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Chapter 310 - The Scores Are Out

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Chapter 310: The Scores Are Out

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Gao Yanchen said, “I think it’s alright.”

The lesson that Xue Xi had taught him and the chatterbox was very useful. He had even correctly answered a few questions, making the college entrance examination much easier than Gao Yanchen had imagined.

Xue Xi nodded. “That’s good.”

Qin Shuang was not nervous at all. Her grades were not bad to begin with, and she was banking on the Film and Television Academy. Their admission score was relatively low, so she basically pa.s.sed it steadily. She might even be able to get in with a high score.

After the college entrance examination, everyone was very relaxed.

Qin Shuang said, “We’re finally done! Let’s make an appointment! Let’s play all night!”

Xue Xi: “?”

However, the cla.s.s president, Zhou Zhen, was also in the same examination hall as them. When he saw Gao Yanchen, he hurriedly waved. “Let’s meet up tonight!”

Hence, Gao Yanchen booked another huge private room. Zhou Zhen went to the cla.s.s chat group to call for reinforcements.

Xue Xi did not intend to go. She was just about to go home to take a look at the chemistry books that she had not seen for a long time when Qin Shuang dragged her into the car.

Ye Li, who was waiting outside the examination hall, immediately gave her a break when she heard that the students were going to play. She even said, “You’re not allowed to come back tonight, and you’re not allowed to study when you come back!”

If Xue Xi could not study… she might as well not go back.

Helpless, Xue Xi was dragged to the club by a few people.

This club was the Gao family’s business. Before the examination, Gao Yanchen had already informed the club not to receive anyone tonight.

The 40 students sat at two tables and started eating.

After the examination, everyone could feel that the others were relaxed. However, there were also a few students who were very depressed and probably did not perform well. There were even some who started crying in the corner. The students beside them hurriedly comforted them.

There were also some who felt that the examination was very tough and could not help but complain. As they drank, they also cried. Soon, the private room was filled with tears.

Even Qin Shuang had drunk too much and was hugging Xue Xi and crying. “Sister Xi, I’m finally done with the exams. I’m also free. I can have time to chase after my idol! Wuwu, you don’t know how tough it’s been for me. My husband said that if I can’t get into the Capital Film and Television Academy, he’ll ignore me… Wuwuwu… Burp…”

Xue Xi: “…”

No wonder the chatterbox, who was most afraid of hardship, worked so hard during the final sprint of the college entrance examination.

She sat in her seat and looked at the crowd. She realized that even Xue Yao’s eyes had turned red. It was as though she was lamenting about her past life. She felt that life was filled with all kinds of emotions.

However, she was still a little confused.

She did not know why everyone was crying.

Those who did not do well cried, those who did well cried, the girls cried, the boys cried… Xue Xi could not help but shake her head.

She thought that she probably would not be able to learn how to cry in this lifetime.

Qin Shuang had drunk too much and felt a little nauseous. Xue Xi helped her to the washroom outside. The washroom in the private room had long been occupied.

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Fortunately, the venue was booked tonight and there was no one in the washroom outside.

They left the school after taking photos.

Many people tore up their books and threw them away. They also sold waste products, and the entire school was in a mess.

Moreover, from the moment the examination was over until the time when the scores were out, Gao Yanchen was too nervous. He could only play games with Feng Yan every day.

Qin Shuang, on the other hand, started practicing her singing, her poses, and her flexibility. There would definitely be no problem in her cultural cla.s.s, but her scores for the art examination were not high and she barely pa.s.sed.

Before she got into university, she had to work harder.

Only Xue Xi’s life was the same as before. She held her books every day and looked no different from before. She was currently learning Italian and intended to learn j.a.panese, Korean, and other languages in the future.

When she saw Xue Xi’s summer vacation plan, Qin Shuang was stunned.

She was now waiting for her results to be out and applying for her first choice before going to the capital to meet Cen Bai.

The scorching summer finally arrived. At the end of June, the college entrance examination scores were finally out!

During the exact moment that the scores went out, Xue Xi was reading French when she suddenly heard Qin Shuang’s scream. She was shocked and rushed to her room before hearing Qin Shuang exclaim, “Sister Xi! I actually scored 630 marks!”

This score was definitely high enough for the examination candidates. They might even be able to enter as first place.

However, Xue Xi and Qin Shuang were most concerned about Gao Yanchen. Both of them picked up their phones and were about to ask when they saw Gao Yanchen send a message in the group chat: “686 marks.”

“So high!”

Qin Shuang looked at Xue Xi in surprise. “Sister Xi, how many marks did you get?”

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