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Young Master Yan

Chapter 297 - Little Kid, I'm In

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Chapter 297: Little Kid, I’m In

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Xue Xi looked over. Just as she was about to read the contents, an exclamation was suddenly heard from the bedroom. “Ah!”

Xue Xi’s pupils constricted. She did not look at Xiang Huai’s phone anymore and rushed to Song Wenman’s bedroom. She saw that Ye Lai seemed to be ill and was screaming on the bed. He then waved his hand. “Get out, get out!”

Song Wenman was stunned, and so was Xue Xi.

Xiang Huai stood there and narrowed his eyes. He then took two steps back and left the bedroom.

After he left, Song Wenman rushed to Ye Lai. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Although Xue Xi did not speak, Ye Lai grabbed her hand as she approached. “Lili, don’t let him in. Dad has a secret here and can’t let him know. Dad will only give it to you and leave it to you…”

After saying that, he calmed down.

Song Wenman could not help but scold him. “What secret do you have? It’s really… You’re a lunatic. If you have anything valuable, why don’t you show it to your grandson-in-law? You’re simply unreasonable!”

Xue Xi also found it funny, but Ji Silin had once said that her maternal grandfather needed to recuperate and follow his heart. He could not go against it.

Hence, Xue Xi nodded and said, “Alright, we won’t give it to him. We won’t let him touch our things.”

Ye Lai then nodded fiercely. “Yes. He can’t bully you. He’s not a good person, a bad person!”

Xue Xi: “…”

For some unknown reason, she suddenly felt a little touched.

Even though Grandpa was mentally unsound, he was still concerned about her.

Song Wenman also sighed and her eyes turned red. “This old man. Ever since I told him that you found a founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Group to be your boyfriend and that I was afraid that he would bully you in the future, the old man seems to have become very worried that you would be wronged.”

She smiled again. “However, after he fell ill, he no longer knows anyone, but he still cares about you. Speaking of which, you’re the only person he hasn’t forgotten.”

Song Wenman was crying and laughing at the same time, making Ye Lai stare at her for a long time. Ye Lai’s eyes were a little lost, as though he could not recognize who she was. He then turned to look at Xue Xi and held her hand. Like a child, he said, “Lili, did I perform exceptionally well?”

Xue Xi paused and said, “Very well.”

Only then was Ye Lai satisfied. He chuckled and let go of her hand. “Keep the money Dad gave you. Don’t let others see it.”

Xue Xi nodded and replied very seriously, “Okay, I won’t give it to anyone.”

After Ye Lai was completely pacified, Song Wenman coaxed him to sleep. Xue Xi then walked out of the room and saw Xiang Huai sitting on the sofa, watching the television silently.

Seeing her walk out, Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow and asked, “Is he asleep?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Xiang Huai then pa.s.sed her the melon seeds that he had just plucked.

Xue Xi looked at the skinless and plump melon seeds in her hands. For some unknown reason, she suddenly felt a warm feeling fill her chest.

She looked at the time and asked in confusion, “Why aren’t Dad and Mom back yet?”

The people at the old mansion would not dare to make things difficult for them, right?

Xue family’s old mansion.

Xue Sheng and Ye Li had indeed received unprecedented respect.

Ever since they found out about Xiang Huai’s ident.i.ty, the family no longer dared to do anything funny. Old Master Xue was already very satisfied that Xue Sheng and Ye Li could come over.

Even Xue Gui and Liu Yiqiu did not dare to be jealous of them anymore. Only Xue Yao was still not used to the difference in treatment between the two families and had a dark expression.

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After exchanging a few polite words, Xue Sheng accompanied Old Master Xue for a few drinks.

After hanging up, Ye Li asked, “Are you out of money?”

Research was the most expensive part.

Xue Sheng smiled. “It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

Although he said this, he was actually unsure. It had only been a month, and tens of millions had already been invested, but there was no result. In another half a month, if there was still no progress, it would probably be very difficult to apply for a loan from the bank.

Was the company going to go bankrupt as soon as it was established?

Why was it so hard to be a lunatic?

Looking at him, Ye Li knew that he did not want her to worry. Hence, she smiled. “You don’t have to worry about the family’s expenses. I have money here.”

Xue Sheng changed the topic. “We have to hurry back. There are only Xiao Xiang and Xue Xi at home. We can’t let Xiao Xiang do anything to our daughter while we’re not around!”

Ye Li’s expression turned serious. “… Yes, Xixi is still young!”


When they reached home, they realized that the living room was empty.

Meanwhile, Xue Xi’s bedroom upstairs made a sound.

Xue Sheng’s face darkened as he looked at Ye Li.

The two of them hurriedly went upstairs and stood at the door to listen in. They heard a conversation:

Xue Xi’s voice was very cold. “This is my first time. Go slower.”

Xiang Huai’s voice was seductive. “Alright, I’ll be gentler…”

“Mhm, I’m ready.”

“Little kid, I’m coming in… Relax…”

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