen’s score was indeed very high, but it was not high enough.

In other words, she was not sure if he could reach the admission cutoff score for Huaxia University.

Last year’s lowest score was 690.

This year’s questions were similar to last year’s. Gao Yanchen was likely online.

She was a little worried about Gao Yanchen.

Qin Shuang was already urging her. “Hurry up and check the scores!”

The college entrance examination scores were a huge matter.

Although Xue Xi could enter Huaxia University no matter how many marks she scored, Qin Shuang still wanted to see the G.o.ddess of Studying create history again and again.


Qin Shuang picked up her phone and entered Jiangnan Province’s college entrance examination forum.

Everyone in the forum was guessing who the winner of the college entrance examination this year would be. Everyone was guessing Li Xuekai because he was too outstanding.

Of course, there were also people who guessed that it was Xue Xi from Bin City International High School.

However, there were many doubts below this thread.

“International High School. I knew it was hopeless the moment I heard this name!”

“Is it that Xue Xi who got first in the Math Olympiad? Just because her mathematics is good doesn’t mean that she is strong!”


“Most of the students who have been admitted are not as hardworking and diligent as the rest. Hence, I won’t vote for her and Li Xuekai. I’ll vote for someone in our school…”

There was even a poll in the forum.

Li Xuekai was fifth, but Xue Xi did not even enter the top ten.

As Qin Shuang voted for Xue Xi, she followed her to her room and took her examination ID number. She turned on her computer and entered her ID number.

At this moment, a line of words appeared in the thread: “The winner of the college entrance examination has been announced. Student Li Xuekai scored 745 marks!”

The perfect score for the college entrance examination was 750 marks. In all these years, very few people had scored 740 marks. Li Xuekai actually scored 745?

This was simply a miracle!

Qin Shuang recalled that during Xue Xi’s mock exam, her score for the essay would often be deducted, so it was already not bad if she could score 740 marks.

She bit her lip, but she was cursing in her heart. Why did this Li Xuekai score so high? He caused Sister Xi’s college entrance examination top scorer spot to be gone!

This was too much!

She stared at Xue Xi and felt that Sister Xi definitely wanted to get first. Otherwise, she would not have partic.i.p.ated in the college entrance examination… If Sister Xi knew that she did not get first, what should she do?

She could not help but look at the computer screen, antic.i.p.ating the arrival of a miracle. Although she already knew that the possibility was very small…

Just as Xue Xi was about to key in the last number, her phone rang.

Gao Yanchen’s voice came from the other end. “How many marks?”

Xue Xi: “… Not yet.”

“Oh,” Gao Yanchen replied. “Hurry up and check!”

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Xue Xi: “?”

Usually, she would rarely get such high scores in the mock exam because her essay would always be deducted…

It seemed that the first in the college entrance examination this year was Li Xuekai, huh?

Xue Xi held her phone in one hand and keyed in the last ID number with the other. She clicked the search b.u.t.ton and the computer system started to spin.

Once the scores were out, everyone would definitely be checking and there would be a small delay.

Qin Shuang comforted, “You’ll have to wait two minutes before it comes out.”

Xue Xi was not anxious at all. “Oh,” she replied and asked Gao Yanchen, “What’s your ranking in our province?”

Gao Yanchen replied, “266th in the province.”

Xue Xi paused when she heard this reply.

Huaxia University only accepted 150 students from Jiangnan Province. Huazhong University was the same. Huaxia University was ranked first in the overall ranking, so the students with high scores would definitely choose Huaxia University and then Huazhong…

If Gao Yanchen wanted to enter Huaxia, he had to expect that half of the people ahead of him would choose Huazhong.

This was a little difficult.

Gao Yanchen had clearly thought of it as well. His voice was extremely arrogant and a.s.sured. Even though he was not in front of Xue Xi, she could still feel his arrogance. “I’ll just apply for Huaxia University. I don’t care if I can get in because I’ve already tried my best and won’t regret it.”

While they were speaking, Old Liu had already started to appear in the group chat to collect everyone’s scores.

After everyone reported their scores, Xue Yao popped her head: “Li Xuekai scored 745 marks. He is definitely the provincial top scorer! Hence, some people’s dream of being the top scorer is shattered. I wonder how many marks you scored? @Learning.”

Just as she said this, the computer in front of Xue Xi had already entered the scoring system. The scores of each subject instantly appeared in front of her.

Qin Shuang also looked over anxiously. Before she could see the total score, her phone vibrated.

She lowered her head and saw Old Liu in the group chat: “Who said that Li Xuekai is this year’s provincial top scorer?”

Qin Shuang’s pupils constricted when she saw this. She suddenly looked up at Xue Xi’s score!

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