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Young Master Yan

Chapter 305 - Development Success! (2)

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Chapter 305: Development Success! (2)

When Deng He heard his a.s.sistant’s words, he frowned and chided, “No matter what, she is still the eldest young mistress. Moreover, she is only 18 years old and is only a high school student. It’s normal that she can’t do it. It’s fine if she is a little stubborn at this age. When it comes to academics, she needs to have this kind of spirit of not turning back until she has. .h.i.t a wall.”

The a.s.sistant was reprimanded and looked a little embarra.s.sed. “Yes, Professor. I’ve learned.”

After the two of them finished speaking, they started the experiment on hand.

The a.s.sistant watched as Deng He carefully carried out the operation. As he helped, he said, “The previous plan failed because of the temperature. We will definitely succeed this time!”

A finished product that had been studied for three months without any results would indeed make one anxious.

Deng He nodded and continued to experiment with a serious expression.

Besides them, there were also people conducting the same experiment at the same time. It was just that the conditions were slightly different.

The morning pa.s.sed quickly. Deng He looked at the finished product in his hands and felt that he had a 60% chance of succeeding. His a.s.sistant also revealed an excited expression.

The a.s.sistant said, “Professor, go eat first. Come back in the afternoon.”

The professor nodded.

With money in his hands, Xue Sheng gave the company good benefits. With a free canteen, one could go in and eat with the company’s staff card.

Everyone put down their work and went downstairs to eat.

Deng He and his a.s.sistant were the last to leave. When the two of them reached the door, they turned around and saw that Xue Xi was still experimenting, as though she did not know fatigue and had forgotten how to eat.

Deng He and his a.s.sistant ignored her. After the two of them returned from lunch in the canteen, they saw Xue Sheng standing outside the laboratory with takeout.

Food and drink were not allowed in the laboratory to prevent poisonous things from being eaten. Humans could also be poisoned. After all, chemistry experiments were very dangerous.

When Deng He saw him, he hurriedly greeted respectfully, “Mr. Xue.”

Xue Sheng nodded and casually said, “Has work been going smoothly recently?”

“It’s not going well. The development of this project is much harder than I imagined!” Deng He said truthfully.

Xue Sheng encouraged, “It’s precisely because it’s difficult that we have to do it. If we really succeed, you guys will be considered extraordinary!”

Deng He nodded. “Don’t worry, CEO Xue. As long as you’re not afraid of spending money, how can we give up?!”

Xue Sheng was very pleased.

Deng He thought for a moment, then turned to look at Xue Xi and said tactfully, “Mr. Xue, Big Missy always uses a lot of materials every time she comes…”

Xue Sheng was stunned. “Are there not enough materials? Then get the organizers to buy more.”

Deng He: “… That’s not it. I just feel that those materials are very valuable. It’s not good to waste them like this.”

As expected of a businessman, Xue Sheng understood what he meant. He smiled and said, “Professor Deng, you might not know, but I have only one daughter.”

Deng He paused. “So?”

Xue Sheng said, “Hence, this company will be hers in the future. If she wants to waste materials, I can only dote on her as her father.”

Deng He: “…”

He had been too much.

Her father pampered her and was willing to waste things. What was the big deal?!

Deng He nodded and said, “I’m being narrow-minded!”

Xue Sheng liked this about Deng He. The other professors all had their own tempers. As the two of them were talking, Xue Xi walked out of the laboratory.

After meeting Deng He, she nodded and followed Xue Sheng to the lounge for lunch.

The a.s.sistant said, “How delicate. Her father even has to deliver her lunch.”

Deng He frowned at him, but in his heart, he was thinking that this a.s.sistant was originally meant to be employed for a long period of time. He was only an intern in the laboratory, but it turned out that his mouth was actually so broken. It seemed that he should find a chance to throw him out in the future.

In the afternoon, everyone was working hard again.

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Although Xue Sheng always said that he was not in a hurry, Deng He had his own professional integrity. With the expensive research and development fees, it would be unreasonable if he could not achieve anything.

Let alone him, the group of people in the scientific research room had also become restless. Some had even contacted other companies and planned to leave.

Deng He rubbed his temples and looked up. Just as he was about to get off work, he realized that the sky outside was completely dark. However, during the experiment, there was still a cubicle that was lit.

It was Xue Xi’s.

She was wearing a professional white quarantine suit and gloves. She was focused on the item in her hand… That step seemed to have reached the last step.

Deng He had originally intended to leave, but he had unknowingly arrived outside Xue Xi’s room.

Xue Xi had already placed the last item into the device and was only waiting for time and the separation device.

It looked similar to the experiment he had just done, but it was actually different in essence.

Deng He pushed open the door and walked in.

Xue Xi looked at him and then at the time. She asked in confusion, “Did I delay your work?”

Deng He waved his hand and looked at her experimental data.

She recorded every detail clearly. After taking a few glances, Deng He realized that it was the same as the experimental plan they had used for the first time.

Hence, he said, “Your experiment will fail. We have tried this method many times.”

Xue Xi did not agree and merely stared at the device.


The device stopped. Xue Xi took a deep breath and moved to open it to take out the item inside.

Deng He looked at her and felt pity for her. He said, “Actually, you’re already very outstanding. It’s fine even if you fail to do the experiment on your own…”

Just as he said this, Xue Xi opened the device.

Deng He casually took a glance and the rest of his words were stuck in his throat!

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