Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 303 - Are You Courting Death?

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Chapter 303: Are You Courting Death?

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Wasn’t this their original idea?

This plan was originally proposed by Ye Lai. They did use it in the beginning, but in the later stages, they failed to purify it because there was no way to purify the D-acid from the poisonous substance.

It seemed that the young lady had seen Ye Lai’s ma.n.u.script, which was why she was so confident.

Unfortunately, this was not the right path.

He shook his head slightly and left the laboratory without touching her things. However, the hint of antic.i.p.ation he had for her when he entered the room disappeared just like that.

The next day was Sunday.

The chatterbox and Little Flame needed to be tutored, so Xue Xi did not go to the company. After all, in her opinion, that chemistry experiment was not very urgent.

She gave the chatterbox and Little Flame an exam and combined a few papers together. The questions were expansive and almost covered the entire high school curriculum.

The two of them worked the whole day. When it was night time, Xue Xi was very satisfied with the chatterbox when she gave her the papers.

Although she had been delayed for a period of time, she still had a foundation. Based on the current trend, it would definitely not be a problem for her to get into the Capital Film and Television Academy.

However, Little Flame…

Xue Xi looked at Gao Yanchen. The young man’s red hair seemed to have become much subdued than before. He was no longer as angry as before, and his eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation as he stared at her, making her fall silent.

Gao Yanchen seemed to have sensed something. The fire in his eyes instantly dimmed as he said, “Just say it.”

The young man was still as arrogant as ever. There was an unyielding aura between his brows. Even his words were spoken casually as though he did not care.

Xue Xi simply said, “You’ve improved a lot, but you’re still far from Huaxia University.”

Not everyone had a photographic memory like she did. Learning was the easiest thing for her.

Ever since he was in middle school, Little Flame did not listen to much. When she was tutoring him, she noted that he would usually need to make up for some basic things.

Qin Shuang could go from 400 to 450 marks. Moreover, the Capital Film and Television Academy would probably only need 500 marks. Hence, as long as she worked hard, there would be no problem.

However, Little Flame was different.

He went from zero to 300 marks.

However, Huaxia University’s annual admission score was almost 700 in their province.

Xue Xi looked at Little Flame’s progress. In the remaining 100 days, he could not finish learning it… To him, it would be too difficult to get into Huaxia University. This was almost impossible.

Gao Yanchen’s eyes darkened when he heard this.

However, he did not seem to mind and revealed a confident look. “There’s still more than a hundred days. There’s still time.”

Xue Xi looked at his red eyes and said after a while, “The college entrance examination is not the only way to prove yourself.”

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Gao Yanchen clenched his jaw and did not continue this topic. Instead, he said, “Sister Xi, what’s the a.s.signment for tomorrow? You might as well give me the one for the day after tomorrow as well. If I finish learning them tomorrow, I can learn a little more.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Both of them entered their cla.s.srooms and started studying for the whole day.

During the cla.s.s, an uninvited guest arrived—Li Hanlei.

Li Hanlei had once mocked Xue Xi at Mrs. Xia’s birthday banquet. Later, Mrs. Li had brought her back and told her family that she wanted to educate her.

After a discussion, the family decided to send her overseas.

However, it was close to the new year at that time, so it was delayed until after the new year.

She had come to school today to pack her things. However, the moment she entered, her eyes became locked on Xue Xi and were filled with malice.

Most of the students in the cla.s.s were tortured badly by the college entrance examination, so they would say, “I’m so envious that you don’t need to take the college entrance examination anymore. It’s better to go overseas directly.” Li Hanlei sneered.

“If you guys are envious of me, you might as well be envious of Xue Xi! Having a founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Group as a boyfriend has really made her too arrogant! If one mocks her, they can even force that person’s family to send them overseas!”

Xue Xi ignored her, but Qin Shuang could not take it anymore. “Pack your things and scram. This is a school, not a place for you to vent your anger!”

Her words angered Li Hanlei. She immediately changed her target. “Qin Shuang, you’re Xue Xi’s boot-licking dog! Isn’t it because you know her boyfriend’s ident.i.ty that you’re rushing to please her? But what’s the use of pleasing her? Will you be able to catch up to your idol just by pleasing her?! Cen Bai will never be with you on her account!”

Qin Shuang: “?”

She felt that Li Hanlei was like a mad dog. Just as she was about to flare up, she suddenly heard a bang and the cla.s.sroom door was kicked open.

Gao Yanchen stood at the door. He had both hands in his pockets and his eyes were wild. He said a little arrogantly, “Li Hanlei, are you looking for death?”

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