Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Stop Chatting; It Will Affect Your Studies

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The place became quiet for a few seconds.

Lu Chao was all tense and felt a shudder down his spine. Swallowing hard, he dared not look at Xiang Huai’s sharp eyes and quickly put away the phone in his hand as he said seriously, “Boss, this is actually your phone.”


Five seconds later, Xiang Huai picked up his phone and said coldly, “Then what are you staring at my phone for?”

Lu Chao: “?”

Looking at the new Lemon brand phone that he’d bought two days ago, he silently bade goodbye to it with tears and took a few steps back in silence.

Seeing that he had left, Xiang Huai began typing.


Xue Xi had just finished doing a physics question when her phone rang.

She lifted her head to have a look and realized that it was a message sent by Canine Teeth.

Big Lu: “What are you doing?”

Xue Xi thought that this sentence was nonsense.

As a student, what else could she be doing now?

Canine Teeth seemed to be clever, but why did he ask such a stupid question?

Thankfully, she still replied to him nicely.

Learning: “Attending”

Big Lu: “Then stop chatting with others, it’ll affect your studies.”

In Xue Xi’s mind, a question mark was slowly being drawn out: “?”

Who is ‘others’?

“Oh,” she replied to him and continued to be engrossed in doing her questions.

After finishing two periods, Xue Xi walked toward the cla.s.sroom, but on the way, she saw everyone gesticulating at her. She had no idea why, and by the time she got back to Cla.s.s One, she saw that the last row of the cla.s.sroom was occupied by the Flames.

Several Flames got together and shouted as they typed.

“Are you even allowed to talk about our Roaring Flame Society’s leader? Young lad, I’ll remember your ID!”

“Our Sister Xi is simply formidable to have joined the Math Olympiad cla.s.s. If you have the capability, then join it too. Old Liu is known for being impartial, why would he accept you?!”

“Sister Xi is formidable!”

“That’s right, the Math Star Compet.i.tion is starting soon and we’ll let you see Sister Xi’s prowess then!”


Just as they were discussing, Qin Shuang saw Xue Xi and coughed.

The Flames immediately shut their mouths.

Gao Yanchen leaned on the wall at the back and did not mind Qin Shuang’s cough. He was refuting those rumors in the forum, and although he was quiet in reality, he was aggressive when it came to quarreling.

Roaring Flame Society has joined the fight. Everyone, let’s leave. By the time the Math Star Compet.i.tion’s results are out, the truth will be unveiled!

Gao Yanchen replied personally, “Leave what? Let’s fight. If you’re a man, then be strong openly.”

I’m really scared to be targeted by the Roaring Flame Society. I won’t even know how I’ll die by then.

Gao Yanchen: “It’s a pity that you aren’t frying vegetables because you really know how to add oil and vinegar!”

After rebuking several people, he saw an anonymous comment.

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Xue Xi has just joined the school and is already part of the Roaring Flame Society. Doesn’t everyone have any idea what kind of people are in that society? How can there be a curve wrecker among people of such quality?

Gao Yanchen was shocked. Lifting his head, he saw the girl standing right in front of him, and her beautiful face was as exquisite as that of a doll.

A girl like her naturally exuded radiance.

But now, because of the Roaring Flame Society, she was stuck in a mora.s.s.

Thinking of which, Gao Yanchen quickly locked his phone. He stood up straight and said guiltily, “Nothing much.”

Why is Little Flame so nervous?

Just as Xue Xi was feeling baffled, Qin Shuang, also known as Little Talkative, gave free rein to her nature. She explained the whole situation and even narrated a few significant comments. “…This is too much! They even said they’d laugh at the joke after the results of the Math Star are out! Xixi, you need to score better than Fan Han and embarra.s.s them!”

After she said that, the Flames turned to look at her.

Flame Number One tried to sound her out and asked carefully, “Sister Xi, how are your Math Olympiad going? Can you get an award?”

They had never played with a curve wrecker in the past!

People like Fan Han and Xue Yao would pretend not to see them if they into each other, as though speaking one line to them would make them turn into delinquents themselves.

If Xue Xi could score well, their Roaring Flame Society would be able to walk with their heads held high.

At the thought of it, he heard Xue Xi slowly saying, “…Manageable.”

Everyone else: “?”

What does ‘manageable’ mean? It means unmanageable!

Flame Number One was astonished, and moments later, he coughed. “Actually, being able to partic.i.p.ate is an honor itself! It doesn’t matter if you get any rankings!”

Flame Numbers Two, Three, and Four seconded, “Right, right, right!”

Qin Shuang also hurriedly comforted her. “Xixi, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do well. Don’t feel pressured. The key thing is the process!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She did not explain further and picked up her bag to go home.

Soon, it was the weekend, and the Math Star compet.i.tion was about to begin!

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