Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Remember to Miss Me


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The Math Star was not an official compet.i.tion and was held in the neighboring city. Hence, they had to gather in the school on Friday afternoon. The compet.i.tion would take place on and they would return on Sunday.

Ye Li was feeling worried when Xue Xi was leaving home on Friday morning. After checking her luggage several times and making sure that she did not leave anything behind, she walked her daughter out. “Xixi, are you really alright? Maybe I should accompany you there.”

Xue Xi shook her head and replied slowly, “No need.”

Ye Li was still anxious. After all, Xue Xi had never left the orphanage since she was young. She then replied hesitatingly, “I’ll give Fan Han a call and get him to look out for you.”

Before Xue Xi could reject her, Old Lady Xue said, “Isn’t it just a minor exam? Yaoyao has partic.i.p.ated in numerous exams since she was young and has never been afraid. Some people really know how to a.s.sume airs of importance.”

Xue Xi could not be bothered with her and left as if she did not hear it. When she got in the car, her phone vibrated. It turned out to be the daily greeting from Canine Teeth.

Big Lu: “What do you feel like having today?”

At the provision store.

After having breakfast, as usual, Xue Xi grabbed Xiang Huai’s hand without any expression on her face.

Right, it was “grab”—there was not any shyness nor the beauty of a dating couple in that action.

Xiang Huai leaned back. His sharp eyes were shining with gentle brightness and his firm jaw appeared slightly relaxed.

He looked lazily at Xue Xi, and just as she was going to let go, he held her hand tighter and smiled. “Little kid, hold on for a while more.”

Xue Xi paused. “Why?”

Xiang Huai said without any embarra.s.sment, “We won’t be able to hold hands tomorrow, so we need to hold on for tomorrow and the day after.”


Xue Xi forcefully retrieved her hand, and just as she was about to leave, she heard his low voice ring. “Little kid.”

She slowly lifted her head and stared into Xiang Huai’s glowing dark brown eyes. He continued to smile. “Remember to think of me.”

Xue Xi nodded obediently. “Got it.”

After all, her heart would hurt if she did not think of him.

Just as she turned around, she saw Canine Teeth. Thinking of his daily greetings and the breakfast he prepared, she said politely, “Thank you.”

Lu Chao: “?”

When she left the provision store, Lu Chao could sense the iciness coming from someone even without turning his head. Instantly, he said nervously, “Boss, listen to my explanation! No, what have I done? I did nothing at all, right?”

In the afternoon, everyone boarded the bus that the school had prepared. After more than five hours of travel, they found a five-star hotel in the vicinity of the compet.i.tion venue.

There were eleven students from the international school, and eight were boys while three were girls. Since the other two girls stayed together, Xue Xi was alone.

She was not bothered by these matters. After all, before leaving home, Xue Sheng transferred to her another hundred thousand yuan so staying alone was not a problem.

Old Liu, however, was very worried and said to her, “I’m afraid that you’ll be scared at night, so I got another girl, who is alone, from Bin City First High School. You guys can look out for one another if you guys stay together.”

Xue Xi nodded.

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Bin City First High School was the school with the highest national examination graduation rates in Bin City. It was also really well-known in the country and the school had more than thirty students!

Ding! At this moment, Xue Xi, who was deeply engrossed in her book, heard her phone ring.

She shot a glance at it and realized it was from Canine Teeth. “Have you arrived?”

Xue Xi wanted to type but she was still writing. Multi-tasking, she replied with a voice message. “Mhm, I arrived long ago.”

After saying this, she had finally gotten the answer and forgot to let go of the voice message b.u.t.ton.

Liu Liyuan threw her book on the desk in annoyance and complained to her phone. “The girl in the same room is so annoying. She kept playing with her phone and I can’t even read my book in silence. Aren’t those from international schools the children of the wealthy? Why must she squeeze in the same room as me? Or are the wealthy like this too?”

Xue Xi had just finished her question and heard her words. She lifted her finger and the voice message was sent.

She did not think about these and gradually furrowed her brows.

She did not care about others’ opinions because their words would not cause any loss to her. However, this did not mean that she would take it lying down!

Staring at Liu Liyuan, she said casually, “The one who has been talking for thirty minutes seems to be you, right?”

Liu Liyuan flew into a rage instantly. “What do you mean? If it were not for you, I would have been staying alone. Why must you insist on squeezing with me?!”

Xue Xi’s eyes turned cold.

Putting down her book, she slowly stood up and said coldly with an intimidating aura, “If you don’t want to stay with me, you can leave.”

Liu Liyuan was stunned. She became fl.u.s.tered for two seconds before shouting, “Why should I leave? This is my room and you should be the one leaving! Oh, I know. Could it be that you aren’t from a rich family and can’t even afford a room?”

Just as she said that, a knocking on the door was heard.

Liu Liyuan was slightly fearful of the look in Xue Xi’s eyes. She quickly stood up and dashed to the door. There, she saw a customer service officer standing at the entrance. “Are you Ms. Xue Xi? h.e.l.lo, your presidential suite has been prepared. Do you need us to carry your luggage for you?”

Liu Liyuan: “?”

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