Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 293 - It Wouldn't Hurt Anymore After a Kiss

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Chapter 293: It Wouldn’t Hurt Anymore After a Kiss

Xue Xi: “…”

For some unknown reason, Xue Xi felt a little uncomfortable when she heard his words. She had been taking medicine recently and had suppressed the thought that she would die if she did not fall in love. Logically speaking, such a situation should not have happened.

She did not think much of it and asked seriously, “Where does it hurt? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Xiang Huai shook his head. “No. They’re all superficial wounds. They’re already bandaged and have been applied with medicine. It just hurts.”

Xue Xi’s misty eyes were filled with anxiety. “Then what should we do?”

Xiang Huai slowly said, “It won’t hurt anymore if you kiss me.”

Xue Xi: “Why?”

Xiang Huai: “You are my painkiller.”

Xue Xi: “…”

Logically speaking, even the slowest person could tell that this was a joke, but Xue Xi did not think so. There were too many bizarre things happening to her.

She might even die if she did not fall in love, let alone Xiang Huai. Perhaps she was Xiang Huai’s painkiller?

Hence, Xue Xi asked seriously, “Kiss where?”

Xiang Huai: “?”

He was just taking this opportunity to act coquettishly to the little kid, but he did not expect the little kid to be so naive and gullible. It made him feel a little embarra.s.sed!

Qian Xin, who had followed Xiang Huai over, also felt that he could not bear to look!

When did the boss become so shameless?!

Moreover, Sister-in-law is too naive. How can she believe this?

Standing at the door, he heard Xiang Huai say, “If it’s on the forehead, it’ll slightly stop the pain. If you kiss me for real, it won’t hurt at all.”

Just as he said this, the girl pressed him on the shoulder. Xiang Huai was pressed onto the chair by Xue Xi. When he sat down, he became a little shorter than her. Immediately, Xue Xi approached and kissed him on the lips.

The girl looked cold. Even though she did this, her face did not turn red and her heart did not skip a beat. It was as though she was on a mission and did not show the sweetness that a relationship should have.

Xiang Huai: “…”

After kissing him, Xue Xi asked sincerely, “Is it gone?”

Xiang Huai said without blushing or skipping a beat, “It’s alright, but this relief can only last for a day. Before my injuries recover, I need to kiss you every day.”

Xue Xi frowned and was in a dilemma. “Alright.”

After saying this, she walked toward the breakfast table.

Xiang Huai sat on the chair beside the counter and touched his lips. He suddenly felt that this kiss was a little tasteless.

The little kid’s feelings are too indifferent. It’s really hard to woo her!

Qian Xin silently prepared breakfast. After Xue Xi finished eating, she left the provision store. Qian Xin could not help but look at Xiang Huai. He was still sitting there with his hand over his shoulder, looking like a patient.

Qian Xin held it in but could not help but say, “Boss, your obsession with cleanliness is really serious. It’s so painful that you need a kiss to recover~”

Xiang Huai shot him a glance, his eyes clearly filled with disdain. “If it wasn’t because I had to save you, how could I have let my opponent’s blood splash on me?!”

That’s right. He was not injured at all. The blood on his shoulder belonged to the enemy!

Xiang Huai, who had always been a clean freak, had originally felt that the blood was too disgusting. Now, he actually felt that… it was not bad? However—

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Xiang Huai sighed. “The little kid is too unfamiliar with dating. She still needs to be counseled.”

The two of them separated in the school building. Xue Xi entered the cla.s.sroom and saw Qin Shuang reading hard. Two students in the front row were discussing softly.

“Now you know how to work hard? Unfortunately, isn’t it too late?”

“Even if she got into the Capital Film and Television Academy, Cen Bai already has a girlfriend. It’s not good for her to chase after him so shamelessly, right?”

“Stop it. Sister Xi is here…”

There was never a lack of people who were jealous of others in the cla.s.s. Xue Xi ignored them. After all, even if she blocked their mouths, she could not change their minds.

Xue Xi walked past Qin Shuang and sat in the seat behind her. When Qin Shuang saw her, she realized, “Cla.s.s is starting soon? Then I’ll go to the washroom!”

After saying that, she stood up and ran out.

Xue Xi smiled helplessly.

The first period was English, and Xue Yao was the subject representative.

There was a cla.s.sroom examination, and she had received the papers in advance and was now distributing them before cla.s.s started.

When she was giving one to Xue Xi, her face was dark and she did not speak. It was obvious that she did not have a good time with Fan Han yesterday. She threw the paper to Xue Xi and walked to Qin Shuang’s table. She then said in a sarcastic tone, “The examination is coming soon. Where did Qin Shuang go? With her att.i.tude about studying, she still wants to get into the Capital Film and Television Academy to follow Cen Bai? What a lunatic!”

Just as she said this, Qin Shuang’s phone in the drawer rang. The screen showed that it was a video call from Qin Shuang’s “brother.”

Xue Yao picked up her phone. “She even brought her phone with her to school. I’m going to tell the teacher to confiscate her phone!”

Xue Xi frowned and was about to stop her when Qin Shuang returned. When she heard the special ringtone, she panicked and rushed over. “Why did you touch my phone? Give it back to me!”

Looking at her, Xue Yao raised her phone. “Why are you in such a hurry? Is this phone very important? I saw the word ‘brother’ on it. You only have a twin sister. Where did you get a brother from? Don’t tell me it’s your ‘love brother’?”

After saying this, she pretended to accidentally answer the call. “Aiya, sorry. I accidentally pressed it. Let me see who your Love Brother is!”

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