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Young Master Yan

Chapter 308 - Do I Have Hope?

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Chapter 308: Do I Have Hope?

In the hospital.

Elder Gao stood there trembling. The doctor was explaining, “He fainted from fatigue. I feel that he hasn’t had a good rest in a long time.”

Elder Gao frowned. “Is there anything else?”

The doctor: “Everything’s fine otherwise. Just let him sleep well!”

Elder Gao heaved a sigh of relief.

Xue Xi and Qin Shuang, who had rushed over, did not know whether to laugh or cry when they heard this result. Meanwhile, Flame Number One said, “Brother Chen has only been sleeping for two hours every day recently.”

Xue Xi fell silent when she heard this.

There were less than three months left until the college entrance examination. Gao Yanchen’s learning progress was simply too slow. Actually, as long as he lowered his expectations a little, there was still hope for him to get into somewhere a level lower than Huaxia University or Huazhong University.

Huaxia University as a goal was really too high.

Xue Xi looked at Elder Gao and asked, “If Little Flame can get into Jiangnan University, it’s already very impressive. Is this not enough?”

Jiangnan University was second only to Huaxia University and Huazhong University. Some of their better majors were even a level above those of Huaxia University.

However, Elder Gao lowered his eyes and shook his head. “No.”

Xue Xi sighed.

She knew that Elder Gao did not want to tell Little Flame the truth because this truth would pose a threat to Little Flame’s safety.

After he said this, Elder Gao’s phone rang, and he left the ward.

After he left, Xue Xi realized that Gao Yanchen’s eyelashes were moving. He slowly opened his eyes and Flame Number One exclaimed, “Brother Chen, your eyes are all red. Hurry and rest!”

Gao Yanchen shook his head and removed the IV needle. “I’m fine. Let’s go back to school!”

Everyone: “…”

After the doctor found out, he hurriedly rushed over. “You have to rest well now. Although you’re young and healthy, you can’t just abuse your body like this. Don’t forget that there are many young people who have suddenly died!”

Gao Yanchen lowered his eyes and walked out silently.

Xue Xi knew that he had heard Elder Gao’s words. He knew that there was no other way!

Gao Yanchen was eccentric and arrogant. He would not listen to anyone. Even Elder Gao could not do anything to him when he returned. Gao Yanchen insisted, “I want to study.”

In the end, they could only get the doctor to inject him with a sedative so he could fall asleep.

However, this could not continue.

Perhaps it was telepathy, but at this moment, Xue Xi’s phone vibrated. She lowered her head and realized that it was actually a WeChat message from Gamer: “Sister Xi, how has Xiao Chen been recently?”

Xue Xi looked at Gao Yanchen and finally made up her mind. She replied: “Not too good.”

Gao Yanchen did not know how long he had been asleep. When the sedative subsided, he suddenly opened his eyes.

The first thing he did was look at the clock on the wall. He had actually slept for eight hours.

He suddenly sat up and heard a sound beside him. He did not turn around and stubbornly said, “Grandpa, unless you plan to inject me with sedative every day, I must study! I must get in to Huaxia University!”

When he said this, he’d originally thought that he was about to face the old patriarch’s angry rebuke, but he did not expect a book to suddenly appear in front of him.

Gao Yanchen was stunned. He turned around and saw Feng Yan smiling at him. He moved his and said gently, “When you were sleeping, I drew up the main points for you. You can just study them!”

Gao Yanchen: “?”

He was stunned and shouted, “Brother?”

Feng Yan lowered his eyes and extended his hand. “Xiao Chen, five years ago, I abandoned you and made you feel lonely for five years. Now, no matter what you choose, I will stand by your side.”

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Gao Yanchen clenched his jaw as warmth surged in his heart.

Everyone felt that they were brothers. As an elder brother, he had always given in to his younger brother.

However, no one knew that Gao Yanchen had actually been giving in to him all this while and had been completely dominated by him.

Feng Yan curled his lips and fell asleep.

Time pa.s.sed by very quickly.

With Feng Yan’s help, Gao Yanchen guaranteed at least five hours of sleep every day. Although it was still not much, it was enough.

After all, he had been waylaying for a long time. If he wanted to surpa.s.s everyone, he had to work a hundred times harder than others.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter. At the beginning of June, everyone had already changed into short-sleeved shirts.

The cla.s.sroom became even quieter because there were only two days left until the college entrance examination.

There would be no more tomorrow. Everyone would go to the examination hall and take the examination the day after tomorrow. After two consecutive days of examination, the students would be released.

Old Liu was doing the pre-test. “… Don’t be nervous. Look at the questions seriously when you’re doing them. Just treat it as an ordinary mock examination!”

Xue Xi was in a daze.

She looked at her phone from time to time. It had been almost three months since Xiang Huai had left, but in those three months, Xiang Huai had not returned her call.

If she had not occasionally asked Canine Teeth if he was still alive or not, Xue Xi would even have suspected that this person had already disappeared from Earth.

Just as she was thinking this, her phone vibrated.

She lowered her head and saw that it was a message from Little Flame: “Sister Xi, do you think I have any hope of getting into Huaxia?”

Xue Xi: “…”

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