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Young Master Yan

Chapter 304 - Development Success! (1)

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Chapter 304: Development Success! (1)

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Gao Yanchen’s face was filled with impatience and his aura was terrifying.

Li Hanlei shut her mouth and did not dare to speak again. The entire cla.s.s fell silent.

It had been a long time since the school bully got angry. Everyone had almost forgotten about Gao Yanchen’s dominance and power!

Who would dare to offend him in school?

Putting aside the Gao family’s power, who could beat him in a fight?!

Li Hanlei did not speak but stood there angrily.

Gao Yanchen said, “Scram!”

The word frightened Li Hanlei so much that she shivered. She hurriedly picked up her bag and stuffed the books into it before walking to the door with it bulging.

When she reached the door, she suddenly stopped and looked at Gao Yanchen with resentment. This was her last day at school.

What was there for her to be afraid of?

The moment this thought appeared in her mind, she saw Old Liu walking over. She was even less afraid and immediately said, “Gao Yanchen, who do you think you are? Everyone is afraid of you, and that’s why they’re giving in to you! Do you really think you’re a genius?”

Gao Yanchen swept his cold eyes over and moved. Li Hanlei retreated in fear.

However, she still shouted, “Yes, no one can beat you up, but you’re just a boor! You want to get into Huaxia University just because you do? What right do you have to say that?

“What shameless boasting! If a lousy student like you can clinch the very last spot into Huaxia University, even a pig can climb a tree!”

The moment she said this, Gao Yanchen suddenly strode forward and dashed toward her.

Unfortunately, Old Liu was here. How could he allow students to fight?

Old Liu hugged Gao Yanchen. “Gao Yanchen, don’t be rash. Don’t do it!”

After saying that, he chided Li Hanlei, “Li Hanlei, since you’ve transferred, hurry up and leave! Don’t stay here!”

Old Liu hugged Gao Yanchen. Li Hanlei’s flight was leaving tonight. She became bold and shouted, “I’ll leave now, but before I leave, I still have to say something.

“In this school, the people I hate the most are Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen! One is arrogant, but isn’t she just good at studying? What’s there to be arrogant about?! The other is Gao Yanchen, who thinks he’s awesome. In reality, though, you’re just a pitiful wretch without a father or a mother! Do you really think we’re afraid of you? Isn’t it just because our parents said that we should give in to you after your parents died?”

This was too much!

Old Liu berated, “Shut up!”

Gao Yanchen’s sore spot was poked and he was furious. He struggled and wanted to hit her.

Li Hanlei burst out laughing. “Why? This is the truth. Can’t you let others say it? I’m going overboard. Do you want to hear it?”

Old Liu felt that Li Hanlei was too much. Perhaps he did not notice it, or perhaps he did it on purpose. In short, Old Liu accidentally let go of Gao Yanchen as though he did not press him down hard enough.

Gao Yanchen kicked Li Hanlei’s stomach and made her fall to the ground.

Gao Yanchen waved his fists and was about to rush forward when Old Liu hugged him again and shouted, “Li Hanlei, I can’t control this kid anymore. Aren’t you going to leave?!”

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Only then did Li Hanlei become afraid. She got up from the ground and ran out while suppressing the pain in her stomach. As she ran, she shouted, “Gao Yanchen, didn’t you confidently say you would get into Huaxia University? Let me tell you, many people are like me, waiting to see you make a fool of yourself after the college entrance examination!

He also knew that only by developing this medicine could the company become unique and have a strong position in the medical industry.

When Xue Xi went to the laboratory, she b.u.mped into Deng He and a group of people.

After a month of hard work, another plan of theirs had failed. Everyone was anxious.

Seeing that Xue Xi had entered the laboratory and that Xue Sheng had sent her expensive chemical materials, Deng He could not help but twitch his lips.

This group of people had been using a small amount of materials to try things for the past month. Big Missy had taken so much right from the start. It was too heartbreaking!

Xue Xi: “…”

When Xue Xi heard this, she looked up blankly. Since she had not made anything, she could not insist that she could. Hence, she said tactfully, “It’s alright. I’ll try.”

Deng He hesitated.

Deng He’s a.s.sistant said, “Missy, if you give it a try, you’ll be throwing away a few hundred thousand yuan! You’re being too extravagant! Moreover, we’ve already tried this plan of yours, but you’re still not giving up. Do you not trust our professor?”

Xue Xi ignored him and continued doing the experiment.

The a.s.sistant was instantly furious. “Professor, look at her…”

Deng He also felt that the young woman did not want to listen to his advice. He took a deep breath and finally said, “Forget it. Let her do whatever she wants. When she fails in the end, she will accept her fate. When the time comes, I’ll go look for CEO Xue and bring it up!”

The a.s.sistant mocked, “That’s right. Anyway, it’s not our money that’s being wasted! Professor, she’s really ungrateful! You want to save money for the company, but she doesn’t appreciate it. Let’s just wait for her to fail in the end!”

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