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Chapter 302 - CEO Xue Loves His Daughter Too Much!

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Chapter 302: CEO Xue Loves His Daughter Too Much!

Which idiot would study the same thing as her?

While Xue Xi was thinking, Xue Sheng was still immersed in the one billion yuan. When he heard the professor’s words, he could not help but sigh. “I know it’s very difficult and we have to start from the beginning, but you guys probably don’t want to give up on this project, right?!”

The professor was a man in his fifties. When he heard this, he sighed. “To me, this is naturally a good thing, but I heard that the company doesn’t have enough funds. This project consumes too much money. In recent years, no one has supported this project. I just…”

He did not want the Xue family to continue losing money.

No money…

Xue Sheng returned to his senses. “Don’t worry. The funding for scientific research will definitely not be low. You don’t have to worry about the money.”

The professor heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Actually, he was here on behalf of the scientific research project team to ask about the project. Everyone here was studying the project. Regardless of whether they could figure it out, they would receive their salary on time every month.

However, when he heard that the company did not have enough liquid funds and that the scientific research funding would be reduced or even cut, he could not relax.

He then came here to ask a few questions.

Hearing that Xue Sheng would not give up, he felt relieved. He then said, “CEO Xue, since that’s the case, you can just give me a basic salary. It’s enough as long as it can cover my daily expenses. I don’t want the rest of the money. Just invest it in the scientific research fund!”

Xue Sheng was stunned. “Professor Deng He, this won’t do…”

He was a well-known professor in the Chemistry Department of Bin City University. It was not easy for him to come here to do projects. If he was not paid well, it would be too disrespectful!

Deng He waved his hand. “Actually, I’m Professor Ye Lai’s student. I know that Professor Ye Lai is your father-in-law, so I came. Professor Ye is a genius in the chemistry world. I also want to research this D-acid to help Professor Ye Lai recover as soon as possible.”

Xue Sheng did not expect that there would be such a relationship between them. He sighed deeply. No wonder Deng He had given up on being hired by a high-end cosmetics company and came to him.

Deng He said, “I’ll go get busy.”

When Deng He entered the laboratory, Xue Xi took leave of Xue Sheng and entered the laboratory as well. After Xue Sheng left, he returned to the office. Only then did he suddenly realize: some mathematics questions were actually worth a billion?

He did not doubt Xue Xi’s professionalism. After all, his daughter had proven that person’s theory, but wasn’t this price a little too high?

He turned on his computer and started searching for the problem Xue Xi had mentioned… When he was done, he realized that Qian Xin was not just b.u.t.tering up his daughter. That knowledge point was worth the money!

In the laboratory.

Just as Deng He returned to the office, his a.s.sistant walked over and said in a low voice, “Professor Deng, I saw CEO Xue’s daughter entering the laboratory with the same materials. Could it be that she’s also here to develop that D-acid?”

Deng He paused. “Is that so?”

The a.s.sistant nodded. “But I can see that she doesn’t have any methodology for her experiments. One look and I can tell that she’s a newbie. If our research project is really developed, it will cause a sensation in the chemistry and pharmaceutical fields. CEO Xue can’t be planning to shoehorn her daughter into the research and development team, right?”

Deng He frowned when he heard this.

When he was a professor, he hated it when others learned from him.

However, thinking that the other party was CEO Xue’s daughter and Professor Ye Lai’s granddaughter… Deng He took a deep breath. “Forget it. If a research and development team is really formed, add her name! The problem now is that we have no idea where to start. We’ve already tested the ideas mentioned earlier. No.”

The a.s.sistant frowned.

Deng He thought for a while. “Let’s have another meeting!”

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The members of the scientific research team gathered together to discuss the next solution.

Xue Xi was very respectful to the professor and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Deng He said, “Do you know how much the materials you used today are worth?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Deng He sighed. “It’s not easy for your father to earn money, and it’s also hard for the company. If you want to be famous, I can help you, but you don’t need to come to the company. You’ve wasted so many materials to come and play.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She also felt that it was a waste. After all, the raw materials were so expensive. She thought for a moment and nodded. “Then I’ll use less next time.”

If she used less… it meant that she still had to come more.

Deng He had a headache, but the girl’s obedient look made him unable to speak harshly.

Forget it. Next time, I’ll prepare fewer materials for her.

Deng He nodded and personally watched Xue Xi leave the laboratory before entering her laboratory to see how much money she had wasted.

The furnishings in the laboratory were not messy, and the equipment door was not damaged. It seemed that the young lady knew her limits.

However, the things she used today were worth hundreds of thousands.

CEO Xue dotes on his daughter too much.

Deng He sighed and planned to collect the things she had not used up. Saving even this much money was good! However, at this moment, he suddenly saw Xue Xi’s final experimental results today. When he saw it clearly, he was stunned.

Isn’t this…

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