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Chapter 309 - College Entrance Examination!

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Chapter 309: College Entrance Examination!

Was there hope?

Xue Xi recalled that he had been improving at a G.o.dly speed recently. Gao Yanchen was not dumb to begin with, and he could even be said to be very smart. After six months of hard work, he was already close to being in the top twenty in the level.

With this result, it should not be a problem for him to get into any school other than Huaxia and Huazhong, but Huaxia University…

In the entire Bin City International High School, other than the candidates for admission, only five could get in at most!

Gao Yanchen’s hopes were very small.

However, the examination was coming soon. Xue Xi was silent for a moment before replying: “Don’t leave after school.”

Old Liu’s examiner had already reached the last step. “… Students, let’s go! After working hard for so many years, we’ll just have to wait for these two days! Alright, everyone can leave school now. You guys will be the emperor in the next two days. Hurry up and take this opportunity to ask for more things from home! Let me remind you one last time, don’t eat cold food. Endure it for two days and don’t eat those until you’re done!”


After the deafening sound in the cla.s.sroom, everyone started walking out.

When there was no one else in the cla.s.sroom, Gao Yanchen came over. He hooked a chair with his toes and sat beside the chatterbox. He and the chatterbox looked at Xue Xi.

Qin Shuang asked, “Sister Xi, what’s wrong?”

Xue Xi thought about it and said, “I’ve compiled a few exercise questions and wanted to show them to you guys.”

Everything had a pattern. For example, when it came to mathematics questions, every question tested the knowledge points. In fact, it was easy to get into the trap of mistaking the questions.

Xue Xi had sorted out some of the examination materials, and she could be considered to have done too many exercise questions. The experience she’d gained was invaluable. After all, the chatterbox and Little Flame had spent a lot of their time just being tutored. Their time spent on doing questions had been greatly reduced and they had done far fewer than she had.

Gao Yanchen’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Qin Shuang revealed a grateful expression.

Xue Xi was simply so selfless that she’d even share such a private experience!

After Xue Xi spent two hours teaching the two of them about examination experience and traps, the three of them stood up and prepared to leave.

Qin Shuang would stay at the Xue family’s house, but Gao Yanchen would go to the Gao family’s house. When the three of them parted at the school gate, Gao Yanchen placed his hands in his pockets and draped his school jacket over his shoulders. He kicked the stones under his feet and turned to look at Xue Xi.

The setting sun shone on his back. The red light seemed to have a strange harmony with his red hair. The young man’s brows were filled with arrogance. His large and ostentatious eyes were raised and he exuded an unruly aura.

He grinned and said, “Sister Xi, good luck.”

Xue Xi nodded and clenched her fists. “All the best!”

Gao Yanchen looked at the girl’s exquisite face and lowered his eyes. After half a year, he had become even more quiet and steady than before. He suddenly smiled and said, “Sister Xi, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get into Huaxia University and be your cla.s.smate for another four years. Otherwise, how can I defeat you and s.n.a.t.c.h back the position of the leader of the Roaring Flame Society so that you can dye your hair red?”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Xue Xi: “…”


Surrounded by his hearty laughter, Gao Yanchen turned around and strode toward the Gao family’s car. He did not turn back around as he waved at them before nimbly getting into the car.

The car window rolled down and Feng Yan waved at them from the car as a greeting. He then rubbed Gao Yanchen’s hair.

Gao Yanchen tilted his head and glared at Feng Yan.

Feng Yan smiled warmly.

Qin Shuang watched as the two youths bickered as they left in the car. She suddenly said, “Sister Xi, I don’t know why, but when I look at the two of them, I suddenly feel that we’re so pitiful.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Qin Shuang pouted. “The college entrance examination is coming soon, but our boyfriends are not by our side. Sigh!”

Xue Xi blinked blankly. “Aren’t I by your side?”

Qin Shuang pouted. “How is that the same?!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She was at a loss. Feng Yan was Gao Yanchen’s brother. Wasn’t she Qin Shuang’s sister? They were all friends, so why was it different with them?

At this moment, a car not far away suddenly honked twice. Qin Shuang turned around and saw that the car window had rolled down, revealing a person wearing a mask and a baseball cap, which were wrapped tightly around him.

Qin Shuang’s eyes lit up instantly. She rushed over. “Sister Xi, go back first!”

Xue Xi: “…”

She stood rooted to the ground and carried her heavy bag. She sighed obediently and boarded the Xue family’s car to be ferried home.

When the car returned home, it pa.s.sed by the street where the provision store was.

Xue Xi was looking down at the English vocabulary. For some unknown reason, her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly looked up and coincidentally saw the provision store.

The shops on both sides of the provision store were booming with business. The college entrance examination was coming soon, and there was an endless stream of people going to the stationery store. Only the provision store’s door was closed, making it seem a little desolate. Even the plaque “Ye Lai Xiang” appeared lonely.

Xue Xi looked at it for a while before retracting her gaze.

She must be crazy. Why would a provision store be lonely? Moreover, she would not feel lonely because she was already used to being alone.

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The car soon arrived at the Xue family home.

Ji Silin, who had driven away from the Xue family home, turned a corner and could not see Xue Xi in the rearview mirror anymore. The gentleness on his face slowly faded and turned cold.

The next day, everyone went to the examination hall and familiarized themselves with their seats. They returned to rest and prepared for the real college entrance examination.

From the afternoon onwards, Xue Xi had stopped studying. Instead, she watched television and played games. When she logged into her game account, she even saw Feng Yan and Gao Yanchen playing.

The three of them played a few rounds of ranking matches and tortured the pa.s.sersby until they were howling. That night, after dinner, Xue Xi got into bed at 10:30 PM and prepared to sleep.

Before she fell asleep, she subconsciously picked up her phone again.

She subconsciously dialed Xiang Huai’s number again.

The phone rang and Xiang Huai’s long-awaited voice sounded. “Little kid, I’m sorry. I don’t have a signal for now. If you have something on, you can leave a message. I’ll reply when I have a signal.”

Xue Xi wanted to say that she was going to take the college entrance examination tomorrow and would definitely score well.

However, she only replied with two words: “It’s nothing.”

After hanging up, she fell asleep.

In her dream, she saw Xiang Huai, whom she had not seen for three months. The man was wearing the jacket he had worn when he left, but his clothes were dirtier than the other day. There was also mud on his face. He looked pathetic, but he’d become even more masculine.

He smiled at her in the dream and said in a deep voice, “Little kid, good luck in the college entrance examination!”

On the day before the college entrance examination, Bin City was shrouded in dark clouds. The weather forecast said that there would be rain in the next two days. The entire Bin City was facing a formidable enemy. The bus served the high school students, and the taxi drivers even offered rides for free if the students showed their admission ticket.

All the examination halls were already pasted with the notification of what’s to come. It seemed that all the cities were making way for the college entrance examination.

However, in the next two days, the forecast said that the rain would not come. What came were two sunny days, but it was not the scorching sun in the sky. There were two clouds that blocked the sunlight. The temperature was suitable, and it was very comfortable during the examination.

At five in the afternoon on the 8th of June, the examination candidates handed in their papers and swarmed out of the examination hall.

Their high school life had finally come to an end.

Xue Xi walked out of the examination hall in a daze. Looking at the blue sky and the white clouds, she heard the deafening sounds coming from the students and her lips twitched.

In order to express her respect for the college entrance examination, she did not submit her paper in advance. In fact, Bin City’s college entrance examination was not allowed to be submitted in advance.

“Sister Xi, how did you do?”

Qin Shuang had seen her and had rushed over.

Xue Xi replied, “Boring.”

Immediately, she saw a head of red hair in the crowd. Gao Yanchen was relaxed and energetic as he walked over. Xue Xi asked, “How did you do?”

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